Friday, March 11, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Act II

            “What the fuck?  She’s getting in his car?” 
Jay stared at Cerise as she stepped into the passenger side of Terry Douchichavksy’s stupid douchemobile.  Damn, Terry Trebihasacarsky was actually holding the door open for her like she was Cinderella or something.  Did he think it was the 1950s?  As if Cerise would go for that kind of wankery.  She kicked her boots together to shake off the snow and then pulled her legs inside the car and the douche closed the door behind her.  It was like he was trapping her inside a prison of skank.  Jay turned back to the guys, scowling in annoyance.  They all seemed amused.
            “Give it up, Jay,” snickered Vani.  “It’s been established, she’s gone darkside.”
            “Yeah, check it, she’s lowering her head,” smirked Willy.  “She’s totally blowing him.”
            “What?!” screamed Jay, practically giving himself whiplash as he turned to look.
            Willy cackled as Terry Trebibarfsky drove away.  Cerise was just fastening her seatbelt, thank god.
            “Get over it, Jay.  She’s gone forever,” insisted Karl.  “Now come on, back on track.  We need ideas.”
            “Ideas for what?”

            “So where do you wanna go?” asked Terry.
            “Well I have to be back at 6, eh?  For the dress rehearsal?  That only gives us three hours.”
            “We can go to my dad’s house.  It should be empty.  This week me and my brothers are officially at my mom’s.”
            It was a big house in Timberlea.  The driveway was long and curved and obviously plowed professionally.  The walkway to the front door consisted of three huge steps leading up to immense double doors.  Cerise was even more impressed when they got inside.  The entryway was enormous, as big as the living room in her house.  She kicked off her wet boots and followed Terry to the massive kitchen.  One of the walls was made entirely of glass; doors overlooking a wide porch leading to the backyard.  They had an underground swimming pool.  Wow.  Clearly Terry’s dad was pretty rich.
All the appliances were stainless steel and the countertops were granite.  Terry searched through the huge fridge and endless array of cupboards and finally suggested Kraft Dinner, admitting he wasn’t much of a cook.
            “That’s fine, I’m easy,” she smiled.
            “No, you’re really not,” he smirked.
            Cerise giggled as he filled a pot with water.  How weird to be at his house.  How weird to be at any boy’s house.  How weird to have a boyfriend and how weird for her boyfriend to be Terry Trebichavsky.  He was her boyfriend, right?  He was making her dinner, which was a totally boyfriendy thing to do, right?  It was so surreal.
            A highly attractive woman with long, flowing blonde hair walked into the kitchen holding an equally attractive and equally blonde toddler in her arms.
            “Oh hi, Terry.  I didn’t know you were here.  Aren’t you at your mom’s this week?”
            “Yeah but it’s kinda crowded there so… I thought you were going to your mommy group thing this aft.”
            “I am, I am, don’t worry,” she smirked.  “Hello, I’m Vicky.”  She shifted the kid onto one hip and extended her hand to Cerise.
            “Hi, I’m Cerise,” Cerise shook her hand.
            “Oh!  So you’re Cerise.  I’ve heard a lot about you.”
            “Really?”  Cerise turned to Terry.  He seemed equally surprised.
            Vicky chuckled slightly.  “From Brittany,” she said, indicating her daughter.  “She’s the only one Terry talks to.”
            Terry actually blushed.  Crazy.  He busied himself with pouring the macaroni into the boiling water.
            “Alright, I’ll be back later.  Your dad is going to be home late tonight,” said Vicky, pulling a juice box out of the fridge and tossing it into the baby bag slung over her shoulder.
            “Yeah, I know,” said Terry.  “See ya later, Britt!”  He leaned over to his little sister and gave her a kiss on the forehead.  She made a cute little kissing noise as he did so and he smiled at her with obvious affection.
            “Nice meeting you, Cerise,” said Vicky as she walked off.
            “You too,” nodded Cerise.  “She seems nice,” she said once the front door was closed.
            “Yeah, Vicky’s cool.  At first I kinda had issues with her ‘cause you know, I was thirteen when my parents split and I was all like, you’re breaking up my parents’ marriage but yeah, she’s cool.  It’s kinda freaky though.  There’s basically the same age difference between me and her and her and my dad.”
            “That’s kinda gross,” said Cerise.
            “I know,” he sighed, stirring the noodles.  “I think my dad’s cheating on her.”
            “Oh.”  She had no idea how to respond to that.
            “Yeah… my dad’s kind of a dick.”  He looked over at her and shrugged apologetically, seemingly ashamed.
            Cerise was flooded with a new understanding.  Suddenly Terry wasn’t just the cool, cute guy from school.  He was a real person with a real… reality.  He had a family and issues and emotions and he was opening up to her.  Treating her like a girlfriend, emphasis on the friend part.  He’d talked to her about himself before but somehow being in his house made Cerise feel like she was sharing in his life rather than just hearing about it.
            “Your little sister’s cute,” she said in an effort to make him feel better.  “She kinda looks a bit like you.”
            Terry smiled widely.  “Yeah, isn’t she awesome?  She’s strong like me too, she’s totally gonna be an athlete.  But she’s smart too.  It’s kinda freaky though.  I mean she’s my sister but she’s so much younger than me.  Fifteen years.  Again, that’s like the age difference between me and Vicky.”
            “I know, eh?  It took me a while to start thinking of Vicky as my step-mom.  Sometimes I still find it weird.  You know?”
            “Yeah god, step-parents.  Weird.  At Christmas I met my mom’s new boyfriend André and like, eww.  I think I’d spontaneously combust if she married him.  God, so gross.”
            Terry laughed as he drained the noodles.  “André, eh?  Is he French?”
            “No, just profoundly damaged.  He’s um… interesting.  You know, if interesting means completely useless.”
            Terry laughed again, stirring in the cheese powder, milk and butter.  How classy of him not to use margarine.  “Yeah my step-dad is also useless.  And he is French!”
            Cerise smirked.  “T’as un problème avec les Francophones, toi?”
            Terry laughed sheepishly.  “No, no, I’ve got nothing against French people!  I’m sure I’d hate Italians if my step-dad was Italian.”
            “You mean you don’t hate Italians?  What’s wrong with you?”
            He laughed boisterously as he scooped the Kraft dinner into bowls. 

