Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Season 2 – Episode 12 – Prologue

Terry and Cerise sat on the couch in the den, with only the lamplight outside casting hazy shadows in the dark room.  For sure they’d be getting back together now, right?  It seemed weird to ask.  Terry wanted to kiss her or something but felt nervous about it.  Fortunately she made the first move and reached up to stroke his neck.  He leaned down and kissed her.
            She tasted like toothpaste and smelled like fruit.  It was a bit difficult to touch her with his hands all taped up but he managed to push them under her flannel pajama top and his fingers danced up her spine.  Her hands ran down his chest and into his boxers.  Nice.
            She completely took the lead, pushing him down and then pulling off his boxers.  She took off her pajama pants but left her top on and straddled him.  Was this seriously happening?  He knew it had been the right decision to move in with Cerise!

            Cerise had no idea what she was doing.  Or rather, she knew what she wanted to do but not really how to go about it.  Was it completely slutty to just push him down like that and take off his shorts so unceremoniously?  This situation wasn’t exactly romantic but with her mom and sisters upstairs they couldn’t exactly take their time. 
            She tried to wiggled him into her but it didn’t work so she took his penis by the hand to guide him in.  Still didn’t work.  What was she supposed to do?  He probably thought she was a complete idiot!  But she’d only ever done this once before and didn’t really know if there was a specific technique she was supposed to use.
            “Just, maybe, spit on it a bit,” Terry suggested gently.
            Feeling embarrassed but determined she got off of him and knelt on the floor, taking him into her mouth just long enough to get him lubricated.  Then she got back on top and he slid inside easily.  Ok, wow, that kind of, well, not hurt exactly, but it wasn’t really the most pleasant thing either.  She gasped and shifted, trying to make it more comfortable.  Terry held her hips as best he could with his oven-mitt paws.
            He moved his hips and thrust into her gently and she moved around until it started to feel good.  Soon enough they found a rhythm and it was actually pretty fun.  She’d mostly kept her eyes closed up to now but she opened them and looked down, finding him staring up at her with a goofy smile on his face.
            She giggled and he asked what was funny.
            “I dunno, this is just like, weird I guess.”
            “It’s not weird, it’s awesome,” he said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her down into an embrace.  They kissed and he nibbled her neck.  Wow, that felt good.  She licked behind his ear and he held her tight.  “Shit, I almost came right there,” he whispered.
            “I want you to come!”
            “Not yet,” he chuckled.
            They stopped suddenly when they heard a creaking sound coming from upstairs.  Frozen in place they both cocked their heads sideways.  Nothing happened and they giggled softly and kept going.
She straightened up and he went in deep.  She gasped and clutched at his shirt, pulling it off and tossing it aside.  She scratched his chest and he squeezed her butt with his swollen fingers.  Finally he came; she could tell because she actually felt him pulsing inside her. 
            “We didn’t use a condom,” he whispered.
            “I’m on the pill, remember?”
            “Right,” he nodded.  “Um, is there Kleenex, or, can you reach my shirt?”
            Staying on top of him she leaned to the side and reached for the shirt.  He held on to her legs and they both giggled as she wobbled around.  She gave him the shirt and he stuck it under her as she pulled away.  She felt the goop pour out of her and onto him.  Gross. 
            “Ok, well, I’d better go,” she said.
            “But you didn’t… you know, finish.  I can finger you or something,” he offered.
            “No, I gotta go.”  She wiped up a bit with his now yucky t-shirt and then pulled her pants back on.  Leaning down to give him one last kiss she whispered into his ear.  “I love you.”
            “I love you too,” he grinned, pulling her into a tight hug.
            She giggled and wiggled loose, skipping back upstairs to pee and clean herself up some more.  When she got back to bed she smiled to herself, happy because she felt like this was her real first time and that incident with Tom didn’t really count.  Now she was like the other girls in school, sexually active with her boyfriend and not weirded out by it.  They were back together, right?  They hadn’t discussed it, but it was obvious, right?  She hoped Terry hadn’t interpreted this sexcapade as like, reinforcement for his bad behaviour.  She didn’t want him to think it was ok for him to beat people up all the time.  It was bad enough he did it in hockey, he shouldn’t do it in real life too. 
            Oh gross, she was totally leaking.  She could feel the semen oozing out of her.  Hadn’t she cleaned it all out?  How long was this gonna last?  So nasty.  No wonder people used condoms.  Or maybe next time she could ask him to pull out.  Next time!  Oh my god, she’d totally just had sex!!!

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