Thursday, June 6, 2013

Season 3 – Episode 12 – Act IV

            Shauna walked into Cunningham’s and scanned the room, looking for Leanne.  Instead she saw Cerise, hanging out with about a million people.  Shauna’s phone buzzed and she checked the text.  It was Leanne, telling her to come to the back of the bar.  She made her way through the crowd and joined Leanne and Kim and Brenda.
            “Sorry,” said Leanne.  “I didn’t know Cerise would be here.”
            “It’s ok,” shrugged Shauna.
            “So you doing ok?” asked Kim.
            “Yeah, why?” asked Shauna in confusion.
            “Just, I dunno. With like, home, like your brother and with like, Cherry girl.  It’s a lot.”
            Shauna narrowed her eyes and glared at Leanne.
            “What?  I didn’t tell them anything!  Shauna, you talk about your abusive family in group all the time.”
            That wasn’t true.  She’d only said a few things in group.  Leanne was obviously talking about her behind her back, telling the others that her brother had beat her up and telling them that she loved Cerise, which wasn’t even true!  Shauna wanted to have the courage to tell Leanne off, to bitch her out the way she deserved.  But she said nothing.  After all, Leanne was her only friend.
            “We should leave,” suggested Kim.
            “Why?” asked Brenda.
            “’Cause Shauna doesn’t need to sit here watching her crush all like, I dunno, whatever.  Let’s take off.”
            “Well we could go to Annie’s,” suggested Leanne.
            “No one asked you to come, Leanne,” said Kim with a smirk, grabbing Shauna by the hand and leading her away from the table.
            Shauna followed and looked back at Leanne, who shrugged.  Oh god, was this like some plan to humiliate her?  To pull some prank on her?  No, why would Kim do that?  Leanne would never allow such a thing.  Would she?

            “Come on, let’s go,” said Janice, tugging at Terry’s arm.  “I live super close by.”
            “No thanks,” said Terry, shrugging Janice off.
            “I’m not interested,” he smirked.
            “God, fuck you.  You’re such a dick.”
            “I know,” he smiled.  “And you’ll never get a taste.”
            Janice made a sound of irritation and then walked off, immediately finding some other dude to molest.  Terry sighed, knowing he shouldn’t have been so harsh.  But he just so wasn’t feeling it.  Janice wasn’t hideous or anything but it just wasn’t fun to hook up with someone so easy.  Wow, how far he’d come.  Back in the day he loved hooking up with chicks who threw themselves at him.  Was it a bad thing that he wasn’t into that anymore?  Was it douchey to only want girls who didn’t want him?  Did that make him like, a borderline rapist, or like, Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother?
            Whatever, he was probably overthinking it.  He’d find another girl to hook up with.  One who wasn’t quite as easy as Janice, but still eager.
            “Well that looked like fun,” said Nick with a sideways smile, walking up to Terry with a guy in super tight skinny jeans and an Elmo t-shirt.  He turned to the guy and went on. “That girl was Janice.  She’s like, a total slut, I mean, not in a bad way but she’s been after Terry for like, ever.”
            The guy nodded.
            “Terry, this is Jordan.  Jordan, Terry.”
            “Hey man,” said Terry, extending his hand.  The guy shook it and smiled broadly.
            “So why’d you make out with her if you were just gonna diss her?  Seems kinda mean,” said Nick.
            Terry shrugged.  “I dunno.  I thought about going for it.  I mean why not, right?  But then I was like, fuck, if I’m gonna catch herpes from someone, I want it to really be worth it.”
            They all laughed.
            “Oh, so it’s like that!” said Jordan in a very stereotypically gay way, even snapping his fingers unnecessarily. 
            Terry chastised himself for being judgemental.  After all, why shouldn’t Nick hook up with a super gay guy?  Who else would he hook up with if not a super gay guy?  Was Terry homophobic after all?  Was he only ok with Nick being gay as long as he acted straight?   Whatever, he probably shouldn’t overthink it. 
            They all walked back to their table and Terry grabbed his drink.  Was it his imagination or was it pretty much empty?

            “So where do you wanna go?” asked Kim.
            “Um, I dunno,” replied Shauna nervously as they walked along the road, getting further and further away from Cunningham’s. Shauna looked back with worry.         
            “You don’t wanna go back there, do you?  I mean ‘cause Cherry girl’s there?”
            “God, I don’t even care about her, ok?  I didn’t even know she was gonna be there!”
            “You should just get over her.”
            “I am over her!” Shauna insisted, probably not very convincingly.
            “Ok well, that’s good.  So hey, I live near here.  You wanna go to my place and watch a movie or something?”
            “Um, ok, I guess,” shrugged Shauna. 
Fuck, this better not be a prank.

