Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Act V

            Karine pushed Andrew off of her and flipped through the channels.  There was nothing on.  “Well this prom sucked,” she sighed, unbuckling her strappy sandals and kicking them to the floor.
            “That remains to be seen,” he smarmed, slobbering all over her shoulders and collarbone.  He found the zipper at the side of her dress and pulled it down, peeling off her dress like the skin of a banana. 
            “Come on, Andrew, don’t,” she said, pushing his hand away as he tried to pull down her strapless bra. 

            Well, that had been utterly humiliating.  Cerise had gone all the way back to Beaconsfield on the city bus and she’d gotten many stares from other passengers, no doubt thinking her totally pathetic for being on a bus in such a fancy dress. 
            Her feet were seriously hurting now but she kept her shoes on as she walked across the overpass.  It was freezing and she wished she had a jacket to cover her bare arms.  When she reached her neighbourhood she took off her shoes and walked on people’s lawns.  The grass felt refreshing on her burning feet. 
            She heard the ball bouncing before seeing Jay on his driveway, shooting hoops. He was still in his tux but his bow tie was gone and his shirt was unbuttoned to halfway down his hairless chest.
            “You look like a gino,” she smirked, indicating his shirt.
            He laughed and opened it wider, striking a douchey pose.  “Ehh, how you doin’?”  He strutted around and shot her finger guns. 
            “How’d you get here so fast?” she laughed.
            “Took a cab.”
            “God, that didn’t even occur to me.  Man, I’m cheap,” she sighed.
            “So pretty crappy grad, eh?” he asked, handing her the basketball.
            “Yeah, it pretty much sucked,” she agreed, throwing the ball and amazing them both by making the hoop.
            “Nice!” he exclaimed, catching the ball.  “You know, the only person I danced with tonight was my mom,” he smirked with his mouth but his eyes were sad.
            She smiled sympathetically.  “I’ll dance with you.”
            “There’s no music,” he hugged the ball.
            “The music is in me!” she bellowed.
            He laughed and spun her around. 
            “Not so fast, my feet hurt!” she exclaimed.
            “Step on mine,” he suggested, looking down at her bare toes.
            She did as he asked and stepped onto his shoes.  He swayed around like a penguin and she held him tightly for support, laughing as he hummed generic ballroom music.  This was definitely the most fun she’d had all night. 

            Stan yanked at the zipper on Shauna’s dress and she spilled out of it, suddenly able to breathe much easier.  She hadn’t even realized how impaired her breathing had been before.  He pulled at the sleeves and she leaned to one side and then the other as he helped her release her arms.  Her back was still towards him and he unhooked the bra her mother had forced her to wear.  She was glad he couldn’t see her blush as her breasts spilled out onto her belly.
            “Stand up,” he instructed and she obeyed.  He pulled the dress down, which pulled her underpants down with it. 
            She was acutely aware that her bare ass was in his face but before she could move he grabbed it and squeezed.  He pushed her back down onto the sofa and scrutinized her body, which she held stiffly as she stared back at him, supremely uncomfortable.  He pulled at the dress and she lifted her feet.  He tossed the purple monstrosity aside and smiled.
            “Nice shoes,” he said.  “Keep them on.”
            He didn’t mention her hairy, scarred up legs so if they bothered him she didn’t know.  He was more interested in her breasts and grabbed at them greedily, squeezing and kneeding them like dough.  It wasn’t exactly pleasant but it wasn’t painful either so she let him continue.  It was sort of annoying when he sucked on her nipples, but whatever. 
            “I like your bush,” he said, lowering his hands to stroke her hairy crotch.  “It’s like ‘70s porn.”
            She smiled in reply, not sure if a verbal response was needed.  Suddenly he grabbed her thighs and pulled her forward, then spread her legs wide.  She’d never really been naked before, except in the shower and it was weird, this feeling of being exposed, of being seen.  Her vagina felt very open and she could feel it moistening, even though she didn’t feel turned on.  There was a part of her that was very afraid of what would happen next but her curiosity was stronger and she didn’t protest when he stuck his fingers up inside her.  He pushed and probed and she looked down at his hand.
            “You a virgin?” he asked.
            She considered lying but then simply nodded.
            “I’ll be slow,” he promised.  “Want me to wear a condom?”
            She shrugged and he apparently took that as a no because next he took off his pants and boxers and his penis wobbled in front of him as he repositioned her on the couch, getting her to lie on her back.  He climbed on top of her and spread open her vagina with his hands, pushing his penis inside.  She expected it to hurt but it didn’t really and she was silent as he slowly thrust in and out. 
            “That good, baby?” he asked, grunting on top of her.
            She nodded and he grabbed her breast, squeezing it a little harder than she would have liked as he supported his weight with his other hand, holding onto the arm of the couch. 
            “Yeah, that good, baby?  Tell daddy it’s good.”
            She bit her lip to keep from laughing and said “it’s good,” with a quiver in her voice.  Drops of sweat fell off of his face and dropped down to hers.  She turned her head to the side to dodge them.
            “Oh yeah, oh yeah, baby, I know you like it.  Yeah, baby, yeah,” he went on, grunting more loudly with each thrust.  “Tell daddy you like it.”
            “I like it,” she said, allowing a small giggle to escape her lips. 
            Call me daddy,” he ordered.
            “I like it, daddy,” she said and he suddenly pulled out and stroked his penis quickly, ejaculating onto her stomach and breasts. 
            He groaned as he came and kept saying his ridiculous speech about baby and daddy.  Then he sat back, seemingly exhausted, panting like he’d run a marathon.  It took a lot of effort for Shauna not to laugh.

