Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Act V

            Cerise grabbed her lunch and ran to the student council room, hoping to find Sarah.  Sure enough, the Green Girls were preparing posters to be placed above the recycling bins, hoping to discourage students from using the bins as garbage cans.
            “Hey Cerise,” said Sarah, letting her into the room.
            “Terry totally just asked me out!”
            “Oh my god!” Sarah, Mel and Steph all screeched at once, causing a small sonic boom to ripple out of the school.
            “We’re going to Clydes on Halloween!  And he kissed me!”
            “Oh my god!” Mel exclaimed.
            “What was it like?” asked Steph.
            “Amazing!  He has like, oh my god, the softest lips!”
            “Oh my god,” the Green Girls swooned.
            “He actually smelled a bit like cigarettes, which was gross, but maybe that was just the residual stench from Porta-potty chick, she was totally smoking in the girls’ bathroom, and I mean, like in a serious way.  It reeked of pot and like the smoke was so thick I could barely even see past my own hand.”
            “She’s so rank,” sneered Mel.
            “Totally,” agreed Steph.
            “So should I wear a costume?”
            “What do you mean?  Like for your date?” asked Sarah.
            “Yeah, ‘cause it’s Halloween.”
            “No,” Sarah shook her head.  “I’ve never seen Terry wear a costume, like not even in Sec 1.  None of them do.”
            “Yeah,” Mel and Steph nodded. 
            “Kinda boring.  I like dressing up for Halloween,” shrugged Sarah.
            “Me too,” admitted Cerise.  “But ok then, what should I wear?”
            “Do you own any skirts?” wondered Sarah.
            “Not really.”
            “I could lend you one,” Sarah offered.
            “Like they’d fit,” Cerise surveyed Sarah’s body.  “You’re way skinnier than me.”
            “Aww, not really.”  Sarah smiled.
            “Yeah, way.  But that’s ok, I can borrow a skirt from my sister, Simone.  And she has like a hoodie that’s black and purple checkered and like, I guess I could wear my converse and leggings?”
            “Sounds good,” Sarah approved while Mel and Steph nodded in agreement.

            Cerise was forced to do the run after school to make up for ditching the boys at lunch.  Once the task was completed she joined them as they walked to Jay’s house.
            “So you coming to my place for Halloween?” Jay asked.
            “Yeah, we do a thing every year.”
            “Oh well…” Cerise shrugged.  “I kinda have plans on Halloween.”
            “With Sarah and her clones?” asked Karl.
            “You gonna try to do something with Porta-potty chick?” wondered Jay.
            “You’re gonna hang with the Asgard?  The Tok’ra?  The Knox?  Oooh, the Furlings!”  Vani hopped around from foot to foot as they climbed the overpass.
            “I’m just doing… stuff.”
            “Like…” Jay prompted.
            “Like I can’t do stuff without getting you guys’ permission first?”
            “Are you like, gonna have a pillow fight in your underwear but instead of a pillow you’re gonna use a whip and instead of your underwear you’re gonna be in a dominatrix outfit?”
            They all stared at Willy.
            “No,” Cerise said with a glare.  “And gross.”  She was about to swing out her hand to smack Willy but thought better of it, not wanting to encourage him.  “I’m gonna go out with Terry.”
            “What?” They all screamed. 
            Jay was livid.  “Terry Trebifucktard!?  You are not!”
            “God, whatever,” Cerise rolled her eyes.
            “In what context are you gonna go out with Terry Shitforbrainsky?”
            “In the context of doing stuff.”
            “You’re gonna go out with him?  Like go out? Like out, out.  Like, to go out.  Like, as in the opposite of in,” Jay fumed.
            “I see you’ve mastered the definition of out.”
            “Mmhhmmph,” Karl clucked his tongue and shook his head in disapproval. 
            “Wow, you’re dating Terry Trebichavsky?  That’s pretty cool,” said Vani.
            This comment was rewarded with various punches to the chest, arms and even an attempted kick to the groin, but Vani was scrappy and managed to avoid injury.
            “Well it’s not like we’re dating.  It’s just a group thing at a pool hall.”
            “Next think we know you’re gonna start smoking,” Karl smirked.
            “Oh, I will not.”
            It was a good point though.  Terry was a smoker, which was totally gross.  Cerise had always believed that smoking was a dealbreaker and never would have imagined going out with someone who indulged in such a disgusting habit but that was before Terry had kissed her with his amazing lips of awesomeness.  

It was only after a long and painful session of gaming, wherein Vani conquered a planet of Wraith worshippers and Willy fell asleep in his own drool that Cerise went home and the boys were able to discuss the situation honestly.
            “Life is so easy for girls,” mused Vani.  “I mean she lusted after a guy and then she actually got him. That’s insane!”
            Willy was finally roused from his slumber.  “She’s gone to the dark side.  I knew it.”
            “It was inevitable,” shrugged Karl.  “She was too attractive to be hanging out with us.”
            “Yeah, I guess so,” sulked Willy.
            “Are you really surprised?” asked Karl.  “You had to know she wasn’t gonna start going out with one of you losers.”
            Willy picked at the stuffing that was poking out from a couch cushion.  “Sucks.  She was cool.  And hot.”
            “It was fun while it lasted,” said Vani.  “What do you think?  Bajoran death chant?  Klingon death scream?  Old school bagpipes?”
            “It’s not like she’s gonna stop hanging out with us altogether!” Jay insisted.
            “Wake up Jay-dalee-a-son!  If she’s going out with Terry-I can crush liger skulls with my bare hands-Trebichavsky then there’s really no way to get around it,” said Vani.
            Karl nodded in agreement.  “You can’t go out with Terry Trebichavsky and hang out with us.  You just can’t.”
            “She’s not gonna stop hanging out with us,” said Jay with a little less confidence.
            “Yeah right,” whined Willy.  “She’s probably sucking his cock right now!”
            “Ugh!”  Karl gagged.  “Don’t say words!”  He smacked Willy’s face with his Rifts manual.
            Suddenly Vani jumped up and grabbed Jay’s shoulders.  “Does this mean she’s not gonna be in the elephant?”

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