            Janice pushed away the guy she’d been making out with, no doubt finding him too dull for her taste.  She was about to crawl back up on a speaker when Karine stopped her.
            “Hey, so like, what the fuck?”
            “Huh?  What?” asked Janice.
            “What’s up with you and Terry?” asked Karine, coming off as a bit more bitchy than she’d intended.
            “What do you care?”
            “Um, slut much, Janice?”
            Janice laughed.  “You think you can hurt me with that word, Karine?  You know what kinda shit I’m into so fuck you.”
            “Yeah but, Terry?  And right in front of Cerise?”
            “Fucking hell!  I’m sick of Terise!  They’ve been broken up for like, ever!  Who gives a shit!?”
            “God, you just have no consideration,” said Karine with derision.
            “Oh please.  Jealous much, Karine?  If you wanted him you should have staked your claim ages ago.”
            “God, this isn’t even about me!  It’s just, like, kinda understood that Terry is off limits.  He’s reserved for Cerise.”
            “For all time!?”
            “Pretty much, yeah,” nodded Karine.
            “Yeah right.  I’m sure he’s reserved for her,” Janice paused.  “And not you.”
            “Whatever, Janice.  Stop being such a bitch.”
            “God, fuck you!” Janice exploded.  “Everything is so convenient for you isn’t it?  You’re really happy to be my bitch in arms whenever it suits you but if I do something you don’t like then you go all Nazi on my ass.  Pick a side, Karine.  Pick a side and stick with it.”
            “What? What do sides have to do with anything?”
            “This has everything to do with sides!  This has to do with different types of people!  I’m one type and Cerise and those little prisses are another type.  Which type do you think you are, Karine?”
            “What are you even talking about?” asked Karine.
            “You know what I’m talking about.  And you know who you are too.  I’m just fucking honest about it.  You think you’re so much fucking better than me but you’re full of shit.”
            “Whatever, Janice.”
            “Yeah, whatever.”  And with that Janice got up on the speaker and danced.
            Karine looked over to the table where Cerise sat.  Was Janice right?  Was Karine a hypocrite?  Was she only on Cerise’s side when it suited her?  She supposed she was really on her own side.  If Terry wanted her, certainly she’d be willing to betray Cerise.  Except it wasn’t really a betrayal because she’d known Terry longer than she’d known Cerise.  Whatever, fuck Janice.  She was just bitter because Terry had rejected her.  Stupid slut. 

            Shauna followed Kim into her apartment, which was a small, dingy place in Ste-Anne’s.  It was actually an old house which had been converted into three apartments, one on each floor.  Kim’s place was in the basement and it was muggy and cluttered and smelled of pot, which was fine by Shauna. 
            Kim got them each a beer from the fridge and they sat down on a small sofa that was so low to the ground they sort of collapsed into it rather than sat on it.
            “So you wanna talk about it?” asked Kim.
            “’Bout what?”
            “Your whole thing with what’s her face.”
            “What kind of name is that anyway?” asked Kim with a smirk.
            “I dunno,” shrugged Shauna, drinking her beer.
            “So what’s the deal with you two?  You never dated, right?”
            “No!  God, of course not!”
            Kim snickered.  “’Cause she’s not gay.”
            “Yeah,” agreed Shauna, even though it was probably more than that.
            “’Cause she doesn’t like you,” Kim went on.
            “No one likes me,” said Shauna with a slight chuckle to show she wasn’t self-pitying about it, it was just a fact.
            “Don’t be so insecure,” said Kim.  “I mean, I’d go out with you.”
            Shauna looked at Kim, trying to gauge what she was getting at.  Was this part of the practical joke she was no doubt about to pull?  Make Shauna think someone liked her and then steal all her clothes or something?
            “You know, if you stopped being such a spaz,” Kim went on.
            Shauna laughed.  “Yeah well, no chance of that.”
            Kim laughed too.  Maybe even with Shauna rather than at her.  “You’re such a freak!”
            “Stick with what you know,” Shauna smiled.
            “Or not,” smiled Kim.  “Did you ever think of trying out something you don’t know?”
            “Like what?” asked Shauna, but Kim didn’t respond.  Instead, she put her beer down on the floor and leaned in towards Shauna. 
Shauna leaned back instinctively but Kim persisted and gently took hold of Shauna’s neck.  Then she kissed her.

When Karine rejoined the girls, they all asked what Janice had said.
“Whatever, she’s being all bitchy.  I don’t know what’s up her ass these days.”
“Is she getting together with Terry?” asked Sarah.
“Yeah right, she wishes,” scoffed Terry, joining them with Nick and some guy in tow.
They all laughed except for Cerise, who sort of just stared ahead all depressed and shit.  God, she could be such a killjoy sometimes.
“So this is Jordan, Nick’s new boyfriend,” announced Terry, introducing the skinny boy next to Nick.
“Whoa! We just met!  We’re not like, going out or anything,” said Nick with some discomfort.
“Uh, excuse me?” asked Jordan incredulously.  “I thought you were ready for a commitment!  Don’t fuck with my emotions, you asshole!”
Nick stammered and tried to think of something to say but Jordan burst into laughter and assured Nick he was just fucking with him. 
“I like this guy,” smiled Terry.  “Just so you know, if you wanna get married you have my blessing.”
“Oooh, a summer wedding!” squealed Jordan and they all laughed as Nick squirmed.

