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Season 2 – Episode 13 – Act II

            Terry had told Cerise that she didn’t have to come to the park with him and Britt but she’d come anyway, which Terry appreciated even though it kinda made things more difficult.  Brittany really didn’t seem to like Cerise very much.  It was probably a jealousy thing.  She didn’t like anyone taking Terry’s attention away from her.  Terry loved his little sister more than anything in the world but she was seriously tiring him out. 
            Vicky wasn’t being too bad about it.  Terry only had to watch Britt once or twice a week but still.  How could a three-year-old suck so much energy out of everyone around her?  He and Cerise had run around with her at the park, building sand castles and playing on the jungle gym for what seemed like days.  In reality it had only been about an hour but he was seriously exhausted when they were done.  It was kind of crazy, seeing as how he could skate for hours and not get tired yet this little kid was almost too much for him to handle. 
            When they finally got back home all he wanted to do was take a nap but they had to get ready to go out.  They were gonna meet the gang for dinner and then go bar hopping. 
            “Oh my god,” said Cerise, flopping down on Terry’s bed.  “How do you have the energy to deal with her?  I mean no offense but she is seriously intense.”
            “I know.”  Terry lay next to Cerise and she curled up into him.  “It’s probably karma.  Apparently I was a real handful when I was a kid.  My mom - my fake mom - she always tells this story about how one time she brought me to a fair or something up north and they had a corn maze and I like refused to leave.  I like had to solve the maze and then when I finally did my mom was like, ok, time to go and I ran back to the start of the maze and started all over again and my mom was yelling for me but I was hiding from her and stuff.  And she was all embarrassed ‘cause she was yelling at the top of her lungs and everyone was looking at her and I’m just laughing my ass off running around like an asshole.”
            “Yeah, sounds like you,” Cerise giggled.
            He jokingly told her to shut up and they started making out, only to be interrupted by Britt again.  She jumped on the bed and actually kicked Cerise in the head.
            “Brittany!” Terry yelled and grabbed Britt, picking her up and putting her down on the floor.  “We do not kick people!  Apologize to Cerise right now!”
            Britt completely lost her shit and started wailing like a banshee.  Terry knew he should do the super nanny thing and put her in a time-out and do all that shit but he just didn’t have the energy right now.  This was Vicky’s problem.  Terry pushed Britt outside his room and locked the door.  He heard her pounding on the door and crying about how it was really her room and he was a big meanie but he just ignored her and changed his clothes.  He’d wanted to take a shower before they left, but screw that, they needed to leave as soon as possible.  Cerise sat on the bed waiting for him to be done and then they walked out together.
            “What happened?” asked Vicky as she walked in the door.
            “She hit Cerise,” said Terry with a shrug.  “Anyway we gotta go, we’re gonna be late.”
            And without another word they were gone. 
            “I feel bad,” he admitted as they walked to the metro.  He didn’t want to drive tonight ‘cause he wanted to be able to drink.
            “You did the right thing,” Cerise assured him, taking hold of his thumb.  His hand was so big and hers so small that they didn’t really hold hands like regular people.  Instead she wrapped her fingers around his thumb.  It was the cutest thing ever.
            “Do you completely hate her?” he asked.
            Cerise stopped walking and looked like a deer caught in headlights.
            “You do, don’t you?  I’m sure it’s just a phase.  She was adorable when she was a baby.  I’m sure she’ll get cute again once she stops being such a shit.”
            “I don’t hate her.  I mean she’s just a kid.  I admit she’s not my favourite person to hang out with but I understand that she’s a part of your life.  And like you say, she’ll grow out of it.”
            “Anyway, let’s not think about family shit tonight.  Let’s just have fun.”
            “Totally,” agreed Cerise, squeezing Terry’s thumb.
            They got to the restaurant before anyone else and stood outside making out while they waited for the others.
            “PDAs are like so not cool,” Karine coughed in their ears.
            They broke apart and laughed.  “Looking hot, babe,” Terry said to Karine.
            “Merci, merci,” she smiled, thrusting out her hip and tossing her hair back.
            He knew Cerise would never go for it and Karine wouldn’t either but that didn’t stop Terry from once again fantasizing about a threesome with them.  He was at least allowed to dream.

