Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Act V

Shauna peeled off the blood stained dress and took a hot shower.  She didn’t care that the shower was sort of grimy and smelled of mold.  It was warm and comforting and when she was done, Stan wrapped her up in a big towel and brought her to his bed, which was big and comfy, if a bit lumpy.  He crawled in next to her and ran his fingers through her wet hair, detangling it and telling her how pretty it was.  She closed her eyes and felt him kiss her, touching her body gently but eagerly.  She wasn’t really paying attention and wasn’t sure if he was wearing a condom when he entered her but she didn’t care.  If she got pregnant that might not be so bad because then maybe he’d marry her and she’d never have to go home again. 

Cerise was nowhere to be found.  Terry scoured the living room, passed through the kitchen, ventured upstairs and lingered outside both bathrooms but he didn’t find her.  He was walking through the den and planned to go back to the kitchen to ask Sarah where Cerise might be when he was stopped by Erica, who was hanging out with Andrew, Steven and Chrissy.
“Oh my god, Terry, did you hear?”
Terry ignored her and tried to move on when Andrew stopped him. 
“That catfight!  You way have to hear this, Terry.”
“It turns out,” smirked Erica.  “It was like a lesbian thing, ok?  Those two chicks were total dykes, like big surprise, fashion disaster much? And they were fighting because one of them wanted to have like, a threesome with a third chick who is none other than Cherry the Raspberry.  Yeah Terry, your girlfriend is a flaming dyke.”
Terry sighed heavily.  Erica really never got tired of topping her own retardation.
“Gimme a break,” he said dismissively. 
“It’s true, Terry!  It’s like confirmed!”
“Shut the fuck up, Erica. You’re so full of shit.”
“No, it’s true man, everyone says so,” nodded Andrew.
Steven and Christina looked less than convinced.  Christina even gave Terry an apologetic shrug, fully aware of how insane the story was. 
“Whatever,” said Terry with a roll of his eyes.
“Live in denial if you want, Terry,” snarked Erica.  “It doesn’t change the fact that you’re dating a total lesbian slut!”
“Don’t you ever get sick of making shit up, Erica?” Karine’s voice rang out.
Terry turned to see Karine standing in the doorway, scowling at Erica. 
“No one asked you, Karine,” replied the bitch.
“You’re so fucking out of it,” scoffed Karine.  “You go around accusing people of being sluts when it’s like, hypocrisy much?  Have you taken a look at your own sex life?  You’ll sleep with anybody who’ll have you, even your friends’ boyfriends!”
“Oh my god!”  Erica’s hands flew up in outrage.  “Oh my fucking god!  Am I hearing this?  Are you even serious? You’re accusing me of being a hypocritical, boyfriend stealing slut?  Who exactly is it that fucked Andrew at prom even though he was my date?  ‘Cause it wasn’t me, Karine, it was you and we all know it.”
The look on Karine’s face was one that Terry had never seen before.  She looked nauseous and Terry was worried she’d actually throw up.  And once again, through the power of adolescent osmosis, a crowd had gathered in the room, watching the scene with interest.  Everyone was there to hear Karine’s voice break as she fought back.
“He wasn’t even your date!  He was Christina’s!”
Erica was obviously pleased at the effect she was having on Karine and her own voice remained even and strong and dripping with her patented mix of sweet and sour condescension.  “No, Steven was Chrissy’s date because you couldn’t hold on to your pathetic boyfriend.  So you had to steal mine.  And you just couldn’t wait to jump his bones.  You’re worse than Marla Fitzpatrick.”
Karine’s lips quavered as she accused Erica of being full of it.
“Face it, Karine, you’ve been caught in your lie.  We all know you’re the fucking slutty bitch who goes around sleeping with other people’s boyfriends.  Fact is, you’ve never been able to keep your legs together and you’ve wanted to fuck Andrew since Sec 1.  It’s just too bad you weren’t up to his standards.”
Karine stood frozen in place and said nothing in reply.  Her head merely twitched to the side and she briefly looked over at Andrew, who was watching the scene with an amused smirk.  Holy shit, Karine looked like she was going to cry.
“Yeah, that’s right,” Erica went on.  “Andrew told us.  We know you were a limp lay, more frigid than Cherry the Raspberry.  It’s no wonder you couldn’t hold on to Steven.”
Never in his life had Terry wanted to assault a girl more than now.  If only he could prove that Erica had a dick he’d pummel her face in.  Karine almost said something but instead she clamped her jaw shut and rushed out of the room. 
“Aww, poor little baby, gonna go cry!” taunted Erica.  “I guess some people just can’t handle the truth.”
Terry stepped up to Erica and looked down at her.  He held his fists down at his sides, forcing himself to refrain from hitting her but let all his hatred drip out of his mouth.  “The truth, Erica, is that you are the biggest fucking bitch who ever walked the Earth.  And the only reason you take so much pleasure in spreading lies is because you know you’re such a grotesquely fat, fucking ugly cunt that no one could ever really like you or even stand to be around you for more than two seconds!  You have no real friends, Erica.  People only hang out with you because they’re afraid of the lies you’ll tell if they don’t.  And the only reason guys ever hook up with you is so they can tell their friends they fucked a whore for free.”
With that, Terry turned and went off to find Karine.

