Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Prologue

            June went by in a blur.  Sarah kept trying to convince Cerise to talk to Terry and try to reconcile but she wouldn’t do it.  She didn’t deserve him.  She shut herself down and decided to concentrate on her exams and as a result breezed through them without effort.  She also finally got around to taking her driving test and even though she was nervous, she got her license.  With school over and without a boyfriend she was able to get a lot accomplished.  Just for the hell of it she made a diorama of the bridge of Destiny, from Stargate: Universe using stir sticks.  It was pretty awesome.
Terry approached her after the French final but she refused to talk to him.  He tried to call her a few times but she wouldn’t take the phone.  He didn’t change their facebook status so she did, marking herself as single.  Terry needed to get on with his life with a girl who would appreciate him.  She needed to be alone for the rest of her life, maybe become a crazy cat lady, never to know love and always to hate Jay with every fibre of her being.

            Everybody noticed Terry’s mood.  Andrew kept telling him to chill the fuck out so he stopped hanging out with Andrew.  Karine was patient with him but eventually even she got bored of hanging out with such a downer.  His mother thought he was stressing over finals but he didn’t give a shit about exams.  Vicky tried to get him to talk about his feelings but he shut her out.  His father just acted like his usual dickish self.  Terry desperately hoped he could avoid becoming John 2.0.

            Karine put on her prom dress and examined herself in the mirror.  Now that grad ball was just a few days away she was seriously starting to regret her decision to break up with Steven and go with Jason Harris.  Erica had of course ripped her a new one after hearing the news and even Chrissy was weirded out.  She would never live down the humiliation of going to grad with one of the biggest losers in school. 

            Shauna was playing with her razor blade, turning it over in her hands and contemplating what to do with it.  How to explain to her parents that she had completely messed up her final exams?  Would she even graduate?  She’d been accepted to John Abbott but it was obviously contingent on graduating. 
            Her mother suddenly burst into the room and Shauna stuffed the razor blade under her pillow, cutting her thumb in the process.  She rolled her hand up in her sleeve so her mother wouldn’t see the blood.
            “Uh, what’s that?” asked Shauna.
            Her mother was holding a hideous purple dress, all frills and pouffs and puffs.
            “It’s your dress for the grad ball!”
            “I’m not going to the ball,” said Shauna in fear.
            “Of course you are!  If you don’t go you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”
            “No arguments!  Now try on the dress.”
            “I can’t just go to grad ball at the last minute.  You have to like, sign up or something.”
            “I know, I signed you up,” said her mother with a satisfied smile.
            Oh shit.

            “Whoooeeee!” wailed Jay as he jumped on his bed playing air guitar.
            Best prom ever!  Best prom ever!  This would totally be the best prom ever!  Karine was so hot, she was so cool!  He was gonna be with the hottest, coolest girl ever and everyone would be jealous and they could suck it ‘cause it was so awesome!  Yeah, yeah, yeah!  Whooo!

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