Monday, March 21, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Act IV

            Jay and the boys took their seats in the auditorium and surveyed their programs. 
            “Are you fucking serious?!” howled Karl, looking up from the program.  “Ten percent of the proceeds are going towards earthquake and tsunami relief for Japan?!”
            “Yeah seriously, ten percent is pretty piddly,” said Jay.
            “Could you miss the point any more completely?” seethed Karl.  “I never agreed to give a donation to some cause for helping people!  I thought I was paying for like, school shit, which is bad enough but I thought I knew what I was getting.  Now it turns out I was completely mislead!  This is an outrage and I bet I know who’s to blame!”
            “The government?” asked Vani conspiratorially.
            “No, wacktard, Sarah!  This reeks of her pseudo-activism and bleeding-heart… whateverism,” Karl sighed.  “I knew this night would be lame but now, now I have something to be irate about!”
            “So it’s going well then,” smiled Willy.
            “Quite,” nodded Karl, turning back to his program.  "Oh look, Sarah plays Hermia?  Yeah right, she prob’ly plays all the parts like simultaneously.  She’s prob’ly the understudy for all the parts.  She prob’ly wrote the thing.”
            “Yeah, she prob’ly time travelled to the 1500s and wrote shit for Shakespeare and told him to take credit,” agreed Vani.
            “Yeah, then she prob’ly went to France and wrote shit for Molière.  And then she went back further in time and told Leonardo Da Vinci how to invent like, flying machines.”
            “Yeah except her designs totally didn’t work,” laughed Jay.
            “I know, she’s so useless!” scoffed Karl.  “So did you guys bring any tomatoes?”

            Terry tried to contain his excitement.  He breathed deeply, suppressing his ridiculous giddiness.  It was so uncool to actually care about a school play, even if your girlfriend was in it.  He sighed, slumped in his seat and complained about how small it was, sticking his leg out into the aisle.  He sat next to Steven, who sat next to Christina, who sat next to Erica.  His lunchtime smackdown of her hadn’t had a lasting effect.  She was bitching just as much as usual, snarking on what everyone was wearing and shit.  Chrissy dutifully laughed at all her stupid jokes. 
            Sarah bounded into the dressing room, already in costume.  “Did you guys check out the audience?  I just snuck a peak.  We totally have a huge crowd!”
            “That’s so awesome!” said Mel.
            “Oh my god, totally!” agreed Steph.
            “Although I guess it’s mostly family,” admitted Sarah.  “Like the first two rows is my parents and my fourteen-thousand cousins.”
            “Plus like two more rows for your volleyball team,” laughed Cerise.  “I bet half the people here got their tickets from you.”
            “Oh come on, you sold tickets too, didn’t you?” laughed Sarah.
            “There’s my mom and sisters,” agreed Cerise.  “And the guys.  You know, Karl and them.  And Terry of course.”
            The Green Girls giggled simply from hearing his name.
            “My family’s here too,” said Steph.
            “Mine too,” nodded Mel.
            “Yours too, Karine?” they asked.
            Karine finished applying her lipstick and then looked at the girls with a clenched jaw.  “No,” she said.  “I have Steven.  And Chrissy and Erica.”
            “What about your parents?” asked Mel.
            “Mel, your wings are fucked up,” said Sarah, smacking Mel on her back.
            “Oh my god, are my wings ok?” asked Steph, oblivious.
            Cerise smiled at Karine.  “And Terry is here to see you too.  You know, I mean…” she trailed off.
            Karine lifted an eyebrow and narrowed her eyes at Cerise.
            “You look great,” Cerise said weakly.  “You’re so lucky you get to be Titania.  I look like shit,” she chuckled, examining herself in the mirror.
            Karine stood next to her and plucked at the grey coat.  “Actually, it’s a good look for you.  Really suits you.  It’s like, you are Helena.  Hmm, typecasting much?”
            Karine flounced away and Sarah put a hand on Cerise’s shoulder, sitting next to her.
            “God, that was kinda bitchy,” Sarah huffed.
            “I know, eh?”
            “She’s just jealous ‘cause of you and Terry.  Everyone is, me included,” Sarah giggled.
            Cerise smiled.  “Thanks.”
            “How far have you guys gone?” Sarah whispered, leaning towards Cerise.
            “Not far,” Cerise admitted.  “I mean it’s hard to find time to be alone with him,” she offered up as an excuse.
            In truth Cerise was beginning to make a habit of spending afternoons at Terry’s dad’s house, where they were often alone and she did want to fool around with him but she still felt sort of awkward about it.
            “You should tell your mom you’re sleeping at my place on Saturday but you know, don’t mention it’s a party.  You and Terry can use my room if you want.”
            Cerise lifted a brow and Sarah giggled. 
            “I mean, I’m not saying get my bed all jizzed up and shit…”
            “Eww!” Cerise laughed.. 
            “Just, you know…”
            Cerise nodded but she didn’t really know.  Was Sarah saying Cerise should have sex with Terry, or just like make out with him and stuff?  If she did do stuff with him, would Sarah expect a detailed report?  Would she tell Mel and Steph?  Would Cerise end up being the new Marla Fitzpatrick, school slut?

