Saturday, October 23, 2010

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Act III

            Cerise walked out of English class with Sarah Wong and they talked for a bit and when Sarah left Karl accused Cerise of consorting with the enemy.
            “She’s my debate partner, you dork,” said Cerise.  “Besides, I like Sarah a lot more than I like you.”
            “That’s understandable,” shrugged Karl.
            Vani came out of class clutching his chest and declaring that the pain wasn’t even funny.  Jay and Willy caught him when he dramatically fell backwards in a mock fainting spell.
            “What’s your 404?” said Jay as though he didn’t know.
            “I can’t believe I got paired up with Jojo the wonder pup.  He wanted to do our report on Animal Farm.  But like, if you’re gonna do Orwell, everyone knows you should do 1984.”
            “Me and Karine are doing 1984!”
            “Really?”  Karl was skeptical.  “How’d you convince her to do that?”
            “It was her suggestion!”
            “Really?” asked Cerise.
            “Yeah.  She’s into the whole big brother thing.  I mean not the show.  The dystopia.  Although, the show kind of is a dystopia.  Not that I watch it or anything.”
            “Huh,” Cerise tilted her head back in wonderment.  “Karine’s into1984?  That’s actually kind of interesting.”
            “See?  I told you Karine was cool.”
            “Whatever.  Having read one dour book about a totalitarian future does not a cool person make.”
            “I don’t know what your damage is against her.”
            “I don’t even have a damage against her.  She has a damage against me.  I mean she’s probably just into the whole big brother thing because she is big brother.  Her and her friends.  They just like, sit in judgement of everybody else.  All acting all superior and stuff.”
            “Yeah, we wouldn’t know anything about that,” said Jay with a smirk.
            “But we actually are superior,” smiled Karl.
            “I don’t think I’m superior,” said Cerise.
            “Yeah right,” scoffed Jay.  “You’re saying we shouldn’t judge other people and meanwhile you’re going insaniac judging Karine.”
            “Jay!  You’re the one who told me that Karine’s little clique are all like, total assholes.”
            As though they were filming a sitcom, Terry chose that exact moment to walk by and say hi to Cerise.  She looked up and smiled and then watched him as he walked away.  Jay, Vani, Willy and Karl all stared at Cerise accusingly.
            The staring continued.
            “Ok, see?  That is totally different.”
            “Yes, clearly,” nodded Jay.
            “So uh, so that was interesting,” said Vani.
            “Why did Terry Trebichavsky just walk by and like, not give me a wedgie?” wondered Willy.
            “I thought you decided you didn’t like him anymore,” said Jay, ignoring the boys.
            “Well I mean, we talked in gym…”
            “Oh well then!”  Jay threw his hands up.  “The great gym talk!  Of course!  So now you’re best friends I guess, eh?”
            “Oh my god!  Damage much?”
            “He’s an ass, Cerise!”
            “You don’t even know him!”
            “Him and his stupid friends have been torturing us since Sec 1 so I think I know him a little better than you do!”
            “God!  All I’m doing is saying hi to him!  It’s not like we’re friends or anything.  So chill!”
            “Ok well, just as long as you’re comfortable with your hypocrisy that’s all that matters.”
            “Wow.  Look who’s talking.”
            “I’m gonna guess it’s not Bruce Willis,” Vani whispered to Karl and Willy.
            Cerise went on.  “Terry and Karine and like, totally friends.  So if he’s an ass then what is she?”
            “Ok see,” Jay began.
            “No, I don’t see.  Why is it ok for you to lust after some chick but I can’t…”
            “You’re lusting after him?”
            “Just like every other girl around here.”  Karl shook his head in disgust.
            “I’m not lusting after him.  I’m just saying hi to him occasionally.  You’re the one totally stalking Karine.”
            “You really wanna start talking about stalkers again?”
            Cerise sighed heavily.  “This conversation is now officially over.”  She walked away in a huff and the boys watched her go.
            Willy was the first to speak. “So like, what’s the point of fighting with Cerise like she’s your girlfriend if you don’t even get any pussy out of the deal?”

            After asking how hockey practice was going and learning that his team was looking pretty good this year, Karine went for her second attempt at getting Terry to reveal what he saw in Cherry the Raspberry.
            “Not this again,” Terry sighed and leaned back in his highly uncomfortable chair.
            Karine perched on the edge of her seat, not wanting the others in the fishbowl to eavesdrop on their conversation.
            “It’s just a question,” she smiled tightly.
            “Just drop it, Karine.  God!  I’ve only hung out with her once.  So chill.  How is this even your business?  Why do you even care who I like?”
            “So you admit you like her?”
            “So what if I do?”
            “Terry, what are you thinking?  I mean she’s named after fruit for Christ’s sake.”
            “Maybe she tastes like fruit too,” said Terry with a wink.
            “Don’t gross me out.”
            “What’s so gross about a little fruit juice?” Terry stuck his tongue out and flicked it at Karine.
            She scrunched up her face in disgust and sat back in her chair. “God Terry!  You’re such a perv.”
            Terry shrugged.  “Done asking stupid questions?”
            “So you can dish it but you can’t take it?  I seem to recall a time when you were giving me the third degree over my choice of boyfriends but I can’t do the same?”
            “She’s not my girlfriend.”
            “Let’s all thank god for that!”
            “But even if she were, so what?  Are you jealous or something?”  The corners of Terry’s mouth twitched in amusement.
            “Like even!  I’m just concerned for your well being.  Cherry the Raspberry is a fucking bitch, ok?”
            “Maybe I’m sick of nice girls.  Maybe I want someone naughty.”
            “You’re being gross again.”
            Terry simply chuckled.
            “Seriously, Terry.  What is the attraction?”
            “I dunno.  She’s new.  She’s different.  She… she’s in my homeroom.” 
            Karine rolled her eyes in exasperation.  She obviously wasn’t going to get any blood from this stone.  Damn Terry and his stupid short attention span.  Thank god she’d never actually hooked up with him when she’d had the chance.  Not that she didn’t still have the chance.  She could still get him if she wanted to, couldn’t she?  He wasn’t really flirting with her anymore but that didn’t mean he’d lost interest, did it?  How could he possibly not want her anymore?  What the hell?!

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