Friday, March 4, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Prologue

            “Where’s my antenna?  Where the hell is my antenna, you guys?”
            The costume design for the play was kind of lame.  The fairies all wore bathing suits like they were on spring break or something, plus they all had wings, which basically made sense but they also had antennae, which totally didn’t.
            Today was their first dress rehearsal and the cast was in the dressing room getting ready.  Karine wasn’t yet in costume, as she was frantically searching for her antennae, which had little disco balls on the ends of the stems.           
            “What antenna?” asked Andrew, sauntering over to Karine with a wide grin on his face and the disco antennae on his head.
            “Andrew!” Karine whined as she grabbed the ridiculous prop and stomped off.
            Sarah giggled and turned her attention to Cerise as they sat in front of mirrors and applied their stage makeup.  “So how are things going with you and Terry?”
            “Good I guess,” replied Cerise as she painted her lips pink.
            “You guess?”
            I dunno.  It’s weird.  I guess I’m going out with him but we don’t have the same friends so it’s weird.”
            “Yeah, I guess that’s weird,” nodded Sarah sympathetically.  “You should put on more blush.  You look totally washed out.”
            “Yeah, but isn’t that the point?  We’re supposed to look all drab before we get to fairyland.”
            The humans in the play were all dressed in neutrals.  Sarah and Cerise wore white dresses covered in grey coats.  Their nondescript costumes actually made a pretty effective contrast to the colourful fairies. 
            “Oh yeah, good point.  Do you think I have too much blush on?”
            “Well no, ‘cause you have to look better than me.  You know, ‘cause I’m all jealous of you ‘cause Lysander and Demetrius are in love with you and stuff.”
            “Oh yeah, good point,” smiled Sarah with satisfaction.
            “Do you think I look too drab?” asked Cerise, regarding her pale face.
            “No, you look…appropriately drab.”
            “Thanks I guess,” Cerise smirked.  “God, I’m totally gonna get a rash from this stuff.  I hate makeup.”
            Karine emerged from the washroom in costume and everyone turned towards her.  She wore a floral bikini and a matching sarong and she looked so incredible that she even managed to pull off the wings and glittery antennae. 
            Aaron, grinning wildly in his Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts approached her.  He wore antennae too but for some reason the boy fairies didn’t have to wear wings.
            “Hey Titania, how you doin’?” he said jokingly.
            “Hello Oberon,” she smiled.
            “I think I’m gonna like this fairyland,” smarmed Andrew as he plucked at Karine’s wings. 
            She giggled and playfully pushed him away, going over to a mirror to check her overabundant makeup.
            “Well…” said Cerise.
            “Yeah,” nodded Sarah.
            “Isn’t that costume a bit much for a high school play?”
            “Don’t you mean a bit… not enough?”
            “Seriously, who did the costume design, Joe Francis?”
            “Oh eww, fairies gone wild!” laughed Sarah.
            Annie, the stage manager walked in and ordered everyone to take their places.  Cerise and Sarah went off to stand in the wings while Karine remained behind, smiling at herself in the mirror.

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