            “Keep promise, love.  Look, here comes Helena,” said the guy on stage.
            Cerise came on, wearing a grey coat.  She looked pretty good.  The theatre lights almost kind of made it look like her skin was glowing, even more so than usual.  She was so pretty.  Stupid bitch.
            “God speed fair Helena! whither away?” said Sarah Wong.
            “Call you me fair?  that fair again unsay.  Demetrius loves your fair: O happy fair! Your eyes are lode-stars; and your tongue’s sweet air More tuneable than lark to shepherd’s ear,  When wheat is green, when hawthorn buds appear. Sickness is catching: O, were favour so, Yours would I catch, fair Hermia, ere I go; My ear should catch your voice, my eye your eye, My tongue should catch your tongue’s sweet melody.”
            She almost sounded like she was in pain the way she spoke.  Shauna wasn’t sure what she’d said but she said it well.  Apparently acting was just another thing on the long list of things Cerise was awesome at.  It was so unfair how perfect she was, how lucky she was.  Terry Trebichavsky was obviously way into her.  When she’d come on stage he’d sat up straight and leaned forward.  He even had a smile on his face as he watched her.  Every time he moved on stage his head turned to follow her. 
Just a year ago Cerise had been a loser like Shauna.  They would sit in the cafeteria, away from everyone else and talk about how all the boys at school were losers and they wouldn’t want to go out with them even if they asked.  And now she was dating the coolest guy in school?  What the hell?  It was just wrong.  What did she see in him?  Was she really just a shallow cuntnugget like all the other bitches in this place?  She was hanging out with the other cunts now; she was in with the in crowd, the fucking whore.

            “Were the world mine, Demetrius being bated, The rest I’d give to be to you translated.  O, teach me how you look, and with what art You sway the motion of Demetrius’ heart.”
            Cerise seemed pretty into her part but so far this play was pretty boring.  Jay wondered when Karine and her alleged bikini would come on stage.
            “I frown upon him, yet he loves me still,” said Sarah.
            Vani and Willy were giggling, playing thumb war and obviously just as bored as Jay but Karl shushed them in annoyance.  He actually seemed interested in watching the play.  Figured he’d be into Shakespeare.  Karl was such a nerd.
            “O that your frowns would teach my smiles such skill!” said Cerise.
            “I give him curses, yet he gives me love,” replied Sarah.
            “O that my prayers could such affection move!”
            “The more I hate, the more he follows me.”
            “The move I love, the more he hateth me.”
            “His folly, Helena, is no fault of mine.”
            “None, but your beauty:  would that fault were mine!”
            Whatever.  The play continued to be utterly boring until Karine appeared.  She was indeed wearing a bikini but the bottom was covered with a skirt thingy, which sucked but still, she looked pretty awesome.  Andrew Lester was actually pretty funny, especially when he became all donkeyfied.
            “Out of this wood do not desire to go: Thou shalt remain here, whether thou wilt or no.  I am a spirit of no common rate; The summer still doth tend upon my state;  And I do love thee: therefore, go with me;  I'll give thee fairies to attend on thee,  And they shall fetch thee jewels from the deep.”
            Gross though that Karine was acting all in love with Andrew Lester.  She was all hugging and kissing him and stuff.  Jay would have given anything to trade places with that jackass at that moment.
            “And sing while thou on pressed flowers dost sleep;  And I will purge thy mortal grossness so That thou shalt like an airy spirit go. Peaseblossom! Cobweb! Moth! and Mustardseed!”
            Mel, Steph and two other chicks came running in, looking retarded in their fairy costumes.  It was hilarious how they all looked so stupid in their fairy gear and Karine looked so good.  She really was amazing.

