Friday, April 22, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Act IV

Jay and Cerise walked to school together.  It wasn’t as warm as yesterday; it was really windy.  Cerise kept her face buried in the collar of her jacket and never once looked up at Jay.  When they got to school she started walking towards her stupid boyfriend who was with Karine.  The way Karine worked her cigarettes was so hot.  Jay was totally against smoking but he’d let her blow smoke in his face if that was what she was into.
Jay started walking into the school but Cerise stopped him.
“Wait, Jay.  Come on, join us.”
Us who?  Terry Trebislimy?  Gross.  “No thanks,” he frowned.
“Come on,” Cerise went on.  “I want you guys to be friends.  Besides, it’s a chance to bask in Karine’s presence.”
“Shut up,” said Jay.  She was right though.  This was a unique opportunity to hang out with Karine without anyone else around.  Usually she was with Erica Mackey or her jockstrap boyfriend. 
Terry Dickichavsky put his slimy arm around Cerise when she joined him.
“That was pretty classic what you said to Erica the other day,” he smarmed.
Cerise grinned.  “Well she started it.”
“And you finished it.  I’ve never seen anyone give her shit like that.”
“Except you, eh Terry?” said Karine.
“She fucking deserves it every time,” he said.
“Yeah, I gotta admit it was pretty cool.  It takes guts to take on Erica,” said Karine, tossing away the butt of her cigarette.
Jay was half tempted to pick up the butt and lick it.  Her scent would still be on it.
         There was an awkward pause as they all stared at Jay like he had no right to be there.  He had to say something.
“Yeah, I heard you were all like, you fat, you ugly.  And Erica was all, doy.  And you were all, talk to the hand, bitch.  And she was all, duh.  And you were all, and you shop at Village des Valeurs, pow!”
Karine laughed and even Terry Droolypuppy chuckled. 
“Yeah that pretty much sums it up,” Karine giggled.  “Erica is totally begging for a serious bitch slapping.”
“I’m glad we can all agree,” grinned Cerise.
“And everything you said about her is totally true,” said Karine.
“Did you tell her she smells like highlighters?” asked Jay.  “’Cause I don’t know what kind of perfume she uses but it’s kinda rank.”
Karine burst into laughter.  “Oh my god!  She does kinda smell like highlighters.  I think it’s all the product she uses for her hair.”
“It looks like an oil slick,” snarked Cerise.
“I know, it really does,” nodded Karine.
“Fuck it’s windy,” whined Terry Bigbabyscaredofwindychavsky.  “You wanna go in?”
Cerise nodded and walked into the school with the lumbering jackass.  Jay watched Karine as she lit up another cigarette and placed her lips around it sensually.  Her lips were so full, so red.  He couldn’t help imagining them curled around his penis.
“Ahh, ain’t love grand?” she smiled.
What?  How the hell did she know he was in love with her… oh, she was talking about Cerise and assface.
“You think they’re in love?” he asked, not bothering to hide his disgust.
She chuckled.  “No.  Why, do you?”
“No.  Do you?”
“I already said no,” she said, looking bored and irritated.
“Oh, right.  Sorry.”
“But I do think he really digs her.  He really, actually does.”
“Yeah, it’s kinda weird.  He doesn’t usually… I mean, I’ve never seen him like this before.  I mean he bought her candy from the States and the shipping fees were retarded.  He’s like totally into her.”
“I thought he was just…”
“What?  Using her?”
“Yeah,” Jay admitted.
“Yeah, me too.  I mean we all did.  But I don’t think so anymore.  I mean, why else would he bother?  I mean, no offence but she’s not exactly… um, super cool.  He could have anyone but he wants her.  He obviously really likes her.”
“Yeah, I guess that makes sense.”
“Yeah, so does she like him that much too?”
“I guess so,” Jay shrugged, allowing himself to examine Karine’s lips again.
“Right.  I mean, who wouldn’t?”
“Yeah, who wouldn’t?” Jay drawled sarcastically.
Karine laughed and her mouth opened wide.  So wide.  “Oh come on, Jay.  He’s not so bad.  I mean, I know we haven’t always been so cool with you guys but… get over it.  You gotta pull that stick out of your ass.”
Holy shit! She knew his name!  How awesome was that?  “I don’t have a stick up my ass.”
“You sure?” she giggled and grabbed Jay’s arm, twisting him around.  She looked at his butt.
Jay squirmed in embarrassment, his face hot and probably bright red.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” she giggled.  “Maybe one day I’ll take a closer look.  Just to be sure.”
She tossed away her cigarette and winked at Jay before walking away.  Jay stared after her.  Holy fucking holy shitting holy hell!  Karine Cavalière knew his name and she just winked at him.  This was the best day of Jay’s life.   

Cerise and Terry entered homeroom and sat at Terry’s desk, with Cerise in his lap.  They kissed and Terry asked her to come over after school that night.
“What if we went out instead?”
“You don’t wanna stay in?” asked Terry.  “It’s fun to stay in…” he trailed off, nibbling her neck.
Each time new classmates walked in they stared at Terry and Cerise before taking their seats.
Cerise giggled.  “Yeah, but I was thinking maybe we could meet up with my friends and do stuff.”
“God, don’t look so horrified,” she snarked.
“Sorry,” he frowned.
“Look, I want you to be friends with my friends.”
“I’m already friends with the Green Girls.”
“Yeah, no but with Jay and the guys.”
He looked at her hesitantly.
“Come on!  I hang out with all your asshole friends!  You don’t even like Erica and yet I have to eat lunch with her every freaking day!  And I’m not a big fan of Andrew either.  And Christina totally ignores me, it’s pretty awkward.  Is it really such a big deal to spend one night with my friends?  I’m not asking you to hang out with them every day, like I do with your friends…”
“Ok, ok, you’ve made your point.”
“Ok then.  We could go to a movie.  That way you hardly even have to talk to them.”
Terry chuckled.  “Can Karine come too?”
“Yeah ok.  But not the rest of them, right?  I mean I’ll invite the Greens but not Erica and Andrew…”
“Yeah, just Karine.”
“Ok, cool.”