            Shauna lay in bed, faking a cold.  Actually, the cold was real but she was exaggerating how debilitating it was.  Any excuse to stay home from school.  Her mother came in to check on her and gave her some chicken noodle soup.  She also made sure to mention that she wasn’t going to indulge Shauna’s laziness any further and she’d be going to school the next day.  So that was that. 

            “What do you wanna watch?” asked Terry as he and Cerise sat down on the couch in the TV room, holding their bowls of KD. 
It was a pretty big couch and Terry waited for her to sit first so he could position himself close to her.  She sat near the middle and he placed himself next to her, taking the remote off the coffee table and switching on the TV.
“Go to Space,” she suggested.  “Stargate: Atlantis is on.”  She looked over at him and smiled sheepishly.  “Or whatever you want.”
“You like this stuff, eh?” he smiled, flipping to the right channel.
“We don’t have to watch it.  I’ve already seen this episode.  Multiple times.”
“No, it’s cool.  So I guess you’re pretty smart, eh?  Being all into this science stuff?”
 “Yeah well, I like, you know, crazy stories in alternate settings.  ‘Cause it’d be cool to like, visit alien planets and stuff.”
“Whatever, I guess that’s dumb,” she took a bite of KD and shrugged.
“No, it’s cool.”  He really meant it and hoped she knew that.  “Tell me why you like it.”
She shrugged and smiled, maybe embarrassed but totally cute.  “I dunno.  I guess I like sci-fi cause they get to do stuff that’s out of the ordinary. I don’t like shows like Law and Order and crap ‘cause that’s just real life.  Just watch the news if you wanna be depressed about how much life sucks.  I like this stuff better ‘cause everyone has something cool about them and they’re not asshole losers like in real life.”
He laughed.  “Yeah plus it’s cool that they have ray-guns and stuff.”
“In Stargate they’re called zat’ni’katels!” she giggled.  “Or zat guns.”