            Probably for the first time ever Cerise was having a good time at a bar.  They were at Sharks pool bar and it also had a bowling alley.  They played a game, all acting like they were doing it ironically even though they were all enjoying it for real.  Then they went to play pool, which wasn’t really Cerise’s thing but they were such a large group that there was always someone to hang out with even when Terry was playing a round with Karine. 
            “Wanna play?” Tom asked her, holding up two pool cues.
            “Ok, but I suck really bad.”
            “I suck too, it’s ok.”
            It was pretty fun, but mostly because Tom did indeed suck at pool just as badly as she did.  Eventually they started blatantly cheating, nudging the balls in increments rather than the proper way.  It was pretty funny.
            “Did you get my email of those songs?” she asked.
            “Yeah, they’re good stuff.  But we should get together so I can figure out what the tunes’ meant to be and stuff.”
            “Well I just write them as poems.  I don’t know anything about music.”
            “Which is why I’ll have to alter them.  All the more reason we should sit down and go over them.”
            “Yeah, sounds good,” she nodded as she used the wide part of her cue to whack a ball into a pocket.
            “So when do you wanna get together?  Tomorrow good?”
            “Yeah, sure.”
            “Ok, what time?  Where do you wanna meet?”
            “I dunno.”
            “Ok, how ‘bout my place… or well actually we could…”
            “You know what?  We should go to that bakery in Beaurepaire village where everyone is apparently gonna be working.  Homebaked Bread or whatever.  We can meet there for lunch, like at noon.”
            “Oh, ok.  Yeah, ok.”
            “Cool.  I win!” she laughed as she picked up the 8 ball and dropped it in a pocket.  Then she ran up to Terry to announce her mastery of the game and he kissed her.
            “You guys, seriously!” whined Karine.
            “What?” asked Terry with a grin.
            “Enough slobbering all over each other.  It’s making everyone puke.”
            “No one seems to mind but you,” said Terry, smiling widely.
            “Whatever,” Karine said snottily, pushing her pool cue into Cerise’s hand and sauntering off.

            “Bug up your ass?” Sarah asked Karine.
            “Those two are so gross.”
            “They’re in love, it’s nice.  Why are you so bitter about it?”
            Karine really didn’t have the energy to get into this conversation so she decided to change the subject.  “Speaking of love, you gonna go out with that Nick guy?  You two were practically inseparable at my party.”
            “Like even.  He’s way not into me.”
            “Sure he is.”
            “I don’t think so.  Doesn’t matter if he is though, I’m not into him.”
            “Why not?  He’s way hot.”
            “I’ve decided I’m not gonna date athletes.  Especially not hockey players.  The sport is just so violent.  I mean you’ve seen how often Terry gets hurt.  It’s insane!  I’d rather be with an intellectual.”
            “Yeah, but sometimes opposites attract,” shrugged Karine.  “I mean Karl is an intellectual and we all know how well that worked out.”
            “Karl isn’t an intellectual, he’s a fucking android.  But I see your point.  And Nick certainly isn’t dumb.  We’ve actually had some good convos.  But still, I’m just not feeling a vibe with him.  You on the other hand were pretty obviously flirting with that other hockey guy.  I don’t know his name, like Townie or something?”
            “Mike Townsend,” giggled Karine.  “Yeah, he’s cute, eh?  You can totally tell he’s a player so I’m not sure he’s boyfriend material but he could be good for a laugh.”
            “Yeah, totally, go for it,” nodded Sarah.
            “Well he’s asked me out.  I haven’t responded yet though.”
            “Why the hesitation?  Trying to be all mysterious or whatever?”
            “No, I’m just not sure if I’m into him.”  In truth she wasn’t sure if she was into anybody.  But it was definitely about time she got back on the horse and Terry obviously wasn’t going to be her steed.  And maybe this Mike guy wasn’t so bad; he was Terry’s friend after all.
            “Well you might as well give him a try,” shrugged Sarah.  “Unless there’s some other prospect I don’t know about.”
            She hadn’t said it with any particular tone but Karine still felt like Sarah was being bitchy, like saying she was a loser ‘cause she didn’t have a boyfriend or something.  Or maybe she was poking the Terry wound, rubbing in how happy Terry was with Cerise and how Karine would never get with him ‘cause she was such a piece of shit.
            “Well what about you?” she shot back.  “Any prospects?”
            “Sadly no,” Sarah sighed.  “Jay is obviously into Cassie now and yeah, no, there’s no one.  I guess I need to get out there.  I guess I need to like, flirt with guys or whatever.  I don’t know if I’m any good at that though.  How do you do it?”
            “Just be like really overt.  Of course, that’s more for hooking up.  If you want an actually boyfriend, I dunno.  All guys suck.”
            “Yeah, guys totally suck.  Fuck, look at him.”
            “So um, Cassie…” Jay stammered.  “What’s um, up?”
            “Nothing,” she giggled.
            “Do you need a lift home?  I mean not right now.  Like later.  Like when we finally decide to leave, we could leave together, or whatever.  ‘Cause like I got my mom’s car.  ‘Cause like I thought Karl was gonna drive ‘cause like he never drinks but he couldn’t get his ‘rents car so I got my ‘rents car, ‘cause I don’t have my own car, I guess I should get one.  But yeah so like I drove.  I dunno if you took the bus or what.  But I could totally take you home.”
            “Yeah, that’d be cool.  I came with Sarah and Karine by bus.  I bet they’d appreciate a lift home too.”
            “Oh, right…”  God, this was so difficult.  Was she seriously not getting the hint?  Would he be expected to drive everybody home?  They wouldn’t even all fit.  How was he supposed to hook up with Cassie if they were never alone?  “So, listen…”
            “Are we… I mean do you wanna…”
            “Yeah.  I do.”
            “Um, do you even know what I was gonna say?”
            She shrugged and giggled.  “Doesn’t matter.  Whatever it is I wanna do it.”
            “Ok, cool,” he laughed.  “So drinking the blood of the innocent is on!”
            “For sure!”
            They laughed and high-fived.  So, did this mean they were going out? 

