Saturday, July 2, 2011

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Prologue

            Cerise held her hands out in front of her and stared up at the hoop.  She threw the basketball and missed her target by a mile.  She seriously sucked.  Jay picked up the ball and asked her when she’d be coming back and she answered that it would be in mid July.  He didn’t seem to think that was so bad even though she felt like her entire summer would be wasted in Quebec City.  It’s not that she didn’t want to hang out with her father but she’d way rather stay in town and hang out with Sarah and the boys.  Not that it would necessarily be that fun to hang with them at the yacht club.  Apparently they were all into sailing and Cerise didn’t know the first thing about boats.  She didn’t want to be the odd one out.  Not that she could ever really avoid such a fate. 
            Cerise’s parents and sisters walked out of their house and Simone called out to her.  She said bye to Jay and it was sort of awkward to have to do so in front of her entire family.  She and Jay both sort of nodded at one another and shrugged with a concentrated lack of interest in the situation.  It wasn’t like she was going that far away and it wasn’t like she’d be gone for that long and it wasn’t like she wouldn’t be facebooking with Jay and Sarah every two seconds but it was still weird to say goodbye.  What if everyone forgot about her once she was out of their line of sight?  Maybe she only had friends because she was physically present in their lives. Maybe they only hung out with her because she was literally right in front of their faces at school every day.  Now that high school was over, would they still hang out?  What if they all became totally different over the summer and when she got back from Quebec they didn’t want to hang out with her anymore because they were too busy sailing around the world or something?
            Simone impatiently yelled at Cerise to get her ass in gear and she gave Jay one last shrug before crossing their lawns and climbing into her father’s car. 

            “No, I’m sorry, you just missed her.  She’s gone to Quebec City for the summer to visit her father.  Didn’t she tell you?”
            “Oh yeah, right.  I guess I forgot.”
            “She’ll be back at the end of July,” explained Cerise’s mom.
            “Ok thanks,” sighed Terry, hanging up the phone.
            It was like the universe was conspiring to keep him and Cerise apart.  She was gonna be gone practically the whole freaking summer!  Maybe he should just forget about her once and for all.  They’d both be going to JAC in the fall but they’d be in completely different programs and it was a huge school.  They’d probably never see other unless they really made the effort to.  And she didn’t even like him anymore.  Maybe she’d never liked him.  Maybe she only hung out with him ‘cause he was popular.  Not that Cerise would ever be so shallow.  She was way too cool to be that bitchy.  He seriously needed to get her back. 
            He stared at a picture of them at grad.  Cerise in her sexy blue dress and him in his tux with his arm around her little shoulders.  God, she was so hot.  It was totally dorky of him to have framed this photo but it’s not like anyone would ever see it besides Karine.  And Karine totally got his whole Cerise thing.  Or mostly anyway.  Or at least she didn’t give him too much shit about it.  Not anymore.  Karine was cool.  And Cerise was totally hot.  He really needed to get her back. 

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