It was freezing and the soccer field was covered in snow but that didn’t stop the rugby team from practicing outdoors.  Steven ran over to Karine, who stood on the sidelines.
“You texted me,” she said.
“Yeah, Greg’s having a party on Friday.  I said we’d go.  That’s cool right?”
“I’m doing the play on Friday,” she said in irritation.  God, how could he forget so easily?
“Oh right.  Sorry.  But I can still go, right?  I mean that’s not opening or closing night.  Right?”
“Yeah,” she sighed heavily.
“Do I really have to go twice?”
“Not if you don’t want to, Steve.  I really don’t give a shit.” 
She glared at him angrily and then stomped through the soccer field, right through the throng of rugby players.  This was a shortcut to the bus stop but she also hoped it would send Steve the right message, that she really didn’t give a shit.  If he didn’t care about her play then why the hell should she care about his stupid activities or his stupid parties or his stupid life?  Stupid ass.

“Ok, wait,” said Terry, placing his empty bowl on the table.  “I thought you said you liked this show ‘cause the characters are cool and not total assholes.  But this McKay dude is a complete dick!”
“Ok, I know it seems like that at first.  And yeah, I mean he is a dick.  But he’s also brilliant and hilarious and once you watch a few episodes he’ll become your favourite character.  He’ll grow on you, trust me.  He becomes awesome.”
“Ok, if you say so,” Terry narrowed his eyes skeptically. 
He picked up their empty bowls and dashed off to the kitchen during a commercial, grabbing a bag of ketchup chips and bringing it back to the couch.
“Oh my god, ketchup is my favourite flavour!” Cerise beamed.
“Mine too!” he chuckled, opening the bag and offering it to Cerise.
She took a few chips and stuffed them into her mouth.  “Oh my god,” she said, staring at Terry.
“You’re McKay.”
“What?” he frowned.
“You’re Rodney McKay.  At first I thought you were a total asshole but then I got to know you and realized you’re awesome.  I mean you’re still a complete dick, but also awesome,” she grinned.
He laughed and took a moment to collect his thoughts.  “Ok wow, that was like a compliment wrapped in an insult!”
“It’s a compliment!  McKay is a jerk but he’s good at what he does.  He’s an endearing jerk.”
“I don’t wanna be McKay!  He’s a total dork!  I wanna be Sheppard or Ronon!”
“Yeah, you’re kinda like Ronon, all brooding and stuff.  I can see it.  But no, you’re McKay.”
“You really think I’m a jerk?” he asked seriously.
She shrugged with exaggeration and smirked, munching on chips.
“You do!  You think I’m a total dick!”
She laughed and shrugged again.
“Why the hell are you going out with me if you think I’m a dick?”  He was laughing but he really wanted to know.
She smiled at him and cocked her head to the side.  “You’re schmarmy.”
“I’m what?”
“It’s a mix of smarm and charm.  It’s the perfect word to describe you.”
“I’m smarmy?”
“Schmarmy,” she corrected.
“So I am a dick,” he pouted, trying to be funny but secretly a bit hurt.
She grinned and bit her lip, which was really sexy.  “Yeah, but you’re my dick,” she whispered, leaning towards him.
Holy shit.  Was that a sexual innuendo?  He felt a rush of heat descend his body, her words affecting him more than he would have expected, because it wasn’t her saying the word dick that he liked, it was her use of the word my.
His arousal intensified as she placed her lips on his.  He eagerly accepted her tongue in his mouth and wrapped his arms around her.  The bag of chips got crushed between them and they chuckled as he grabbed it and tossed it aside.  They continued kissing and he took hold of her hips, lifting her onto his lap.  She straddled him comfortably and pressed her body into his, a sigh escaping her lips as he nuzzled her neck.  In the background he heard McKay prattling on about some nonsense.  He resolved to start watching this show every day so he could understand why Cerise liked this character.  Maybe it would help him be a better boyfriend to her.  It was weird but for the first time in his life he actually liked the idea of being a girl’s boyfriend.

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