            Karine stuggled to sit up and zip her dress back up.  Before she knew it, Andrew was completely naked and his erect penis was dangling in front of her face.  She swatted him away and tried to stand but he pushed her back down.
            “Oh man, you are so hot,” he said. 
            “Andrew, stop.  I don’t wanna do this.”
            “Come on, Karine,” he pleaded.  “You’ve got me so turned on.”
            “I’m not into it,” she said in annoyance as he unzipped her dress again. 
            Before she could stop him he’d yanked down her bra and was groping her breasts.  “You’ve got the sweetest tits ever,” he said.
            “Andrew, stop!  Seriously,” she said angrily.
            “Come on, relax,” he said soothingly.
            “Would you chill out?” she asked, pushing him away.
            “It’s ok, I’ve got protection,” he smiled, jumping off the bed and getting a condom from his suit jacket. 
            Karine pulled her bra back up as he rolled the condom onto his dick.  Before she could zip her dress back up he pushed her down again and got on top of her.
            “Andrew, I don’t want to!” she insisted, trying to push him off of her.
            He lifted her dress and pulled down her underwear, forcing her legs open.
            “Andrew!  What the hell?” she screeched.
            “Come on,” he said in exasperation.  “It’ll be fun.”  He put his weight down on top of her and she struggled for breath.
            “I don’t… want… to…” she gasped.
            “You’ve been asking for it all night,” he whispered, licking her ear.
            She grunted as she tried to push him away but he grabbed her arms and pushed them down over her head.  He crossed her wrists and held them with one hand, his other hand taking his penis and easing it into her.
            “Stop!” she yelled.
            “Shh… come on,” he whispered, thrusting into her repeatedly.
            Was he serious?  Was Andrew seriously doing this to her?  She tried to stay calm and think of what to do.  She placed her feet on his hips and tried to push him off of her but he was too strong; she was only tiring herself out. 
            “No!” she screamed.  “Stop!”
            He ignored her and kept thrusting in and out, going faster.  His eyes were closed.  He wasn’t even paying attention to her.
            “Andrew, seriously, stop it!” she tried again.  “You’re hurting me!” she pleaded, trying to appeal to his decency.
            “Shut up!” he said angrily, his eyes flying open.  He put his free hand over her mouth and pushed down hard. 
            Karine couldn’t believe what was happening.  Andrew was one of her oldest, closest friends.  Was he seriously raping her?  Was she seriously getting date raped like some prom cliché from an American TV movie?  Andrew wasn’t even her fucking date, goddammnit! 
            She struggled against him a bit more but he was too strong and the struggling was hurting more than the fucking.  The most painful thing was the chain of her necklace.  Her locket had gotten trapped under his arm as he pushed his hand down on her mouth and he was literally strangling her.  She put all her concentration towards keeping herself immobile so as to prevent the chain from pulling tighter on her neck. 