Wow.  Cerise certainly was no fan of Erica Mackey’s and she did deserve to be taken down a peg but the acid in Terry’s voice had been borderline frightening.  Everyone was shocked and they all stared at Erica with mouths agape.  She started ranting about what an asshole Terry was but no one was listening.  They were all whispering and giggling amongst themselves. 
Cerise drifted back into the kitchen, where the rest of the group was standing in shock.  Clearly they’d heard everything. 
“This is just so awesome!” exclaimed Vani.  “I’m a legend!  Two fights!  I can’t believe it!  Two fights at my party!”
“God Vani, shut up,” said Cerise in annoyance, rubbing her forehead.  She was starting to get a headache. 
 “What?” he asked innocently.
“Come on, Vani,” said Sarah delicately.  “Stop taking so much pleasure in other people’s pain.”
“But it’s funny,” he insisted.  “I mean it’s Erica Mackey.  She sucks.  Like I’m the only one who thinks it was funny?’
“God!  No, it wasn’t funny!” said Cerise.
“But you hate Erica,” said Vani in confusion.
All Cerise could do was sigh.  How could she explain why she was so upset?  It wasn’t about Erica, it was that this whole night had been one big ball of suck.  Shauna had gotten beat up and for some reason Cerise felt responsible.  She knew that the fight hadn’t been over her, as everyone was now saying but she’d nevertheless played a part in all the misery Shauna had suffered this year.
  And Cerise also felt bad for Karine.  She didn’t know what had really gone on at prom but there was no justification for Erica’s cruel words towards her supposed friend.  And Terry’s subsequent fury had been reminiscent of his behaviour towards Cerise at prom.  He was scary when he got angry, seriously scary. 
“Whatever,” Cerise finally said.  “I’m leaving.”
“You ok, Cerise?” asked Sarah.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” she nodded.  “I’ll see you later.”
“Want me to walk you home?” asked Jay.
Cerise nodded and left the kitchen with Jay.  They walked outside and down the long flight of stairs in silence. 

“Karine!” Terry yelled out.
He was amazed at how far she’d gotten.  She could really run, even in heels.  But he had a long stride and managed to catch up easily.  She kept running down the side of the road but he ran out in front of her and swept her up in his arms as she slammed into him.  Karine buried her face in Terry’s chest and cried without restraint, clutching at his shirt.  He held her tightly, one hand on her back, the other stroking her hair.
Footsteps approached. Cerise locked eyes with Terry as she walked by with that goddamn Jason Harris.  She held his gaze until they turned the corner and disappeared behind a row of trees. 
Goodbye, Cerise.

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