Monday, March 28, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Act V

“Cerise?  Are you ok?”
She didn’t answer.  She grabbed her bra and shirt and put them on at the speed of light and then stuffed the dirty tissues into a garbage pail, burying them beneath other debris.  Hey weird, there was paper in the trash can, Sarah was a total environmental hypocrite. 
“We should go,” said Cerise, frozen in front of the door. 
Terry put his shirt back on and zipped up his pants.  He stood behind Cerise and gently put his hands on her shoulders.  “I’m sorry if I freaked you out.”
“You didn’t,” she lied.
“Please don’t be mad.”

He deeply regretted letting her touch him, even though it had been the best experience of his life.  If she was totally wigged and never wanted to see him again he’d never forgive himself. 
She turned to face him, her eyes glistening like she was holding back tears.  “Do you think… everyone heard me?”
Shit, is that what she was worried about?  Terry suppressed a laugh.  “No, you weren’t that loud,” he snickered.
It had been a while since Terry had seen Cerise’s demon eyes; the flash of ire that appeared in her face whenever she was pissed at him.  He’d forgotten how cute it was. 
“Shut up!” she hissed and pounded her little fists against his chest, which was probably inappropriate for him to find arousing.
 “Cerise, seriously, the music downstairs is way loud.  No one heard,” he assured her.
“But I was like, practically screaming!”
“You weren’t practically screaming, you were screaming,” he teased, unable to help himself.
He could almost see the little pitchforks flame up in her eyes.  She threw out her fist, punching him in the gut with all her might.  It felt like a tickle.  He laughed and put his arms around her.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  I’m just kidding.  I’m sure no one heard.”
“Seriously?”  She looked up at him pleadingly.
“I’m sure no one heard.  But even if they did, so what?  So they’ll know we hooked up, is that so bad?”
She looked at him like he was retarded.  “Are you freaking serious?  What if everyone starts calling me like, screaming Cherry or something?”
Terry couldn’t stop himself from laughing.  Cerise pushed him away in disgust and unlocked the door, stepping out into the darkened hallway.  She rushed to the bathroom and closed the door behind her, locking Terry out.  He stood outside the door, calling to her.
“Cerise, I’m sorry.  I’m sure everything’s ok.”
“Shut up!” she growled. 
He heard water running.  She was probably washing her jizzed up hands.  Terry couldn’t help but feel like a stud.  Yeah it sucked that Cerise was so upset and he genuinely hoped for her sake that no one had heard her scream but if they had heard, it wouldn’t be the worst thing for him.