            Whoa.  Once Cerise got in the fairy woods she took off her coat and she had a white dress on underneath and it was like totally see-through under those stage lights.  She looked incredible.  Like seriously mind blowing.  She was so hot.  It’s no wonder those two guys fall in love with her.  The fairies put a spell on them or something but they would have totally fallen for her anyway just from her taking off the coat.  Terry forced himself to concentrate on the story so he wouldn’t get too turned on.
            Sean Price was talking.  “O Helena, goddess, nymph, perfect, divine! To what, my love, shall I compare thine eyne? Crystal is muddy. O, how ripe in show Thy lips, those kissing cherries, tempting grow!”
            That got a laugh from parts of the audience.  The line about kissing cherries.  But Cerise was unfazed.  She was totally in character.  She was so awesome.
            “That pure congealed white, high Taurus snow, Fann’d with the eastern wind, turns to a crow When thou hold’st up thy hand: O, let me kiss This princess of pure white, this seal of bliss!”
            She totally was a princess of pure white, a seal of bliss.  Shakespeare would’ve been pretty happy to see Cerise playing this Helena chick.
            “O spite!  O hell!” spat Cerise.  I see you all are bent To set against me for your merriment: If you were civil and knew courtesy, You would not do me thus much injury.         Can you not hate me, as I know you do, But you must join in souls to mock me too?  If you were men, as men you are in show, You would not use a gentle lady so;  To vow, and swear, and superpraise my parts,  When I am sure you hate me with your hearts. You both are rivals, and love Hermia; And now both rivals, to mock Helena:  A trim exploit, a manly enterprise,  To conjure tears up in a poor maid’s eyes  With your derision! none of noble sort Would so offend a virgin, and extort A poor soul’s patience, all to make you sport.”

            Karine had to admit that Cerise was actually pretty good.  She was pretty into it.  She’d even started crying a bit when telling Lysander and Demetrius to stop messing with her.  Sarah was pretty good too.
            “O me! you juggler! you canker-blossom! You thief of love! what, have you come by night And stolen my love’s heart from him?”  Sarah lunged at Cerise with anger.
            Cerise pulled away, her face full of confusion.  She kind of was typecast wasn’t she?  Maybe she wasn’t that good of an actress after all.  Maybe she was just playing herself.  She was just a clueless loser who liked a guy totally out of her league and the only way she could get him was with magic.  Why else would a guy fall for her?

            Oh wow, a standing ovation!  Cerise held hands with Sarah and Sean as they took their bow.  As her eyes adjusted to the lighting she was able to make out the audience.  Her mother was beaming, clapping enthusiastically.  Her sisters clapped more politely.  Terry was grinning wildly and he whistled loudly.  Karine laughed and waved to him.  He waved back but Cerise was pretty sure he’d whistled for her.  Oh god, were the guys holding tomatoes?  Is that what those were?  They acted like they were about to throw them but then didn’t and instead shook with laughter.  Cerise laughed as well.  Best.  Night.  Ever. 

