Thursday, July 7, 2011

Season 2 – Episode 1 – Act II

            “God!  This totally sucks!”
            “I swear to god, shut the hell up before I cut off your head with a chainsaw!”
            Cerise and her sisters were at their father’s house in Quebec City and since it was such a hot day they’d decided to hang out by the pool.  Yeah, Cerise’s dad totally had a pool and his new house was pretty big.  Way too big for one person.  But he wasn’t just one person, his girlfriend Geneviève was living with him.  Not that Cerise’s dad had told them about this, but it was pretty obvious.  In fact, Cerise couldn’t even be sure if it was his house or Geneviève’s or maybe they owned it together.  Her dad hadn’t even told them about his girlfriend until the drive up here so it was all a lot of information to take in all at once.  Not that it mattered.  Cerise didn’t really care.  She was just counting the days until she could get back home to hang out with Sarah and the boys. 
            But Julie sure was making this trip as insufferable as possible.  All she could do was complain.  And every time she did, Simone would rip her head off about it.  Their back and forth was getting pretty tiring. 
            “Et voila!” chirped Geneviève as she floated out of the house with a tray full of snacks and placed them on the table that the girls were gathered around, sitting on plastic chairs. 
            “Merci,” said Cerise and Simone while Julie scowled like the ungrateful brat she was.
            “De rien,” replied Geneviève.  “Ahh, quelle belle journée,” she said as she sat down in a longue chaise in the sun.  
She wore a two piece swim suit even though she didn’t have the greatest body.  She was thin but not particularly fit and her skin was way too tanned.  She had a lot of wrinkles that were probably the result of too much sun-worship so Cerise wasn’t sure how old Geneviève was.  She looked like she was in her 40s but acted younger.  She had long, brown hair that was highlighted with blonde streaks.  It was a bit tacky to be honest.  But she was nice and super friendly so Cerise didn’t have anything against her, unlike Julie who kept saying mean things about her whenever she was out of earshot. 
    “If you want we go into town later, maybe do some shopping,” Geneviève suggested.
Her French accent was quite pronounced but she didn’t have any trouble expressing herself in English.  Still, Cerise and Simone made an effort to speak French in her presence while Julie only spoke to her in English, when she acknowledged her at all.
“Oaui, ca serait l’fun,” smiled Cerise.
“I wanna go home,” whined Julie.
“Désolé, notre soeur c’est cogné la tête en enfance.  Aye un peut slow,” said Simone, apologizing for Julie’s rudeness.
“Shut up,” said Julie.
“It’s true, Julie.  Mom never had the heart to tell you, but you were adopted,” said Cerise.
“Plus we hate you, so shut the hell up,” said Simone.
Julie sighed heavily and switched chairs, placing herself further away from her sisters, which was fine by them.  Cerise and Simone sat under the shade of a parasol and if Julie wanted to get all sunburned that was her business.  Not that she would get burned.  Julie actually had the ability to tan, unlike her sisters.  Maybe she really was adopted. 
Geneviève quietly snacked on the crackers and cheese she’d brought out and Cerise and Simone helped themselves aswell.
Just as it was getting unbearably awkward, their dad stumbled out of the house wearing Hawaiian swim trunks, swim goggles, arm floaties and flippers. 
“Who wants to go swimming?” he beamed.
They all cracked up, even Julie, as he cannonballed into the pool.

Shauna wasn’t sure where to go.  If she’d had any friends she could have gone to hang out with them but she was the biggest loser who’d ever existed so she didn’t have any friends.  She didn’t have anybody.  She walked to a dépanneur and got an ice cream and ate it on the way to a park.  Once at the park she sat on a bench and thought about how much life sucked.  That got boring quick so she decided to go visit Stan, that guy she’d hooked up with at grad.  She didn’t really like him but he seemed to like her and that was pretty remarkable right there.
But once she got to Stan’s dep she couldn’t get herself to go in.  Even though Shauna was the biggest loser ever, she still had standards, sort of, and Stan wasn’t really great company.  In fact, she was pretty sure she didn’t like him at all.  He was fat and hairy and smelly and his apartment was gross and he never spoke about anything interesting.  Not that Shauna minded that so much, it’s not like she ever had anything interesting to say either.  In fact, Stan wasn’t so bad.  At least he was nice to her.  As nice as Cerise had ever been.  Cerise was the best friend Shauna had ever had but now that she’d become a stupid harpy bitch queen devil whore it’s not like Shauna had any other options.  Might as well hang out with Stan after all ‘cause at least he gave her beer. 
She sauntered into the dep and stood around awkwardly, wondering if she should buy something or just stand there or what. 
“I get off in two hours,” Stan announced once his customer left.
“Cool,” Shauna muttered.
“You wanna hang and wait for me?” he asked.
“Sure,” she shrugged and picked up a magazine with a pretty girl on the cover. 