            Terry pushed his keys into the door very carefully, trying not to make a sound.  If they woke up Britt it would be total chaos.  He fumbled a bit and Cerise took the keys, expertly turning the lock.
            “What’s the matter with you?” she whispered.  “Are you drunk?”
            “No,” he hissed.
            “Then how come you reek of beer?”
            They crept into his bedroom and after she’d put on one of his t-shirts Cerise tiptoed into the bathroom.  He wondered if it would be too obvious if he made himself a cup of coffee.  He wasn’t really that drunk, he’d still totally be able to get it up but Cerise might still reject him just on principle.  Which might be ok, ‘cause he was pretty tired.  Maybe he didn’t even want to get busy tonight.  Well, that did it.  Just thinking about the possibility got his dick hard.  He’d better brush his teeth so she wouldn’t be grossed out by his breath.

            Willy and his fat ass sat in the passenger seat and the backseat was crammed with Karl, Vani, Karine, Sarah and Cassie.  Karl and Sarah mapped out a route for Jay so he could drop everyone off in the most efficient way possible but it involved dropping Cassie off first so Jay deliberately missed the exit and acted like it was an accident when Karl and Sarah started flipping out.
            “Oh well, it’s ok, I’ll just turn back after I’ve dropped Willy and then I’ll circle back to Pointe-Claire.”
            “That makes no sense, you noob,” snarked Karl.  “Just get off at St-John’s and we can circle around now.”
            “Jesus Jay, you missed it again!” Sarah screamed.  “The GPS is freaking out, what’s wrong with you?”
            “You guys really need a decoder ring for this shit?” snorted Willy.  “He obviously wants to drop off Cavity last ‘cause he’s trying to get in her pants.”
            “Oh, sorry,” said Sarah.  “You could’ve just said so.”
            “Oooohhhh! Jay-bird and Cavity, sitting in a tree, licking each other’s genitals…ee,” chanted Vani.
            “Oh my god, be more immature, you losers,” snapped Cassie.  “Yeah, Jay and me are going out now.  Can you handle it?”
            So it was official then.  Jay was relieved she’d said it out loud first.
            Karine chuckled.  “The question is can you handle it, Cass?  ‘Cause I think these dudes are a package deal.  Better get used to all this jackassery now.”
            “Yeah no shit,” agreed Sarah.  “They’re your problem now.”
            “Have fun!” sang Karine and Sarah tittered along with her.
            “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I know how to handle these losers,” said Cassie. 
            There was a thumping sound after that so presumably she’d hit Vani or something because he squealed like a girl and she snickered.  The drive seemed to take forever but he finally managed to drop everyone off and then get to Cassie’s house, where they sat in the car staring at each other.
            “Well so this is me,” she smiled.  “Thanks for the lift.”
            “Anytime,” he smiled back.  Was he supposed to kiss her?  He was supposed to kiss her, wasn’t he?
            They stared at each other as he tried to work up the nerve and finally she leaned over to him and his lips met hers.  He kissed her eagerly, pushing his tongue into her mouth and taking her tiny little head into his hands.
            She pulled away and wiped her mouth.  “Ok, well, later then.”  Had he been too drooly?  She didn’t look too impressed. 
            “Ok, later.”
            “Text me when you get home.”  She bounded out of the car and was inside her house in an instant. 
            Great, he had to text her now?  What the fuck?  Being a boyfriend was so much work!