            “It reeked!” smirked Erica.  “You totally sucked!” she nudged Andrew and he pushed back. 
            They were congregated at the smoking wall and recapping the previous evening’s awesomeness, or shittiness according to Erica McHarpyBitch.
            “You know you loved it,” Andrew grinned.  “You were totally creaming your jeans for me in the donkey head.  I know you’ve got a beastiality fetish going on.”
            He pinched her ass and she laughed, jumping away from him.  Terry was seriously getting tired of all the flirting between Andrew and Erica.  He didn’t even know why it bothered him so much.  Probably because anything involving Erica bothered him.
            “The costumes were cool,” Christina told Karine.  “You looked awesome.”
            “I know, right?” leered Steven, slobbering all over Karine’s neck.
            She stiffened a bit and smiled tightly while sucking on her cigarette.  Why had Karine gotten back together with Steven?  She obviously wasn’t that into him.  Terry guessed that she was still using him to make Erica jealous, which was so lame, ‘cause Erica so wasn’t worth it.
            “Yeah except all we could see was that huge flaming zit the whole time,” snickered Erica.
            Karine rolled her eyes and exhaled her smoke into Erica’s face.
            “You were great, Karine,” Terry assured her.
            She smiled at him gratefully.  “Thanks.”
            He flicked away his cigarette and walked into the school, heading for the fishbowl.  Sure enough, Cerise was there with the Greens and they were all congratulating each other on a great show.
            Terry walked up behind Cerise and kissed her neck.  She giggled and turned her head towards him.  They kissed and she immediately pulled away.
            “Eww,” she sneered.
            “Not the reaction I was going for,” he smirked.
            “You taste like cigarettes,” she pouted.
            “Sorry,” he said, pulling a pack of gum out of his pocket and popping a piece into his mouth. 
He offered gum to the girls and Mel and Steph each took a piece, grinning like idiots.  He reached inside his coat and pulled out a red rose, which was a little crushed but still had the desired effect.  Cerise smiled happily and took the flower, blushing.  Sarah and her girls giggled and declared Terry to be super sweet. 
“You were great last night,” he smiled, gazing at Cerise’s shining eyes.  “You all were,” he added, nodding at the Greens.
“Thanks!” they all gushed.
Cerise wrapped her arms around Terry and kissed him.  They said bye to the Greens and walked to homeroom together, passing by Porta-potty chick.
“Hold your nose,” said Terry covering his face as they walked by her.
Cerise slapped Terry’s arm.  “You’re so mean,” she giggled. 
He should be mean more often.  He kinda liked it when she hit him.
“So the cast party’s gonna be at Sarah’s.”
“And I told my mom I’d be sleeping there so I can stay out as long as I want,” she grinned.
“Very cool,” he grinned back.  Very, very cool.

“Well that sucked… again!” complained Erica.
Every once in a while Karine thought long and hard about the way in which she would murder Erica.  Seriously, if she hadn’t wanted to come to the play’s stupid closing night then she shouldn’t have come.  It’s not like anyone had a gun to her fugly-ass head.
Christina assured Karine that it had been fun and then Erica suggested they go downtown to party.
“Hello?” sighed Karine.  “It’s closing night, the whole point of you guys coming was so we could all head to the cast party after.  It’s at Sarah’s.”
“Oh yeah, like I really feel like going to hang out with the Green Team.  Please.  Could you come up with anything more boring?” whined Erica.
“It could be fun,” shrugged Chrissy.
“Listen, I don’t care what you guys do but I’m going to the party,” said Karine, walking off to the school parking lot to find Terry. 
It didn’t take long.  There he was with Cherry, giving her a bag of candy and a fucking bouquet of roses.  Seriously, roses?  Could that be any lamer?  Cherry was totally eating it up, sucking his face off like she was trying to find the creamy center.  What a little ho-bag. 
God, Terry was such a jerk, how come he hadn’t given Karine any flowers?  And where the hell was Steven?  Bet he didn’t have any flowers for her either!  What a pathetic boyfriend.
Karine rejoined the girls.  “You know what, you’re totally right, we should go clubbing.”
“I know, let’s go!” said Erica, pleased with herself.  “But for the love of god cover up that thing on your face ‘cause I don’t want you scaring away all the hot guys.”
Probably the easiest way to kill her would be to poison her food or something, ‘cause god knew she ate enough, fat cow.  But it sure would be more fun to stab her with a giant, dirty knife.