Karine emerged from the kitchen carrying a tray of club sandwiches and sauntered over to the gang.
“Thanks,” said Sarah as Karine served them their food.
“No prob,” smiled Karine.
“Yeah thanks, Karine,” said Jay without thinking.  “You look awesome!  I mean this looks awesome, the food.  You look, I mean you look awesome too but I was really talking about the food so… yeah.”
Karl, Willy and Vani all burst into cackles but Karine merely smirked and walked back to the bar.
“Be more obvious, Jay.  Please,” said Karl with a roll of his eyes.
“Seriously,” nodded Sarah.  “You’re totally staring at her, god, it’s like totally creepy.”
“No I’m not,” Jay insisted, forcing himself to concentrate on his sandwich.
“Seriously, Jay, even I’m embarrassed,” smirked Willy.
“I just think it’s pretty surreal that Karine Cavalière just served us.  I mean, how universe bending is that?”
“She also prob’ly made these sammiches,” said Vani.  “So like you’re eating stuff that totally touched her hands.”
Jay knew that Vani was mocking him but that was seriously pretty crazy.  If Karine kept working here he’d be able to see her everyday!  And she would be making food for him all the time!  And serving it to him and everything!  Jay wondered if Karine minded that, like if she felt weird about having to serve her peers, not that Jay was ever really her peer, but that just made it worse from Karine’s perspective, didn’t it?  She had to serve food to a bunch of losers like Willy and Vani and she probably thought Jay was a loser too! 
“Hey there, you’re new,” said Blake, that asshole sailing instructor as he walked into the clubhouse and leaned over the bar, smarming all over Karine like some disgusting, smarmy, disgusting guy.
“I’m Karine,” she smiled.  Jay was pretty sure she looked totally unimpressed by Blake’s lamebotness.
“I’m Blake.  What’s up?”
God!  Could he be any grosser?!  He was practically trying to shove his tongue down her throat and she obviously wanted to puke all over him!
“Nothing much.  Can I get you something?”
“Beer.  Whatever’s on tap these days.”
Oh come on!  Beer?  Really?  He was totally still on duty and he was buying alcohol like it was no big deal?  Whatever.  What a complete spaztard!
Karine poured the asswipe a beer and handed it to him as he signed a chit.
“What?!” he asked as he snapped to attention.  Sarah and the boys were all staring at him.
“Stop staring at Karine,” hissed Karl.  “You’re being retarded!”
God!  Like Karl was an authority on not being retarded since he had a girlfriend now?  Whatever. 
            Terry watched the clouds as they changed shapes and drifted by in the sky.  He lay on the lawn of Karine’s front yard, waiting for her to get home.  He was about to close his eyes and take a nap when she walked up to him and sat down beside him on the grass. 
            “Been here long?” she asked, lighting herself a cigarette.
            “Nah,” he replied.
            “You can always come hang at the yacht club, eh?  When your shifts finish before mine.”
            “Yeah.  How is it there?  Totally suck?”
            “So far it’s fine,” she shrugged and then leaned back onto her elbows.  “It’s kinda like being in high school except fucked up ‘cause now instead of going to class with nerds I have to serve them food.”
            “People there suck?”
            “Jay and them go there.”
            “Hair boy and his friends.  You know, Cerise’s friends.”
            “Oh, seriously?  They go there?”  That could mean Cerise might hang out there!  Not that Terry cared.  He reached for Karine’s cigarette and took a slow drag, hoping she couldn’t tell how interested he’d momentarily been.
            “Yeah, them and Sarah Wong.”
            Terry said nothing and kept looking up at the clouds.
            “No, she wasn’t there.”
            “Uh… who?”
            Karine snickered.  “Don’t even try, Terry.  Cerise.  Your fucking Cherry angel was not there.”
            Terry leaned up on his elbows and looked at Karine.  “I didn’t ask.”
            “Whatever.  So did you call her or what?”
            “She wasn’t home.  She’s gone to Quebec City for the summer to visit her dad.”
            “Oh.  The whole summer?”
            “She’ll be back in August apparently.”
            “So fine then.  You’ll still be able to hook up with her before the year is done.”
            Terry was pretty relieved that he could talk to Karine about this.  He didn’t want her to think he was a total loser but it was nice to be able to be real and not worry about it. 
            “Should I email her?” he asked.  “Or post a message on her wall?  Or maybe a private message?  Is that too intimate?  Maybe I’ll just comment on her next status update.  You know, keep it casual.”
            “Yeah sure,” nodded Karine, sucking on her cigarette.
            “But I dunno.  Maybe that’s too impersonal.  Like just being another facebook friend is kinda lame, right?  Maybe I should wait ‘till I can see her in person.  ‘Cause maybe… but then again, if I wait too long she might not want to have anything to do with me.  Maybe I’ve already waited too long!  I don’t know!”
            “Yeah, it’s a pickle, all right,” smirked Karine.
            “No seriously though, Karine.  If you were a girl what would you want?”
            Karine raised an eyebrow and sneered.
            “You know what I mean.  If you were a girl who’d gone out with me but then we had a fight and never go the chance to make up.  Would you want me to mail you or like wait or what?”
            “I dunno,” she shrugged.
            “Well, think about it.  Like, is it better…”
            “I don’t know, Terry!” she snapped.  “Maybe you should wait for her to mail you.”
            “But what if she doesn’t?”
            “Then it was never meant to be.”
            “Come on!  Seriously!” Terry sat up and looked down at Karine insistently.  Even though she was good to talk to sometimes she could be kind of infuriating.
            She sighed and sat up as well.  “Ok well, I guess you should mail her.  A private email.  Don’t post on her facebook until you see how she responds to your mail.”
            “What should I say?”
            “I dunno.”
            “Come on, Karine!  I’m no good at writing!  You have to help me!”  Was she going to make him beg, or what?
            “I don’t know, Terry, ok?!”  She suddenly stood up and walked to her front door.  “I’m tired and I have to work tomorrow.”
            She unlocked her door and strode right in, closing the door behind her, not even inviting Terry in.  God, whatever.  What the hell was up Karine’s ass?

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