            Erica had obviously planned to go clubbing before coming to the play because she and Chrissy were dressed for it.  Before going downtown they went to Karine’s house so she could change into some tight jeans, high heeled boots and a sexy black top.  She washed her face of the stage makeup and put on some glitter shadow and red lips.  She finished the look off with hoop earrings and her ubiquitous silver locket. 
            They went to a club on Crescent and got there early enough to find a table.  None of them had been carded and they all drank fruity cocktails.  The music was loud and thumping.  Karine closed her eyes and let the rhythm pulse through her body as she guzzled her drink.  Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she pulled it out and turned it off.  She didn’t feel like talking to Steve.  It was time to play the game.
            It was dark in the club but their eyes soon adjusted to the light and they were able to scope out their options.  It sucked how 90% of club guys were douchy ginos.  Still, if they waited long enough they might find some worthwhile prey.  And in the meantime they could play.
            “Black hair, leather vest,” Karine yelled over the music, pointing out a skeevy douche.
            “Eww!” Chrissy and Erica gagged.
            “Leather vest?  How clueless!  Perfect for Chrissy,” smirked Erica.
            “Fuck you!” screamed Chrissy.
            “Target chosen, baby.  Do it,” taunted Karine.
            Christina sneered with disgust and then took a deep breath and a generous swig of her drink.  She sauntered up to the leather vest guy and flirted with him while Karine and Erica watched and giggled.
            “Oh my god, he’s totally drooling all over her,” laughed Karine.
            “He’s just staring at her tits,” howled Erica.
            Chrissy fished into her jeans’ pocket and came out with a small piece of paper, which she handed to the leather vest guy.  He took it and smiled his smarmy douche smile while Chrissy rejoined them. 
            “He’s totally disgusting!” whined Chrissy, giggling.
            “I can’t believe he’s actually wearing a leather vest,” laughed Karine.  “Who does that?”
            “A perfect gino for our little gina.”  Erica patted Chrissy on the head.
            “Shut up,” she pushed Erica’s hand away and surveyed the room.  “Ok, you want a gino?  The dude with the chest hair poking out like a fucking carpet, getting all tangled in his gold chain!”
            “Ugh!” Erica and Karine pretended to vomit all over the table.
            “Oh my god, you can’t be serious!”  Erica gagged.  “I think he actually has a medallion on his chain!  A fucking medallion!”
            “Eww, a douche tag!” laughed Karine.
            Erica smirked at the girls and walked up to the hairy gino.  She actually touched his furry chest and must have commented on the necklace.  He held it up and said something into her ear.  She gave him a slip of paper and rushed back to the table.
            “Oh my god, so nasty!  He was all oily!”
            Chrissy and Karine laughed as Erica wiped her hands on her jeans.
            “Oh my god, he’s leering at you!  He’s totally gonna call you!  He totally will!”
            “Of course he will,” said Erica with satisfaction.  “That’s why I gave him your number.”
            “Oh my god, you didn’t!” Karine howled.  It was totally against the rules to give a fake number or someone else’s. 
            It was Karine’s turn now and Erica assigned her an old dude who was going bald.  It was completely wretch worthy.  Karine could barely contain the bile in her throat while she walked up to him.
“Hey,” she yelled.
He smiled at her like he’d won the lottery.  “Hi!”
Erica really was a bitch.  This guy was shorter than her and probably forty years old.  He had a fucking goatee, like he was trying to make up for the lack of hair on his head. 
“Listen, my name is Karine.  If you ever wanna go out, here’s my number,” she placed the piece of paper in his hand.
He looked at the paper like it was gold plated.  He’d clearly never been hit on before in his life.  What a fucking tool for not realizing it was a joke.
“Call me,” she smiled, walking back to the girls.
They cackled with glee when she complained of his b.o.  The game was gross but the good thing about it was that they always got free drinks for the rest of the night.  The grosser the guys they chose, the more drinks that got sent over to their table.  It was pretty sweet. 
            Cerise took a few deep breaths and exited the bathroom.  Terry was still there waiting for her.  He smiled hopefully and tried to hug her.  She pushed him away but then thought better of it.  She didn’t want to go back to the party without him ‘cause then people would think they’d had a fight or something.  Or maybe they’d think her screams were from pain and she certainly didn’t want anyone to think their hook-up hadn’t been consensual. 
She allowed him to kiss her and assured him she was ok.  They walked downstairs and entered the living room.  Cerise was sure everyone would instantly point and laugh but no one seemed to notice. 
Everyone was paying attention to Andrew, who was making donkey noises and groping all the girls.  He even asked Mel and Steph if they wanted a threesome.  What a pervert.  They laughed and pushed him playfully but almost seemed to be considering it for a second.  God, gross.
            “Where the hell is Karine?” asked Steven, pounding the keys on his phone furiously.
            “Oh, she went clubbing with Erica and Chrissy,” said Andrew.
            “What?” shrieked Steven.  “And she didn’t even text me?”
            Terry rolled his eyes.  He obviously didn’t think much of Steven but Cerise had never been able to figure out why.  Of all his friends, Steven was probably the least offensive. 
            “She’s not answering her phone!” Steve yelled.
            “Yeah ‘cause she’s prob’ly got her hands wrapped around some gino’s dick right now,” snarked Andrew.
            Terry laughed heartily while Steven told Andrew to go fuck himself. 
            “I can’t believe Karine ditched out on my cast party!” pouted Sarah.
            “Yeah, pretty rude,” agreed Cerise.
            “Does she think it’s only a worthwhile party if it’s at her place?”  Sarah seemed genuinely offended.
            “Hey, I’ve seen her leave her own parties,” Terry assured her.  “Don’t take it personally.”
            “Come on, let’s dance,” suggested Cerise.
            Terry followed the girls to the center of the living room and they all danced together, while Mel and Steph ran around the room acting like they didn’t want to get caught by Andrew.