            Cerise was completely wired.  It was almost 2am but she must have gotten a second wind because she didn’t feel like sleeping at all.  She hoped Terry felt like talking.  He came back from the bathroom and snuggled into bed with her, turning off the light.
            “You sleepy?” she whispered.
            “Kinda,” he whispered back.  “But not too sleepy.”  He nuzzled her neck.
            “You wanna go to that bakery tomorrow?  Didn’t Vani say he’d get you a job there?”
            “Yeah, totally.”
            “I’m meeting Tom there tomorrow so we can write some songs.”
            “You’re still seeing that guy?”
            Was it her imagination or was there an edge to his voice?  “What’s the matter?  You jealous?” she teased.
            “No, but he still likes you.”
            “So what?  If we weren’t allowed to hang out with people who like us then you wouldn’t be able to hang out with any girls ever.”
            “Yeah, I’m pretty irresistible,” he whisper-chuckled.
            “Does it seriously bug you that I still hang out with Tom?”
            “No, I guess I just wonder why you ever went out with him in the first place.”
            “I guess I was trying to get over you.”
            “Is that why you uh, slept with him?”
            She considered the question and didn’t answer for a second.
            “Cerise?” he asked with concern.
            “Yeah, I dunno.  It’s just something that happened.  I didn’t put a lot of thought into it.  Are you still upset about it?”
            “No, I guess I just wanna understand.”
            “Understand what?” 
            “Why him and not me?”
            “Didn’t we already discuss this?” she asked with a heavy sigh.
            “Yeah, but we were all pissed and shit.”
            “So I was still telling the truth.  I felt intimidated by your experience.  I wanted my first time to be with someone who wouldn’t judge me.”
            “I would never…”
            “Shh, I know, it wasn’t rational.  It’s just that’s how I felt, ok?  I didn’t care about Tom’s opinion so it was easy to do it with him.  With you I really cared so it scared me.”
            “But now you’re not scared anymore?”
            “Well, I guess once I did it I realized it wasn’t that big of a deal.  Like it wasn’t actually anything more than what we’d already done.  So I got over it.”
            “That’s good.”
            “I’m so pissed Karine told you.  If I’d known she was gonna tweet about it I wouldn’t have confided in her.”
            “I don’t think she told the whole world, she just told me ‘cause we’re so close.”
            “Yeah I guess her loyalty will always be to you over me.  So were you totally angry when you found out?”
            “I was hurt.  And I guess I found it weird.  ‘Cause like, not to be like all conceited or whatever but Tom?  I mean he looks like a Ferengi.”
            Cerise erupted into laughter and buried her face in Terry’s chest to muffle the sound.  She could feel him shaking as he suppressed his own laughter.  “Do you even know what a Ferengi is?” she finally asked.
            “Yeah, they’re those uggos from Star Trek.  The ones with the ears.  Tom’s ears totally stick out.”
            “Yeah I guess so,” she giggled.  “So I guess that makes you a Klingon?”
            “You saying I have a big forehead?”  His hand shot up to his head. 
            “No, it’s just ‘cause you’re all into hitting shit.”
            “Why does everyone keep saying that?  I hardly ever hit stuff.”
            “No, you know what, you’re not Klingon.  You’re Jem-Hadar.”
            “Jem and the Holograms?”
            “Jem-Hadar!” she giggled.  “And I’m Ketracel White.”
            “I don’t know what that is.”
            “It’s probably best that you don’t.” she giggled at her own joke.  “You know I only did it with Tom once.”
            “Oh yeah?”
            “Were you with anyone while we were apart?”
            “How many?” she asked.
            “Um, two I think.”
            “You think?”
            “There was some girl I picked up at Clyde’s and then that chick at Newtown when Nick and I went downtown.”
            Seriously?  Cerise didn’t want to be angry, she knew he had every right to do whatever and whomever he wanted while they were apart but she felt heat rise in her chest anyway.
            “You pissed?” he asked.
            “No, I guess I’m just like, annoyed ‘cause like, how am I supposed to catch up to your level of experience if you keep having sex with random people each time I have sex with a random person?”
            His shoulders shook with silent laughter.  “Seriously?  You wanna catch up with me?”
            “Well I know I can’t because you’ve bedded more people than the combined cast of Jersey Shore but still.  That’s one of the reasons it’s weird to be with you.  You’re so much more experienced than me.”
            “Ok, well I have the perfect solution.  How ‘bout we have an orgy and that way you can have sex with like a dozen people but I’ll just watch.”
            “Oh gross, shut up!” she snickered and he shushed her playfully. “Wait, is that like a thing you’d actually be into?  Watching me with other people?”
            “Well sure, as long as they’re all chicks.”
            “You’re such a loser!” 
She placed a pillow over his head and pressed her body down on it as they both tried to stifle their laughter.  He wriggled free and turned her over, covering her with kisses.  It was past 3am when they finally went to sleep.

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