Thursday, June 13, 2013

Season 3 – Episode 13 - Prologue


Cerise’s mother’s hesitated as she gripped the phone.  “I feel so bad doing this,” she sighed.
            “Let’s give her another chance.  I mean, it was an awkward situation and she freaked, but she’s not a bad person.”
            “Oh my god,” scoffed Simone.  “I can’t believe you guys.  You’re way too nice.”
            “Seriously, this is no way to run a business,” agreed Julie.
            They were gathered in the kitchen, discussing the Shauna situation.  Angela had decided she had to let her go, especially since a third employee wasn’t really needed, but now she was having second thoughts.
            “Ok, let’s review,” said Simone with a smirk.  “She shows up late and doesn’t even offer to make up the time and then her lover comes along and they totally make a scene.  Shauna slaps the girl right in front of all your clientele and then she just runs off halfway through her shift?  And she doesn’t even call to apologize or anything?”
            “If it was anyone else I’d fire them on the spot.  But I feel so badly for Shauna.  She’s so troubled,” replied Angela.
            “But she’s a bad worker!” said Julie.
            “Is she really that bad?” asked Cerise.  “She’s good with the inventory.”
            “But terrible with customers,” said Angela, taking a deep breath and dialing the phone. 
            Cerise didn’t want to listen as her mother did the deed and she stepped away but couldn’t make herself leave the room entirely.  She cringed as Angela said she would no longer be able to keep Shauna on at the bookstore, that she was a valued employee but they simply didn’t have the budget to keep on a part-time worker at this time.
            She hung up and looked devastated. Cerise wanted to cry.

            Shauna hung up her phone and looked in the mirror, fighting back tears.  It figured she would get fired.  Obviously this was all punishment for doing sex stuff with a girl.  When she’d finally gone home, her mother had sent her to her room to wait for her father to get home.  When he did, he yelled and screamed and pushed her head into a wall.  Her mother got really upset at that because now there was a huge dent in the wall, with bloodstains and everything. It was just a small wound though, no need to get medical attention, which was too bad.  If she’d gone to the hospital, maybe the staff would have recognized the problem and sent for social services or something.  Or maybe she could have run away to Leanne’s.
            As it was, she was locked in her room now and couldn’t even come out for food.  But it was her own fault.  Doing stuff with Kim was wrong and all this gay bullshit was wrong.  Best to forget about Leanne altogether; she was a bad influence. 

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