            The club was now packed and finally some cute guys were showing up.  Probably University students from McGill or Concordia.  Erica loved hooking up with University guys, probably because it made her feel like she wasn’t a complete fat-ass bitch. 
            “Ok, I found the guy I’m hooking up with tonight,” she announced, indicating a guy in a red polo shirt. 
            “Nice,” Chrissy approved. 
            He was pretty cute.  It would have given Karine much satisfaction if he were to shoot down Erica’s advances but she never struck out.  None of them ever did.  It wasn’t hard to hook up in clubs.  All it took was a little cleavage and a smile. 
            “Ok, I’ll see you guys later.”  Erica got up from the table, downing the rest of her drink.
            “When do you wanna meet up?” asked Chrissy.
            “Just stay here, I’ll find you guys.  I mean it should only take a few minutes.”
            “So it’s true love then?” smirked Karine.
            “Like you should talk,” Erica chuckled.  “Hey, looks like you’re hooking up tonight too.”
            “Who?  Where?”
            “Green shirt.”  Erica tilted her head.
            Karine followed her gaze to the bar where she saw a guy in a green t-shirt holding a beer and smiling at her.  He was pretty decent.  Dark hair, tall, well built.
            “Me likey,” she purred.
            “Go for it, slut,” Erica laughed.
            “Hey, what about me?” whined Chrissy.
            “Leather vest guy is still available,” laughed Erica.
            “Oh fuck you!”
            Karine was about to walk over to the green shirt guy when she noticed Chrissy eyeing her drink.  She’d already had one too many tonight so Karine downed her drink before leaving the table and then she joined the green shirt guy.
            “Hi,” she smiled.
            “I’ve seen you here before,” he said, leaning over her to be heard over the cacophony. 
            “Oh yeah?”
            “I’ve always wanted to talk to you.”
            “So it’s your lucky day.”
            “How lucky?” he smirked.
            Karine lifted an eyebrow and frowned, pretending to be offended. 
            “I mean, sorry, I…” the guy stammered.  “I uh, my name’s Craig.”
            “I don’t care what your name is,” she suppressed a smile.
            “Uhh… ok, sorry,” he shrugged, clearly embarrassed.
            Karine smirked.  She loved making guys uncomfortable.  She placed her hand on his chest and ran it down to his stomach, pleased to find he had some nice abs.  The guy smiled in surprise. 
            “Can I buy you a drink?” he offered.
            “Sure,” she said, taking the beer out of his hand and guzzling it. 
            She placed the empty bottle on the bar and put her hands around the guy’s neck, pulling his face down to hers.  He kissed her eagerly. 

            It was difficult to concentrate on the game tonight.  Jay kept thinking back to Karine in her fairy costume.  Karl yelled at him each time he lapsed in concentration; he’d already let a whole ship of civilians die.  God, Karine was so hot.

            Steven sat on the couch, slurping down a beer and checking his phone every two seconds.  Karine never called.  He looked over at Terry, who was dancing with Cherry and her friends.  He had the right idea, going out with a geeky girl.  She’d never ditch out on him.  She was probably grateful for the attention.  She was a nice girl.  Steven wished Karine could be nice.  He’d considered breaking up with her and finding a nice girl many times.  There were tons of chicks who’d be happy to go out with him, like maybe Marla Fitzpatrick, she was supposed to be easy, plus she was super cute.  Who was he kidding?  He’d never break up with Karine.  He loved her.

