Monday, April 4, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Prologue

            “I’m just saying,” huffed Steven.
            “Well whatever ok, you’ve made your point,” said Karine, exhaling cigarette smoke.
            It was a nice day.  The snow was almost all melted and the sun was shining.  Karine let her jacket hang open as she leaned up against the bus shelter.  Steven had met her at the bus stop that morning and refused to let her go to the smoking wall before hashing out his issues.  Apparently he’d gone all day yesterday refusing to call her, waiting for her to call him but she hadn’t.  She’d been pretty hung over on Sunday. 
            “So what?  That’s it?  You’re not even gonna say you’re sorry?”
            “Sorry for what?”
            “For ditching out on me!”
            Karine sighed.  “Come on Steven, it’s not that big of a deal.”
            “It was your play and your cast party!  And you just ditch me there?”
            “Andrew and Terry were there.  It’s not like you didn’t have people to hang out with!”
            “You could have at least told me what you were doing!  I was worried!”
            “Really?”  Karine looked at Steven skeptically.
            “Yes, really!  God!”
            “Ok, well sorry,” Karine shrugged.
            “You know I would’ve come with you if you’d just told me…”
            “It was a chicks only night.”
            Steven sighed heavily and followed Karine to their wall.  Erica snickered as they approached but Karine knew she wouldn’t tell on her.  Neither would Christina.  As bitchy as Erica got and as much sympathy as Chrissy felt for the cuckolded Steven, they would never break the club code.  It was sacred.
            “So did you finally pop Cherry or what?” Andrew asked Terry.  “I know you slept with her in Sarah’s room.”
            “There were four other chicks in the room!” Terry laughed.
            “Oh, so it was an orgy, nice.”
            Erica and the guys laughed.  Karine looked at Chrissy and smiled at her sympathetically.  Chrissy just smoked her cigarette while staring at her feet. 
            Cherry came along and Terry ditched them, joining her as she approached the school.  There was something weird about how he left but Karine couldn’t quite figure it out until she realized that Terry hadn’t flicked away a cigarette because he hadn’t been smoking one.  Odd.  He enveloped his little girlfriend in his arms and kissed her with more passion than she’d ever seen anyone display.  Chrissy’s eyes narrowed and she gripped her cigarette so tightly it disintegrated between her fingers.
            “Careful you don’t swallow her,” Andrew called out.  “She’s the one who’s supposed to do the swallowing!”
            They all laughed heartily even though it wasn’t that great of a joke.  Cherry blushed and looked grossed out.  Terry whispered something to her and ushered her into the school. 
            “Ok, so are we gonna be taking bets at any point as to how long those two are gonna last?” asked Erica.
            “Yeah seriously, it’s already gone on way longer than I would’ve guessed,” agreed Andrew.
            “God whatever,” Karine rolled her eyes.  “Who even gives a shit?”
            “I can think of at least one person,” Erica cocked her head.
            “He just needs to screw her and then he’ll ditch her,” said Andrew.
            “I thought they hooked up at Sarah’s party,” said Steven.  “They went upstairs together.”
            Karine and Chrissy both looked at Steven with interest but Andrew set him straight.
            “Yeah, they went upstairs but he didn’t fuck her.  Trust me, if he’d fucked her he woulda told me.”
            “So what’s taking him so long?” asked Erica.
            “I don’t see what the big deal is,” said Steve.  “Cherry’s nice.  She’s cute.”
            They all stared at Steven like he’d gone mad.  He was always so fucking clueless.   

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