“Karine totally checked out my ass this morning,” said Jay with a smile as he joined the boys in the caf at lunch.
They all looked at him in stunned confusion.
“I just…” Karl began.  “I dunno.  Does someone else wanna field this one?”
“She checked out your ass?” asked Vani incredulously.
“You don’t even have an ass,” said Willy.
“Karine thinks I do and she totally checked it out.  She turned me around and she totally stared at my ass.”
“Because she thought she might have lost her cell phone in there?  I don’t get it,” frowned Vani.
“We were talking and she said I had a stick up my ass and I said I didn’t and then she turned me around and checked out my ass.  And then she said that one day she’d take a closer look and she winked at me.”
“She winked at you?”
“You sure she didn’t just have something in her eye?” asked Karl.
“Or maybe she was tired,” suggested Willy.
“Yeah, like how Vani always starts winking when he’s tired,” nodded Karl.
“I don’t wink when I’m tired.”
“Except that you megatastically do,” said Karl.
“You’re a winker,” agreed Willy.
“Stay on target, you guys!  Karine was flirting with me!” said Jay a bit more loudly than he’d intended.
“Um, doubtful,” said Vani.  “Like, she just came up to you in the halls and groped your ass?  Like why?”
“We were talking.  I walked to school with Cerise and we joined her and Terry at the smoking wall.”
“Oh, so it’s Terry now!” said Vani with a grin.  “Last I checked you were still referring to him as ass-breath.”
“Hmm, you seem to have a thing with asses,” mused Willy.
“Whatever,” sighed Jay.  “She’s megatronly warming up to me.”
“Yeah, she wants you,” smirked Karl.
Cerise bounded into the caf and plunked herself down next to Jay.  “So you guys wanna go see a movie tonight?  And then hang out?”
“It’s Friday,” said Karl.  “Gaming night.”
“Oh come on.  It’s gonna be a whole thing.  It’s a chance to socialize with people who don’t wear red shirts.”
“Other peeps are gonna be there?” asked Vani with interest.
“Yeah, me and Terry, and the Green Girls…”
“Sarah?” asked Karl.
“Yup,” confirmed Cerise.  “And Karine too.”  She smiled at Jay knowingly.
“Really?” he asked.
“Maybe she’ll check out your ass some more,” smiled Willy.
“What?” asked Cerise, furrowing her brow.
“Karine’s favourite new pastime is checking out Jay’s ass,” offered Vani.
“She’s an ass-checker-outer,” smiled Karl.
Jay told the guys to shut up while Cerise looked weirded out. 

“People might see us,” said Karine.
“Karine, don’t be such a snob,” said Terry with a sigh.
They were walking across the lawn slowly, taking their time to join the gang at the picnic tables.
“I don’t wanna hang out with those nerds.”
“I don’t wanna hang out with them either but Cerise makes a good point.  I mean she eats with us everyday even though Erica is totally bitchy to her all the time.  But I never hang out with her loser friends.”
“Yeah, because they’re losers.”
“Maybe they’re not so bad.”
“I’m pretty sure they are.”
“Ok fine, don’t come,” Terry sighed. 
Karine smiled sympathetically.  “No, I’ll come.”
“Yeah, I can’t let you face them alone.  I know you need the moral support,” she grinned.
He chuckled.  “Thanks.”
“Maybe it’ll even be fun.  I mean I guess that Jay guy isn’t so bad.”
“Really?  I think he’s the worst of them.”
“I dunno.  His hair freaks me out.”
“Yeah, I guess it is a little scary.”
“A little?  He’s a fucking circus freak!”
Karine giggled.  “We’d just better hope Erica doesn’t get wind of this.”
“Oh, who cares if she does?  What’s she gonna do?  Stop hanging out with us?  What a tragedy that would be,” he said while rolling his eyes.
“Yeah, but seriously, Terry.  We make fun but she does wield a certain amount of power around here.”
“Gimme a break!  This isn’t Section and she’s not Madeleine.”
“What, is that an Alias reference?”
“No, la Femme Nikita.  The old one, not the new one.  I’ve been watching it with Cerise.  Madeleine is the shit.”
“Um, ok.  Roy Dupuis has a mullet in that show.”
“He has a mullet in everything he does.  Besides, you shouldn’t talk, you pepper.”
“I don’t have French hair!” Karine exclaimed while Terry laughed.  “Anyway!  Erica will rip us a new one if she finds out we’re hanging out with losers!”
“What’s the worst she could do?” asked Terry, still chuckling.
“She could make my life hell.  I’ve seen her work.  Remember when Marla Fitzpatrick wasn’t the biggest slut in school?”
“Oh dude, have you seen her blog?”
Karine raised her brow, looking at Terry like he was an idiot.
“Well whatever,” Terry sighed.  “I won’t tell Bitchface if you don’t.”

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