Cerise really did have the best boyfriend ever.  He’d given her Jolly Rancher jellybeans as a gift!  That was incredible because they weren’t even available in Canada.  He must have bought them online.  She’d only mentioned once that they were her favourite candy.  How awesome that he remembered!  And a lot of the girls in the cast had boyfriends but Cerise was the only one who’d received flowers.  And roses at that!  Roses were really expensive.  And they were red roses, which was like a declaration of love.  All the other girls were totally jealous. 
Cerise and Terry were dancing in Sarah’s living room.  It was a fast song and everyone else was jumping around.  As the song got faster, Terry lifted Cerise up and she giggled while wrapping her legs around his waist.  He spun her around the room and she buried her head into his shoulder, squealing with delight.  She knew everyone was looking at them but she didn’t care.  In fact, she kind of liked it.
The next song was a little slower and Terry stopped spinning but he still held Cerise in his arms; her legs still wrapped around him.  She kissed him passionately and he stumbled up against a wall where they kept kissing.  She really wanted to go upstairs with him, but how could she communicate that to him without saying it outright?  And how could they leave the room without everyone knowing exactly what they were up to?

Cerise’s hands snuck under Terry’s shirt and gripped his back tightly, her fingers digging into his flesh.  God, he wanted her so badly.  If he carried her upstairs would she totally freak out?  Everyone was watching them; Cerise would probably die if she realized she was the star attraction. 

Oh fuck it.  Cerise couldn’t take it anymore.  She simply had to be alone with Terry.
She whispered into his ear.  “Do you wanna go upstairs?”
He tried to be discreet about it but everyone watched as he carried her out of the room.  Cerise caught Sarah’s eye as they left and Sarah smirked knowingly. 

Terry climbed the stairs, Cerise still gripping his waist with her legs and her arms wrapped around his neck.  He liked carrying her around, it was fun.  He walked down the hall, peering inside rooms as he went. 

“Sarah’s room,” said Cerise as they reached a girly bedroom.
Terry walked into the room and closed the door behind them.  Nice, it had a lock.  He turned it and kept the lights off.  He dropped Cerise down on the bed and she laughed as he jumped on top of her.  He kissed her neck while she looked around the room.  It was littered with trophies and certificates.  Cerise pushed Terry away and got up, turning on the light.  She walked around the room, examining all the awards.
“Holy shit, I knew Sarah was a do-everything-chick but this is insane!”
“Seriously,” agreed Terry. 
There were trophies for soccer, volleyball and tennis.  Certificates for activism in social and environmental committees and awards for various academic contests.  Sarah’s desk was littered with papers, some of which attested to the community service she did at homeless shelters and for volunteering at camps for special needs kids. 
“Why does she do all this stuff?” wondered Cerise.  “Are we like total assholes because we don’t do shit like this?”
Terry walked up behind Cerise and examined the papers on the desk.  “I guess,” he shrugged. 
She turned to face him.  “Maybe we should do stuff like this.  Like join a club or whatever.  We could go volunteer with her at one of these places.”
Terry looked at her with a mix of surprise and fear.  “Are you serious?”
“No,” she admitted.
“Thank god,” he laughed, picking her up and throwing her back down on the bed.

