Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Act I

            “So what’d you think, Mr. Weir?  Did it go ok?” asked Sarah.
            They’d had their first dress rehearsal yesterday but Mr. Weir hadn’t really given them any feedback.  He’d saved it for drama class.  He didn’t seem particularly pleased and hadn’t smiled once yet.
            “It was alright,” he sighed.  “No major catastrophes besides a few missed cues.  Aaron.”
            “I know, sorry!” Aaron shrugged sheepishly. 
            All the boys doing scenes with Karine had messed up a few lines but Aaron was the worst offender.  She couldn’t blame them really.  She did look pretty hot in her costume.  Annie had come up with the costume design but it was Karine herself who had chosen to wear a bikini instead of a one piece suit.  She thought it would help her stand out from the rest of the fairies and make it more obvious that she was their queen.
            “Ok, we meet tonight at 6 o’clock,” said Annie.  “Just like yesterday.  A total dress like it’s the real thing.”
            “Our last dress until the real deal on Thursday,” Mr. Weir reminded them.
            “Ok so like, not to beat a dead horse or anything,” said Annie.  “But I just wanted to bring up the ticket issue again.  ‘Cause like, we’ve sold like, barely any so… like yeah.”
            “Did you sell any tickets?” Sarah asked Cerise after class.
            “Just to my family,” she replied as they walked out of the auditorium.
            “Didn’t you sell one to Terry?”
            “Not yet.  You think he’ll wanna come?”
            “Of course, why wouldn’t he?”
            Cerise shrugged.  She wasn’t sure what the status of her relationship with Terry was.  They’d never really discussed it and they hadn’t even hung out alone since the ski trip.  Everyone in school was saying they were boyfriend and girlfriend but Terry had never said it himself and she didn’t want to presume. 
            “Oh my god, you guys!” squealed Steph, joining Cerise and Sarah.
            “Aren’t you guys excited?” asked Mel.
            “Totally!” laughed Sarah as Cerise nodded.
            “I’m going crazy, and I only have one line!  You guys must be going nuts!”
            “I know, totally!”
            “You should wear that costume all the time,” said Andrew as he and Karine walked towards the Green Girls.
            “Shut up.”  Karine rolled her eyes.
            “Oh my god, Karine, you were so good last night!” gushed Steph.
            “I know, totally,” agreed Mel.
            “Thanks,” smiled Karine.
            “Are you freaking out?  We’re totally freaking out.”
            “Not really,” smiled Karine in amusement.  I’ve done this a few times already so it’s like whatever I guess.”
            “Yeah, I guess,” nodded Mel.
            “Totally,” agreed Steph.
            They all walked through the halls together and Terry joined them when they passed the fishbowl.
            “Hey guys,” he said.
            “Hi Terry!”  Mel and Steph squealed with excitement.
            Terry grinned and put his arm around Cerise.  She smiled up at him and they lead the group towards the cafeteria.

            “So I guess we have to retaliate,” said Karl as he ate his chicken fingers.
            “Yeah, we gotta get those bitches back!” agreed Willy.
            “Calm down, wacktard,” said Jay.  “Aren’t we even now?”
            “Even?  We stole a poster and they stuck Vani to the wall.  The war is only escalating,” explained Karl.
            “No way,” scoffed Vani.  “We’re already even.  We made out good in this exchange!”
            “Hey, Hangman!” said a boy walking by.
            “Hey dude!” Vani replied.  “See?  I’m hangman now!  This situation actually improved my social standing!”
            “There was nowhere to go but up,” snickered Karl.
            “So then we’re agreed.  We can stop.  No need for a war,” said Jay.
            “Well I dunno,” frowned Karl.  “Vani’s delusions aside, the ball is still in our court.  If we do nothing it’s like admitting defeat.”
            “Yeah, we have to show those bitches who’s boss,” agreed Willy.
            “Stop calling them bitches, Cerise is our friend,” said Jay in annoyance.
            “Seriously, stop trying to be all gangsta,” said Vani.
            “Cry-boy’s right though,” said Karl.  “We have to one up the girls.”
            “No we don’t!” insisted Jay.  “If we stop now then we can still salvage… you know…”
            “Jay, you lost your chance with Cerise.  She’s gone to the dark side,” Karl said with exasperation.
            “No, she’s still cool with us.  I mean, I’m sure it’s not like on purpose that she doesn’t walk to school with me anymore...”
            “God, you’re retarded,” snickered Vani.  “She’s going out with Terry Trebichavsky again.”
            “What?  Really?”
            “Yeah, duh, everyone knows it!”
            “When… how?”
            “Things happen on ski trips I guess,” shrugged Vani.
            “Yo, Hangman,” said Steven as he passed their table.
            “Hey… Steve,” said Vani.  “Did you see that?”
            “Whoa,” said Willy, stunned.
            “Steven Reid just said hi to me!”
            “Why are you so happy about that?” asked Jay angrily.  “Steven Reid is a piece of shit!”
            “He’s a piece of shit who just said hi to me.”
            “He beat you up like three months ago!”
            “Yeah, isn’t it awesome?!”
            “It is interesting,” nodded Karl.
            “It’s mega,” agreed Willy.
            “Mega mega!” enthused Vani.
            “So is she like, going out with him going out with him, or just like kinda going out with him?” asked Jay.
            “She’s totally going out with him like they’re on the CW or something,” said Vani.
            “Well she’s done it before,” shrugged Jay.  “It doesn’t mean anything.  It’s not like she’s gonna stop hanging out with us.”
            “She’s already stopped hanging out with us,” Karl informed him.
            Jay sighed and looked down at his uneaten chicken fingers.  It was true, Cerise had been totally ignoring him ever since the ski trip.  Just then, as if to drive the point home, she walked into the caf with Terry Trebigrossky’s slimy arm slung over her shoulder.  She was with Andrew Lester and Karine and the Green Girls and they went to sit with Steven Reid and Christina Penna and Erica Mackey.
            Willy laughed.  “See?  She’s totally gone to the dark side.  Stupid ho.”
            “And we have no choice but to retaliate,” said Karl.
            “Ugh!  How does that even happen?” wailed Jay melodramatically.  “She’s with them!  With the evils!  The universe is spiralling into insanity!”
            “Hey, maybe we’re in that alternate dimension where everyone is evil and has a goatee,” suggested Vani.
            “The Mirror Mirror Universe,” nodded Karl.
            “Major Kira was hot in that dimension.  Do you think Cerise is more hot now?  Or just more evil?” wondered Willy.
            “Hmmm, people do inevitably become more hot when they go evil.  She needs more facial hair to really be evil though,” said Vani, stroking his chin.  “As soon as I can I’m totally growing a goatee.”
            “The chicks didn’t have goatees,” scoffed Willy.  “They were hot!  They had mini skirts and crop tops.  It was awesome!”
            “Shut up!  Cerise isn’t evil just because she’s sitting with those jerks.  She’s just… sitting with them,” Jay said sadly.

