Thursday, October 7, 2010

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Act V

           It was still relatively warm outside but today it was raining so the gang ate in the cafeteria and then retreated to the fishbowl to hang out.  Andrew skipped over to the ping-pong table but since the ball had long since been lost, he ripped a poster from the wall and balled it up.  He hit the wadded paper with a paddle, aiming it at Terry who was sitting down, but he didn’t achieve the desired distance with his hit.  Terry reached out for the makeshift ball and threw it back at Andrew, who picked up the other paddle and tossed it to Terry.  They tried to hit the ball to each other but kept having to come closer together to manage anything resembling a back and forth.
            Finally Andrew gave up and settled for sitting next to Christina and pushing her over to paddle her ass.  She kicked out at him and they all laughed.
            “Is it gonna be BYOB?” asked Andrew, referring to the upcoming party.
            “Obviously,” Karine snarked.  “You expect me to provide for your drinking needs?”
            “Relax.  I was just wondering.” 
 “I’ll take care of it,” said Steven.
“Take care of what?” asked Karine.
“I’ll get the beer for the party.”
“Why should you take care of it?”  Karine seemed surprised by his offer. 
“Why shouldn’t I?  You trying to say I’m not even invited anymore?”
“I didn’t say that!”
Erica did a poor job of hiding her amusement but Terry, Andrew and Christina all stared at one another awkwardly.
Steven stood up and hovered over Karine.  “I thought you were all like, let’s still be friends and now I’m not even invited anymore?  Well thanks a lot, bitch.”
“Don’t call me a bitch!”
Terry could have told Steven it was a mistake to use that word.  For some reason Karine didn’t seem to mind if girls called her a bitch, she even seemed oddly proud of it, but anytime a guy used that word to describe her she got super pissed.
Karine went on.  “God, jump to conclusions much?  I never said you weren’t invited.  I just meant that it makes no sense for you to get the beer since you don’t even have a car.  I mean, doesn’t it make more sense for like Terry or Erica to get it?”
“I can get it,” Terry nodded helpfully.
“I said I’d get it!” Steven fumed.
Whenever Terry and the gang were in the fishbowl, other students knew not to crowd them, but Steven was talking loudly enough that the kids on the other side of the room could hear and they all pretended not to be listening even though they obviously were.
Erica rolled her eyes.  “There’s nothing preventing both of you losers from getting beer.  Something tells me we’re gonna need a lot of it.”

For the first time this year Karine and her friends had eaten in the cafeteria.  Jay had tried to wave to her, hoping she’d come over and start making plans for their English debate.  But she’d ignored him as usual.  It was hopeless, she’d always hate him.  Everyone would always hate him.  He’d never get a girlfriend.
Since it was raining today they took a vote on whether or not they’d go outside for the run.  Cerise and Willy had voted against but Karl, Vani and Jay had real dedication.  But when they’d gotten to the doors, they’d all stopped short under the cement awning while Willy obliviously kept running outside. 
So Willy was dripping wet when he came back in and tried to beat them all up.  They’d successfully fought him off and now he sat in a puddle of his own retardation at The Wall while the others kept a decent distance. 
“Ok, ok, let’s get things going!” Vani exclaimed and they all took out their ipods.
“Roll off, roll off, ROLL OFF!”  They all shouted in unison.  Even Cerise had now caught on to the proper etiquette for the opening ceremonies to each gaming session. 
Willy won the roll off.  Everyone groaned in annoyance since Willy was so useless at the game.  Karl reminded him that they were standing outside of an unmarked building and they had reliable intel that the Rambaldi device was inside.
“Let’s go in guns blazing,” Willy enthused. 
Vani and Jay sighed loudly and advised against this course of action.
“But Cerise hasn’t been in a battle yet.  She should see what it’s like.”
“And she’ll have the opportunity to be in a battle once we finally get in.  But we’re not about to just jump in without even doing recon first.  We have to use our upstairs brains,” Jay advised.
“Seriously,” Vani agreed.  “I hate to be a broken record but I actually don’t because I never tire of telling you what a retard you are, Willorama.  We have to survey the place first.  Right, Karl?”
Karl shrugged his shoulders.  “I’m not saying anything.”  He paused.  “Except to say that Vani is correct and Willy is a wacktard.
“See?”  Vani was triumphant.
Cerise giggled and Willy looked at her all panicked like he was afraid she’d think he was a loser, even though she’d clearly already gleaned that crucial bit of information.
“Whatever,” Willy sulked.  “I thought the game was about having fun.  Not sitting around on our asses.”
“Oh my god!”  Vani rolled around on the floor as though having a seizure.  “You’re gonna talk about sitting around on our asses?”
“This from the master of ass sitting,” scoffed Karl.
“Seriously!”  Vani was standing now and waving his arms around madly.  “All you ever do is sit around and complain.  You never do anything in the game and now you’re talking about taking action?  What the frakk?  What the frakkity frakk!”
“I just thought it’d be more fun for Cerise to be in a battle instead of just sitting around watching you guys strategize.”
“Well I can strategize too,” Cerise offered.
“See?”  Vani sat back down but was clearly still agitated.  “Why do you even care all of a sudden?  Are you trying to impress Cerise or something?”
Willy looked angry and Cerise suppressed her disgust well. 
“Like she’d be so impressed by your incredible ass-sitting-on abilities,” Karl smirked.
“Shut up!” Willy spouted.
“Ooh, good comeback,” Karl’s smirk was widening.  “Did it take lots of ass sitting to come up with that one?”
Cerise was full on laughing now but she covered her mouth, trying to be discreet.  Willy kept telling Karl to shut up and Jay told them both to shut up.  Cerise suggested they join hands and say a few words in honour of shutting up but Jay pointed out that you couldn’t really speak to honour shutting up and they’d be better off having a moment of silence in honour of shutting up.
“Let’s have a moment of silence in honour of how much I hate all of you,” raged Karl.
“Seriously!”  Vani resumed his spazmodic attack.  “The pain, the pain!”