His hands stroked her waist and hips while he licked her neck.  He wanted more.  He wanted to rip the clothes off her body and devour her.  But she would probably freak out if he got too aggressive.  Terry forced himself to remain controlled.  He wouldn’t even allow himself to unhook Cerise’s bra or unbutton her shirt, too afraid of offending her.  Her fingernails dug into his neck and she bit his lip as she kissed him.  Fuck she was hot.  He was gonna die if he didn’t at least get her shirt off. 
            Suddenly she yanked off his shirt.  She ran her hands down his chest and back up again, stroking his shoulders and biceps.  He made sure to flex while she touched him. 
            Then, amazingly, she unbuttoned her own shirt and wiggled out of it.  Hell yes!  He caressed her satiny skin and pushed his hand under her back.  She lifted slightly, allowing him to undo her bra and raising her arms so he could pull it away.  She was so beautiful and he was grateful that she’d turned on the light.  Her breasts were round, white and tipped with pink.  He traced his fingers down her collarbone, around her left breast, down her ribs, the curve of her waist and hip and then across her little belly.  His hand snaked back up and cupped her left breast as he lowered his head, taking her nipple into his mouth.  He licked and nibbled and she whimpered slightly but he couldn’t tell if it was from pleasure or pain.  He looked up at her face and she seemed ok, smiling, biting her lip.  He kept kissing her body.  His hand rested over her heart, it was beating quickly, but again, he couldn’t be sure if that was out of excitement or fear. 
Cerise was in heaven.  At first she’d been nervous about leaving the light on but Terry obviously didn’t find her ugly.  He liked her body.  He liked her!  She had a boyfriend and he was totally hot and he was totally kissing her naked flesh.  She wanted to laugh she was so overcome by the situation but she shivered instead, as his fingers danced on her skin.  His hand crept down her torso again, and stroked her stomach, pushing her jeans down slightly. 
            Oh god, what if he wanted to go further?!  Did she want to?  She very much wanted him to touch every part of her body, but she was afraid if she took her pants off, he’d want to go all the way.  Cerise wasn’t ready for that; at least she didn’t think so, especially not in Sarah’s room with all the trophies staring at her.  But god, his hands, his fingers, they felt so good on her skin.  And just look at him!  It was like being touched by Apollo.  Either the Greek god or the Battlestar Gallactica character before he became a lawyer and got all annoying.
            Terry kissed and licked her neck and she moaned involuntarily.  She definitely wanted more.  She lowered her hands and unzipped her jeans, then brought her hands back up to his huge, muscular arms.  Terry looked into her eyes and grinned.  His right hand slowly moved down her body, teasing her.  He stroked her stomach and tickled her belly button.  She giggled as he moved his hand down further, sneaking into her underwear.  She turned her head and stared at a Hello Kitty pillow.  Sarah liked Hello Kitty?  Wasn’t Sarah Chinese?  Hello Kitty was Japanese.  Not that her heritage precluded her from liking things from other cultures.  Was Cerise totally racist for thinking all that?  She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of Terry’s finger as it traced her pubic mound and then pushed itself inside her.  She gasped and sighed.  Hello Kitty indeed.
            “Tell me if it hurts,” Terry whispered and she nodded, her eyes still closed.
            He pushed a second finger inside her and she moaned, spreading her legs slightly.  It didn’t hurt at all.  Though she never would have admitted it, this wasn’t the first time a finger had been inside her body.  Of course, up until now it had always been her own fingers.  This was very different.  For one thing Terry’s fingers were a lot bigger and the way he curved them was very, very good.  His digits slowly came out of her and she could feel him rubbing the wetness on his thumb.  The fingers went back inside, while his thumb… holy shit!  His thumb rubbed her clit.  Cerise thought of all the time she had wasted making out with Terry in his stupid living room when they could have been in his bedroom doing this.  He obviously knew what he was doing.  The image of a million different girls who had been in this situation with him before flew through her mind but she pushed them aside, enjoying herself too much to care. 
Her right hand was holding Terry’s arm and she grabbed the Hello Kitty pillow with her left hand, gripping it tightly.  She breathed loudly and arched her back.  Her jeans were in the way and she tossed away the pillow, hurriedly bending her legs and pushing her jeans and underwear up to her knees.  Her hips writhed as he pushed his fingers in and out, shallow and deep, his thumb still circling her clit.  She opened her eyes and saw him staring at her in fascination.  She turned her head and shut her eyes, feeling him lowering his head and kissing her neck.  She moaned as he nibbled, his hand still working.  She could hear herself getting louder and worried that everyone at the party was standing outside the door listening. 
She threw her hand over her mouth and tried to muffle her moans.  She was so loud, for sure everyone downstairs could hear.  They were probably all laughing at her, but so what, this was worth it.  Terry rubbed her clit harder and faster and she nodded and said “yes” from behind her hand, hoping he would continue.  The feeling inside her was strange, like a tightness within her body, a tension that was rising, heat gripping her from her core and seeping out of her limbs.  She kinda felt like she had to pee and she hoped to hell that she wouldn’t.  Her legs stiffened involuntarily and she curled her toes.  It was almost too much to bear. 
The noises that emanated from her throat couldn’t even be called moans anymore, they were more like screams.  Her body erupted with pulsating ripples and tingled with heat.  She clutched at Terry, trying to catch her breath.  Her body quivered and she watched him watching her with interest, a delicate smile on his lips. She smiled back and he pulled his hand out of her, bringing it up to his mouth.  He actually licked his fingers!  Cerise’s eyes widened as he did so and he grinned, apparently pleased with her taste.