            The bathroom was gross obviously but it would do for a quick fuck.  Karine led the guy inside a stall and locked the door.  She was pretty sure she could hear Erica fucking her guy a few stalls over.  The green shirt guy groped her and she groped right back.  She unzipped his jeans and stuck her hand down into his boxers.  He wasn’t that big but he was hard, so he’d do.  The guy stared at his own erection while Karine stroked him.  He was probably waiting for her to blow him but that wasn’t what she had in mind.  Instead she undid her jeans and directed his hand into her panties.  He fingered her ineptly and she wiggled her hips, trying to get him to touch her properly.  God, all guys were really useless, weren’t they?
            “Do you have a condom?” she whispered.
            “Uh yeah,” he said in surprise and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. 
He fumbled for the condom and Karine grabbed it.  She unwrapped it and let the wrapper fall to the floor.  He watched her with a spreading grin while she unrolled the condom onto his dick.  She pulled down her jeans and underwear and turned around, leaning over the toilet and placing her hands on the tank, making sure to avoid the wad of gum there.  Gross, she’d have to remember to wash her hands afterwards.  She arched her back and the guy squeezed her ass.  He pushed himself inside her waiting pussy and she moaned, more for his benefit than out of genuine pleasure.  He wasn’t as big as Steve, so she needed him to push a little harder if she was gonna feel anything.
“Harder, faster, deeper!” she told him and he complied, panting like he was competing in the fucking Olympics.
He didn’t even touch her clit.  What a moron.  He was a pathetic lover, only lasting like two minutes.  He made a little squealing noise when he came and sort of shook.  It was pretty funny.  He pulled out and she turned around, pulling her jeans back up.  She’d have to take matters into her own hands tonight to actually get off.  He pulled off the condom and was about to drop it in the toilet but she stopped him.
“Uh, that’s not very environmentally conscious,” she chided, indicating the sanitary napkin disposal box. 
He discarded the condom and used some toilet paper to wipe off his dick.  Karine didn’t wait for him to finish.  She pushed past him and left the stall, going to wash her hands.
Erica was already at a sink, adjusting her makeup.  She kept a straight face while the green shirt guy sheepishly exited the stall. 
“Uh,” he walked up behind Karine.  “Can I get your number?”
“No,” she responded, reapplying some lipstick.  “You weren’t that good.”
Erica snickered and the guy slunk out of the bathroom, red-faced.  Erica and Karine burst into laughter.
“Harder, faster, deeper!” mocked Erica.
Karine held her side as she was laughing so hard she was getting a cramp.  She took a piss and then they rejoined Chrissy at their table, recounting their adventures and then making fun of Chrissy for not managing to find anyone to hook up with.  Poor girl was still hung up on Terry.

Sarah’s parents turned out to be pretty cool.  They seemed a bit disgruntled about all the beer but not wanting anyone to drive home drunk, they let a bunch of kids sleep over.  All the couches were taken so Sarah invited her closest friends to sleep in her room.  She got out some sleeping bags and blankets and pillows and Terry fabricated a little nest while Cerise was in the bathroom taking out her contacts.  She pretended she’d forgotten her glasses, when really she’d just been too embarrassed to let Terry see her in them. 
“Marco?” she called out, feeling her way through the room half-blind.
“Polo!” Terry responded. 
She made her way over to the big blur and lay on top of him as they snuggled under an afghan that had been knitted by Sarah’s grandmother.
Mel and Steph shared Sarah’s queen-sized bed and they whispered about Andrew.
“Do you think we should hook up with him?”
“Don’t be gross, he’s a player,” said Sarah.
“He’s hot though.”
“Trust me, he’s an ass,” Marla Fitzpatrick hissed from her corner of the room. 
Mel and Steph snickered something unintelligible and giggled loudly.  Terry and Cerise tried to keep their kissing quiet but were apparently unsuccessful.
“Do you guys mind not fucking while the rest of us are here?” Sarah said loudly. 
The girls erupted in a fit of giggles.
“Oh yeah, and don’t think I didn’t notice how you emptied like, half my Kleenex box,” Sarah snarked.  “Thanks for cleaning up after yourselves I guess.”
The girls howled and Cerise buried her face in Terry’s chest.  His shoulders shook with laughter as he held her. 
“Jealous?” Cerise asked defiantly.
“Of course,” chuckled Sarah.
 Cerise placed her head on Terry’s chest and smiled to herself.  Even if everyone knew what she did with Terry, so the hell what?  She was happy.   

Shauna sat in the bathtub with her mother’s pink razor.  Maybe it was time to start shaving her legs.  If she were more normal then maybe everyone would make fun of her less.  She managed to get her left leg looking pretty good, like a normal girl leg.  But she nicked her right leg immediately.  It stung a little, but kind of in a good way.  Shauna sat still and watched as a little drop of blood bubbled up on her ankle.  She kept shaving, being more aggressive now.  She cut herself several more times and each time it felt better.  It was a fun, sharp little pain.  Before she knew it her entire right leg was a mess of scratches, the blood mingling with the shaving cream and the remnants of her matted leg hair.  She looked disgusting.  There was only one thing to do: scratch up the other leg.  She mangled it quickly and deliberately, trying to get her legs to look symmetrical in their mutilation. 
            She knew she was a cliché.  It was totally Degrassi to be a cutter.  But she couldn’t help it.  It really did feel good, in a bad sort of way.  She tossed away the razor and took a shower, enjoying how pretty the blood looked as it swirled down the drain.  She usually slept in boxer shorts but tonight she wore jogging pants, afraid of staining the sheets with her blood.  Shauna slept surprisingly well that night. 

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