            “Oh my god, Aaron sucked so bad!” laughed Mel.
            “I know, it was hilarious!” agreed Steph.   “He couldn’t remember his lines at all!”
            “Seriously, he was just like…” Andrew stuck his tongue out and stared bug-eyed at Karine.
            “Oh, like even,” Karine laughed.
            “It’s true, all the guys were totally drooling over you, Karine,” said Sarah.  “I can’t believe your costume is a bikini!”
            “A bikini?” asked Steven.  “In Shakespeare?  That’s weird.”
            “All the fairies wear swim suits.  Don’t think I didn’t notice you two lovely ladies,” Andrew grinned at Mel and Steph.
            They burst into giggles while Erica and Christina scoffed in annoyance.
            “The fairies wear bathing suits?  So fairyland is like, Daytona Beach?” asked Terry in amusement.
            “Yeah,” laughed Cerise.  “Fairyland is all tropical and the normal people are like, here.  Thank god I don’t have to wear a bathing suit!”
            “No shit, we’re all grateful not to be subjected to that no doubt horrendous sight,” snarked Erica.
            Christina and Andrew laughed but no one else did.  Thankfully Cerise didn’t look too embarrassed.  She just rolled her eyes.  Terry placed his hand on the small of her back, rubbing it reassuringly.  She smiled at him and then continued to eat her lunch.   
“So are all you guys gonna come?” asked Sarah.
            Erica smirked.  “Like I don’t have better things to do with my life than waste two hours on a stupid high school play.”
            “Oh yeah, one night of your thrilling life.  How would you survive?” snarked Andrew, causing the Green Girls to spasm with laughter.
            “Well I’m going,” said Terry, glaring at Erica.
            “So you want a ticket?” asked Cerise.
            “Of course.”
            “For which night?”
            “What do you recommend?”
            “I was thinking you guys should come on opening night,” said Karine.
            “That’s cool,” nodded Steven.
            “But then again, maybe you should come on closing night.  Then you could join us for the cast party.   Speaking of which…”
            “They can come to the party anyway,” said Andrew.
            “Like we’d want…” began Erica.
            Terry interrupted her.    “Well how ‘bout I go to opening and closing night?”
            “Really?” said Karine and Cerise in unison.
            “Sure, why not?” he grinned. 
            “That’d be cool,” Cerise smiled happily.
            “Yeah… that would be cool,” nodded Karine.
            The Green Girls agreed with enthusiasm.
“Are you kidding me?” snarled Erica in full bitch mode.  “It’s bad enough to go once!  Who’s gonna wanna suffer through that shit twice?!”
“I’ll go twice,” said Steven.
“Me too,” smiled Christina.
All Erica could do was fume in her seat while Terry, Steven and Chrissy bought multiple tickets.  She finally had to give in and buy some as well.

            It was pretty cool of Terry to offer to come to the play twice and Karine told him so as they stood outside the school smoking.
            “Ehh, I’ve got lots of free time now that the hockey season is over,” he shrugged.
            “Oh, just trying to kill time, eh?” she smirked.
            “Nah man, it should be cool,” he smiled.
            “I’m kinda surprised though, I gotta admit.  I mean I didn’t expect you to like, I dunno, show so much interest,” she smirked.
            “Uh huh,” he smirked back.
            “Sure is fascinating,” she grinned.
            He glared at her and finally rolled his eyes, trying to suppress a smile.
            “So there’s an issue with the cast party ‘cause I can’t have it at my place.”
            “How come?” he asked.
            “My mom’s actually in town.”
            “Hey, that’s great!  She can actually come to the play!”
            Terry smiled down at Karine and she could only shrug in response.  “No actually, she can’t come.”
“Oh, that sucks.”
“I guess she…”
Cherry walked out of the school at that moment and Terry totally cut off Karine mid-sentence to say hi to her.  He flicked his cigarette into the snow and put his arm around her and then said bye to Karine like she was an afterthought, walking away with his little Cherry girlfriend.  What the fucking hell?

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