Shauna was still fairly sure this was a prank of some sort but she closed her eyes and kissed Kim anyway.  It seemed rude not to and she wasn’t really sure what other option she had.
Kim broke the embrace and looked at Shauna.  Shauna stared back, holding her breath, not sure what would happen next. “You wanna do this?” Kim asked.
Shauna shrugged, not sure what this was and not sure she wanted to do it but unable to make a decision.  Kim apparently interpreted that as a yes and took Shauna’s beer out of her hand, placing it next to her own.  Then she took off her shirt and revealed her naked torso, which was white and creamy and pretty much flat even though she was a girl.  Not wasting any time, Kim unzipped Shauna’s hoodie and Shauna decided to just go ahead and do this.  It might turn out to be a trap or something but it’s not like she had a lot of options.  Might as well take the chance.  And if Leanne was right and she was gay, then this would be a good way to test that theory. 
Shauna’s t-shirt came off next and Kim touched her eagerly, which was weird, having a girl touch her.  It wasn’t that different from having a guy touch her actually.  They kept making out and eventually all their clothes came off.  Kim wasn’t particularly hairy but she didn’t shave her legs or armpits, which was a relief to Shauna since she hadn’t shaved in a million years.  Kim’s private area was neatly trimmed though, and Shauna felt embarrassed of her giant bush.  But Kim didn’t seem to mind and went down on her anyway. 
Oh god, this was so weird.  Kim was flicking her tongue over Shauna’s cunt and it was so weird.  Shauna closed her eyes, not wanting to think about the fact that a girl was between her legs.  Should she imagine a guy down there?  Like who?  Stan or Rob?  Gross, no thanks.  Cerise’s face flashed in her mind and she pushed it away.  She should think about Kim, it was rude not to.  But she didn’t want to think about Kim.  She tried not to think of anyone at all, or anything.  She just concentrated on the feeling.
“It’s ok, Shauna, relax,” said Kim, coming up for air.
Shauna did as she was told and let out her breath.  She relaxed her muscles and decided to just lie there, just let it happen.  She opened her eyes and watched as Kim put her fingers inside her body, which was dripping, seemingly ready for this even though Shauna wasn’t sure about it.  Then Kim kept using her tongue to make her feel good.  And it did feel good.  This is happening, Shauna thought to herself.  And it’s ok. 
Cerise’s face appeared again and Shauna allowed it to linger for a moment.  Then it was over and Shauna let out a gasp.  She felt good but only for a second. Then she felt weird again.    Kim sat up and looked at her.  Oh god, now she had to return the favour, didn’t she?  But she didn’t know how!  And she didn’t want to!  Or did she?  Oh hell, why not?  Before she could talk herself out of it, Shauna pushed Kim back so she was lying down.  Kim took a swig of beer and put her arms behind her head like she was sun tanning on a beach. 
Shauna took a deep breath and crouched down to the target zone.  It was actually kind of pretty.  Not hideous like Shauna’s vagina, which she’d looked at in a hand mirror before.  It was pink and smooth and it didn’t smell bad or anything.  Shauna got closer and took a whiff.  It actually kind of smelled good, in a raunchy kind of way.  Tentatively, Shauna touched it with her fingers.  So far so good.  She slowly pushed a finger inside and it slipped in without effort; Kim was pretty wet.  Ok, this was the moment of truth.  She could do it, she could!
Shauna put her face into Kim’s pussy and stuck out her tongue.  Kim giggled and Shauna stopped, looking up with trepidation.  Kim smiled and told her to keep going, so Shauna did.  She even sort of got into it.  It was weird but it didn’t taste bad, like she’d assumed it would.  Kim was dripping onto her fingers and Shauna licked it up, knowing it was gross but doing it anyway.   
“Here,” said Kim, touching herself, indicating where Shauna should go. 
Shauna obeyed and Kim told her to go faster, so she did.  Eventually Kim came and Shauna sat up, wiping her mouth.  Kim kept drinking her beer so Shauna did the same.  Then Kim pulled a blanket off of a nearby chair and draped it over them, turning on the TV.  When they were done with their drinks, Kim took a book off the floor and opened it to reveal a hidden compartment where she had a stash of pot.  She expertly rolled up a joint and they shared it  while watching a show about clones.
Not the worst night of Shauna’s life.  Hell, maybe even the best.

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