Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Season 2 – Episode 13 - Prologue

            Cerise was woken up by a loud knock at the door.  A pounding really.  She was about to yell at Julie or Simone to leave her the hell alone but then realized she was in Terry’s room at Vicky’s place. 
            Brittany’s voice rang out, yelling for Terry to come play with her.  He groaned in irritation, wiping his eyes groggily.  They both reached for their phones to check the time. God, it was only 7 am!  This was total bullshit! 
            But they couldn’t disappoint the little princess so they got up and hurriedly put on some clothes.  Thank god Vicky had allowed Terry to put a lock on his door or else Brittany would have definitely barged in and seen them naked. 
            “You always sleeping,” whined Britt when they joined her and Vicky at the breakfast table, or breakfast counter actually.
            Terry poured them each a bowl of cereal as Brittany tugged at his leg.  He picked her up and hugged her and she actually stuck her tongue out at Cerise as she clung to his neck.  God, what a little brat!
            Now that school was more or less over she had been sleeping over at Terry’s fairly often and each time she questioned the sanity of that decision.  Why didn’t Terry stay at her place?  Sure, Julie was annoying but not nearly as grating as Brittany and her
constant need for attention. 
            Terry grunted as he put the little monster down.  “Oof!  You’re getting so big!  I can barely lift you anymore!”
            “I’m still smaller dan you!” she shrieked.
            “That’s true,” Terry chuckled.
            “My brother da biggest boy in the world!” she boasted proudly.  “You beat up all da boys!”
            “I don’t beat anyone up!” he said in shock.
            “You fight in hockey,” Britt replied in confusion.
            “She’s got you there,” Vicky smiled as Cerise said that the kid had a point. 
            “Well fighting is bad, even in hockey it’s bad and you shouldn’t do it… and stuff,” Terry trailed off as he stuffed a huge spoonful of cereal into his mouth.
            “Mommy say you bwing me to park today!” Britt shrieked as she swung around a little plastic shovel and pail.
            “Yeah but not ‘till this afternoon.  First I have to go to school.”
            “But you say school over!”
            “Classes are over.  But we still have exams,” he explained.
            “What’s a exam?”
            “It’s where you write stuff down to prove you learned stuff at school.”
            “And then we go to park, wight?”
            “Right,” he nodded.
            “PARK!” she hollered, running around the room in a frenzy.
            Vicky and Terry chuckled like it was the cutest thing ever and Cerise smiled out of politeness as she restrained herself from throwing the little demon spawn off the balcony.  

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