Friday, June 17, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Prologue

            Karine had no desire to see anyone in the world and it was total bullshit that she still had to go to school one last time for convocation.  Why couldn’t they have had their graduation ceremony before their grad ball like every other normal school in the world? 
            She could just skip it.  It’s not like anyone would miss her.  Her mother wasn’t even in town for it.  Like really.  Really, mom?  Can’t even bother to see your daughter graduate from high school?  It was bad enough that she hadn’t come to Karine’s play, that hadn’t really been a surprise but to miss her convocation?  God, whatever.  Like Karine even wanted her there.  What would she do even if she was there?  Take pictures like they were some happy family?  So lame.  There was really no point in getting out of bed that morning at all.  No point in anything really.  Might as well just lie in bed forever and wait to die.
            She walked to school.  It wasn’t really that long of a journey and Karine wondered why she hadn’t walked to school more often.  She even made the trek in heels.  It didn’t take long for her feet to start hurting but the pain was worth it.  She wanted to look good.  She wanted to be able to walk in there and outshine everybody.  It wouldn’t matter that she was the only graduate with no family in the audience, she was going to look spectacular and no one would be able to say anything bad about her.
            She put on her gown in the washroom at school, the one on the first floor, furthest from the gym.  She strolled through the hall with her head held high but stopped when she spotted the gang.  This was going to be harder than she’d thought.  There he was, acting totally normal, like he hadn’t just raped her a few days ago.
            But it was ok.  Nobody knew.  Right?  There was no way anybody knew.  He might have bragged about fucking her but she could just pretend like she’d been drunk and act like she didn’t remember and just laugh it off.  It would be ok.  Or she could pretend like it was a rebound thing and she could say he’d been a bad lay and everyone would laugh at him and he’d be humiliated, that goddamn fucking asshole!
            Karine’s breath quickened and she ducked back behind a wall.  Shit, she had to get herself under control.  Get it together, goddammit!  How the hell was she supposed to act?  Who was she supposed to talk to?  She had no fucking friends!  She’d fucked over Steven, manipulated Christina into a stupid prom date, Erica hated her, so did Terry, Andr… he was a complete fucking asshole.  Shit!  Fuck!  She shouldn’t have even fucking come!
            “Hey, Karine!” said some random graduate walking past.  Karine didn’t even know the girl’s name but she smiled anyway and returned the greeting, walking with her to the other graduates. 
            Karine joined Terry, Erica, Steven, Christina and the asshole and smiled, making eye-contact with none of them.  She fiddled with her cap, as though she was trying to figure out how to put it on.
            “Does this cap make my hair look weird?” asked Erica, adjusting the pins that kept it in place on her oil-slick of a head.
            “No, it looks fine,” responded Chrissy with her characteristic indulgence.
            “It makes yours look weird,” Erica snarked and Chrissy’s hands flew up to her hair, patting it down.
            “It looks fine, Chrissy,” said Karine kindly.  “You look really nice.”
            “You too,” replied Christina with a smile. 
            Karine smiled back.  Thank god for Chrissy.  Thank fucking god for her. 

            “I took that one, and that one, and that one…” Sarah beemed.
            “You took all the photos, Sarah,” said Karl with a smirk. 
            “Well not the ones I’m in,” she giggled.
            Cerise peered over Sarah’s shoulder as she and Karl flipped through the pages of her yearbook.  The Greens and the rest of the boys were there too. 
            “I didn’t even know we had a football team.  Man, I could’ve been making fun of them this whole time!” said Karl in surprise.
            “No shit, they had a terrible season,” nodded Sarah.
            “We have a swim team?” bellowed Vani incredulously.  “We don’t even have a pool!  We don’t have a pool do we?”
            “No,” said Sarah, shaking her head.  “Our team trains at another school, I’m not sure where.”
            “Crazy,” said Jay. 
            “Go to Volleyball,” said Sarah, turning the pages.  “Look, there I am!”
            “We can hardly see you,” said Cerise in disappointment.  “Crappy picture.”
            “Well I didn’t take it,” shrugged Sarah and flipped through some more pages.  “Check it Cerise, here’s a nice pic of you and Terry.”
            They all peered at the photograph.
            “You took a picture of us kissing?” Cerise said in shock.
            “In the halls,” said Willy, Vani and Karl in unison.
            “Oh my god, you guys are so cute together!” squeeled Mel.
            “I know, totally!” agreed Steph.
            Cerise smiled and casually looked over at Terry, who had so far ignored her completely that day.  He was rough-housing with Andrew and Steven; they kept trying to knock each other’s caps off.  He didn’t seem to notice Cerise.

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