Fuck yes!  A 5!  Finally a 5!  Terry inhaled Cerise’s scent and lowered his head to her chest, listening to her heartbeat.  It probably would have been impossible to convince Terry that a more perfect moment could exist.  He wanted to shout or sing or cry.  Cerise was so beautiful and so amazing and she’d clearly loved every moment.  He knew she hadn’t faked it, not only because he’d felt her vaginal muscles contract but also because she would never lie to him.  She was too honest and too good for that.  He’d made her scream!  Awesome!
Terry felt two things simultaneously: the absolute joy of finally having achieved a 5 on his sex scale and the absolute shame that came from cheapening this moment by thinking about his stupid scale.  If Cerise knew about it she would surely dump him.  Any girl would be appalled by his catalogue of sexual experiences but Cerise would be especially offended and he couldn’t blame her.  He knew he was a perverted freak. 
He resolved to delete the files as soon as he got home.  All these years he’d saved Mont Tremblant for the perfect sexual experience but now he knew he could never type those words into his spreadsheet.  To reduce Cerise to the name of a mountain was disgusting and he wouldn’t do it.  She would never have to know what an asshole he’d been because he wasn’t going to be one anymore.  He was going to devote himself to making her happy.
He kissed and licked her breasts and stroked her skin, causing her to shiver.  He kissed her neck and she did the same, grabbing his hair and flicking her tongue over his earlobe.  He pushed his hand under her butt and squeezed her ass as she bit his neck.  She was rubbing his back and then her left hand circled around to his front to rub his crotch.  Terry groaned and rolled onto his back while she shifted onto her side. 

Cerise wanted to return the favour but she was unsure of how to proceed.  She undid Terry’s jeans and stuck her hand into his boxer-briefs.  He was very hard and very warm.  She scooted to a sitting position and pulled her pants back up, trying to get comfortable but also trying to get a better view.  Pulling down Terry’s underwear, she released his penis.  It was strange to finally see one in real life.  She touched it gingerly at first, tracing the veins with her fingers, then gripped it tightly.  She thought he would probably like it if she used her mouth but Cerise didn’t dare.  She stroked him with her left hand and looked at his face.  He was watching her, smiling.  Embarrassed, she looked back at what she was doing, completely unsure of whether or not she was doing it right. 
She should have downloaded an instructional video before getting into this situation.  Was she supposed to go fast or slow, soft or hard?  She wished Terry would help her, tell her if she was messing up, but she also knew that if he said he didn’t like what she was doing she would probably never work up the courage to try again.  She took her best guess and stroked him up and down, rotating her wrist as she went.  As she got more confident, her strokes got stronger and faster.  She sneaked a peak at his face again.  His eyes were half closed and he was slack-jawed.  She could only assume he was enjoying himself.  He groaned slightly and suddenly his penis pulsed, which was kind of cool but then semen shot out in bursts, covering his stomach and Cerise’s hand.  Should she let go?  Keep holding?  For Christ’s sake, what was she supposed to do?!  She gripped him tightly as the semen shot out more slowly and in shorter spurts.  Finally he seemed done and she released her hand, dripping in goop.  Gross!

Cerise looked horrified.  Her hand was covered in his jiz and she didn’t seem to like it.  Terry sat up and reached out for her but she pulled away and stood up.  She looked around frantically and Terry grabbed the Kleenex box next to the bed, pulling out several tissues and handing them to her.  She wiped her hand in disgust while Terry cleaned up his stomach.  Oh shit.  She was totally freaked out.  This wasn’t the first time a girl had been weirded out by a sexual encounter with Terry but it was the first time he really cared.

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