            Shauna stood up and went to the bathroom.  She washed the disgusting semen off her chest but was unable to find a towel to dry herself off with so she used a t-shirt she found on the floor.  She peed but there wasn’t any toilet paper so she also used the t-shirt to wipe herself dry.
            When she went back to the living room Stan was drinking another beer and watching Letterman on TV.  Shauna was suddenly very embarrassed about her nakedness.  She pulled on her underwear but stuffed her bra into her little purse. 
            “Can you help me get the dress back on?” she asked.  The clock on the TV announced that it was midnight and she was going to miss her curfew. 
            Stan stood up, groaning from the effort.  She stepped into the dress and held her breath and he tried to zip her up into it. 
            “It’ll only go halfway,” he said, giving up and sitting back down.
            “I have to go home now,” she said, standing near the door.
            “Need a lift?”
            She nodded, relieved that she wouldn’t have to walk home.  She wasn’t sure she’d be able to find her way.

            Andrew sighed with pleasure as he ejaculated.  He released his grip on her hands and mouth and rolled over.  Finally free, Karine darted off the bed.  Without a word, she straightened her bra and zipped up her dress, breaking off the zipper pull in her haste.  She struggled to zip it up but gave up in frustrating and grabbed her underwear up off the floor.  She pulled them on quickly and grabbed her shoes, heading for the door.
            “Hey, where you going?” asked Andrew like nothing was amiss.  “Hang out a bit,” he suggested casually.
             “Fuck you!” she screeched, whirling around to face him.
            “Just did,” he smirked with satisfaction and tossed the used condom in her direction.
            She yanked open the door and ran out to the hall, rushing towards the elevator in her bare feet.

            “Slut,” Erica snarked under her breath as she watched Karine skip off to the elevator. 
The poker dealer dude strolled up to her, smiling.  She smiled back and swiped her keycard in the door.  They walked in and found Andrew sprawled out on the bed naked, a used condom lying on the floor.
He looked up at Erica and her dude and smiled wrily.  “Ehh, I’m not into threesomes unless it’s two girls, one guy.”
“Get the fuck out of here!” Erica ordered and he rolled his eyes, pulling his boxers on. 
Erica gathered up his clothes and tossed them out into the hall.  “Hey, rude much?” said Andrew as he chased after them. 
Erica slammed the door in his face and turned to the poker dealer.  He seemed equal parts amused and disgusted.  She followed his gaze to the used condom on the floor and then looked at the rumpled bed Andrew had been lying on. 
“We’ll use the other bed,” she suggested and he nodded in agreement.

“Ok, I think my toes are dead,” said Jay and Cerise laughed as she stepped off his feet.
“Aw’right well, night,” she said.
They smiled as they each stepped into their respective houses.  She wanted to hate Jay, she really did.  He was still a clueless jerk but… that dance had been awesome.

Shauna told Stan to drop her off a few houses away from her place.  She wanted to be able to tell her parents she took the bus home in case they questioned her.  
“Bye,” she said, one foot already out the door.
“See ya around, prom girl,” Stan smiled.
“See ya, daddy,” she snickered and slammed the door closed before he could react.  He drove away and she ran home, laughing her ass off. 
Her mother was up waiting for her but she was only late by about ten minutes so she let it slide.  Shauna ran upstairs before her mother could see that her dress was partially unzipped and she ripped several seams as she struggled to get out of it in her bedroom.  Before putting on her sweats she examined her naked body in the mirror.  She looked the same.  Still fat, still hairy, still ugly.  But no longer a virgin.
“Glad I went to prom, mom?” she smirked, lighting up a cigarette.  

            Karine managed to get her dress zipped up in the elevator but she didn’t bother putting her shoes back on.  She went outside and hailed a cab and when she got home she threw the dress into the trash.  She took a shower, put on a pair of flannel pajamas and got out the silver polish.  She pushed her thumbnail into the polishing rag, carefully scrubbing each groove in her locket.  She scrubbed and scrubbed until all traces of tarnish were erased. Until it shone so brightly she could see her reflection in it.  Then she cleaned it again just to be sure. 

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