            Karine gathered her things quickly.  She had to work this afternoon and she only had a few minutes to catch the 201.  It wasn’t the only bus that went to Fairview mall but it was the most convenient.  She didn’t want to have to transfer from the 211.
            Christina joined her and offered to ride with her to work since she was in the mood for some shopping.  Karine agreed but she’d already reached her limit with her employee discount this month so Chrissy had to bear that in mind.
            Before Chrissy could answer, Terry walked over to them in that long, sexy stride of his. 
            “You know it’s not too late,” he said as he walked past them.
            “For what?” Karine called after him.
            “For second chances.”
            Karine could only see his back now but she was pretty sure he was smirking that little smirky smirk of his. 
            “Second chances?”  Christina stared at Karine, bug eyed.  “Oh my god!  Is he trying to tell me something?”
            “I really don’t think so.”  Karine had to be at least somewhat honest.
            “But maybe I could still have a chance with him!”  Christina went on and on about how she might just have to try harder and be patient and be nice and he might come around.  Or maybe she had to change and be totally different.  “What kind of girl do you think he’d go for?” She asked earnestly.
            “The kind he won’t need for very long?”
            “That’s just ‘cause he hasn’t found his perfect match.  ‘Cause he’s like, totally sweet when he wants to be.  He has like, sweet-boy potential.  He just needs to meet his soulmate.  God, I wish I could be that girl!  If only I was taller!”
            Cerise joined the boys at the wall and noticed Willy was missing.  She took her time putting on her jacket but Jay grabbed her arm and started dragging her away.
            “Aren’t we gonna wait for Willy?” she asked as her jacket flapped out behind her like a cape.
            “No way!  Let’s get out of here!” Karl whispered.
            “Willy Evasion Program, activate!”  Vani flipped an imaginary switch on his chest.
            Cerise hurriedly finished dressing and opened her umbrella as they got outside.  The boys were content to get soaked but she kept a safe distance from them as they ran, trying to avoid getting splashed as they jumped into puddles enthusiastically.  As they crossed the overpass Karl announced that he thought it was time for an expulsion.
            “No one’s expulsing anybody.  Willy serves his purpose,” Jay declared.
            “What do you mean, expulsion?”  Cerise asked from behind them.
            “We get rid of him,” explained Karl.  “Like we did with Jojo.”
            “You guys used to hang out with Jojo?”
            “Yeah, but now we don’t,” said Vani.
            “You guys like, ditched him?”
            “Correct,” Jay confirmed.
            “Oh my god.  That’s so mean!”
            “Oh yeah, you wouldn’t know anything about that,” Karl laughed.
            Cerise started to protest but Jay interrupted to mention the stalker chick she hated so much.
            “I don’t hate her,” Cerise insisted.  “I just… you know…”
            “Hate her,” Karl grinned.
            “Well, yeah,” Cerise laughed.
            What a complete and utter uberbitch.  Shauna stood behind a tree next to the overpass as Cerise and her stupid friends ran across it.  Shauna followed from a safe distance.  She couldn’t hear what they were saying anymore but every time Cerise laughed her bitch laugh, it rang out over the world like a… like a really bitchy laugh. 
What a whore.  Cerise was probably fucking one of those guys, if not all of them.  She probably hung out with them everyday to get gang-banged and probably loved it ‘cause she was such a fucking slut.  Shauna hated her.  She didn’t know why she’d ever wanted to be friends with that stupid bitch since it was obvious she was just a big backstabbing cuntnugget just like all the other whores in this stupid school. 
Shauna was nearly shaking with rage.  She stood at the top of the overpass and watched the cars zip past below.  It wasn’t raining very hard anymore but it was still cool to see the drops zooming down and splashing on the windshields.  She wished she had a brick so she could throw it at a random vehicle. 
She reached into her bag and pulled out the Ziploc Wendy had sold her, which contained a stamp sized piece of paper.  It had cost her twenty bucks but Shauna had no idea if that was a good price or not.  Wendy had said it was acid but Shauna wasn’t completely retarded and she knew she might have been lying.  But Shauna didn’t care what it was, as long as it did something.  If it did nothing then she was out twenty bucks but even if it gave her a bad trip and she ended up jumping over the railing and tumbling to her death below, that was ok too.  In fact, that would probably be the best case scenario. 
Careful to shield the baggy from the rain, she took out the little piece of paper and placed it on her tongue.  Then she waited.  For a while nothing happened and she grew very disappointed, to the point where she began climbing the overpass fence to get things over with.  But then she realized the fence was climbing her and it was weird and kind of scary.  She ran down the ramp and fell, rolling the rest of the way down.  It didn’t hurt, it was just funny.  It had stopped raining, at least from the sky.  The puddles rained upwards in big gobs and Shauna ran through them as though they were sprinklers. 
Suddenly she got very cold and developed goosebumps even though she was simultaneously sweating.  She didn’t feel very good and really wanted to be in her bed so she started walking home and caught the 211 but everyone on the bus was evil and laughing at her so she got off before her stop and walked the rest of the way and threw up on her front lawn, which was definitely the highlight of her day.
She spent the rest of the evening in bed, having told her mother she was coming down with a cold.  What a complete waste of twenty dollars. 

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