Saturday, October 16, 2010

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Act III

            Now what was she supposed to do?  She’d completely embarrassed herself like the freak she was and now there was no way out.  Cerise surveyed the room and sure enough, absolutely everyone was staring at her.  Jay looked amazed.  Mel and Steph were whispering to each other furiously.  Terry Trebichavsky was rising from his chair and walking over to her!  Cerise stood her ground, refusing to let herself be intimidated by him.  If he wanted to tell her off, she would… die probably.
            “Shit man!  That was hilarious!” he declared with a chuckle.
            Cerise looked at him and smiled with effort.  She wasn’t sure if she was being mocked or not.
            “Fuck!  I had no idea this night would be so entertaining,” Terry smiled broadly.  “Who are you?”
            Cerise opened her mouth to speak but had no idea what to say.  She shrugged helplessly.
            “My name’s Terry.”  He kept smiling and it didn’t seem so mocking anymore.  He seemed friendly.  Nice even.
            “Yeah I know,” Cerise said without thinking.  “We have gym together.”
            “We do?  You go to BHS?”
            Oh god.  He’d never even noticed her.  She was such a loser.  “Just since this year,” she explained quietly.
            “Oh.  I gotta pay more attention in gym,” he grinned.
            “Yeah um… We also have homeroom together. And EMR, ‘cause you know, Taffy’s class.  I mean, I’m pretty sure.  I mean, you know.”  Shut up!  She was rambling like a total lamebot!
            “That’s cool,” he kept smiling.  “So what’s your name?”
            She would only tell him her first name.  No need to ruin this night now.  “Um, Cerise.”
            “Cerise.  Like Suhreez,” she pronounced it carefully.
            “You mean like cherry?”
            “Yeah,” Cerise sighed and tried to maintain her smile.
            “Shit!  I have heard of you.  You’re Cherry the Raspberry.  Oh man, that’s awesome!”
            Awesome?  That was definitely a new reaction.  Encouraged, Cerise went on.  “Yeah well, my parents were into granola and fruit and stuff.”
            “So Cherry, looking go get popped?” he grinned lasciviously. 
            Cerise was unable to stop the anger that swelled up inside her.  “Yeah, that’s really funny.  Brilliant in fact.  I mean I don’t even know how you came up with that because I mean, I’ve never heard it before.  It’s just so original.  You know, I can’t even take it, you’re just too clever for me.  I’m like blown away.  So you’ll excuse me while I go process your incredible wit.”
            She stomped away, her cheeks flushed with rage.  Walking through the front hallway, she found a den where boys were playing wii.  She spied a bathroom and quickly ducked inside.  She turned on the tap and splashed water on her face, trying to calm down.  How could he have been so rude?  And how could she have yelled at him?  Terry Trebichavsky!  Everything had been going so well.  She yelled at Shauna like a complete spaz and yet he seemed to find it amusing and he introduced himself to her like she was a normal human being.  But then she’d had to open her big fat mouth and ruin everything.  Terry would be telling everyone that she was a complete loser bitch and everyone would instantly hate her.  She vowed never to speak again from this day forward.  She would cut out her tongue and pin it on the wall as a reminder to never open her mouth ever again.  She hated herself for being so quick to react and she hated Terry Trebichavsky for being such a colossal skeeve-bag.

            Shauna got tired quickly.  She wasn’t in very good shape and couldn’t run for very long.  She slowed to a quick walk and eventually she was dragging her feet.  She should really just end it all and kill herself.  There was no point in anything.  Cerise hated her, that much was painfully obvious.  She’d probably never even liked her in the first place.  All those years they’d been so called friends Cerise had probably been secretly hating her.  She probably wanted her to die.  Everyone did.  Her parents hated her, her brother hated her and Cerise would probably kill her given the chance.  That had probably been what she was trying to do tonight.  She was hoping Shauna would spontaneously combust from her bitchiness. 
            A car pulled up alongside her and kept pace with her slow steps.
            “Hey Sheila,” said Ben, sticking his head out the window.
            “Shauna,” Wendy corrected him, her left arm casually resting on the doorframe as she drove one handed. 
            “Hey Shauna,” said Ben.
            Shauna kept walking, determined to ignore whatever horrible thing would happen next.
            “Hey, sorry that bitch bitched you out,” said Wendy.  “What a cunt, eh?”
            Shauna kept her head down.
            “Hey uh, we got some vodka.  You wanna join us?”
            Shauna said no but turned her head to see Ben shaking a bottle of Absolut.
            “At least let us give you a ride home,” Mike called out from the passenger side.
            Shauna shook her head.
            “Where do you live?” Wendy wondered.
            “Not far.  I’ll walk,” Shauna insisted.
            “Come on,” Ben whined, raising the bottle of vodka.  “Just have a drink.”
            “Sheila, Shauna, come on,” Wendy smiled.  “It’s better than nothing.”
            Shauna stopped and looked at the bottle.  She really could use a drink. 

            Jay hadn’t realized that Cerise was made up of 10% smiley cuteness and 90% righteous indignation.  No wonder she wore military shirts all the time, she was clearly in the army of wrathful burns.  He couldn’t wait to tell the boys about her freak out.  She’d even bitched out Terry Trebichavsky, which made her officially cooler than the combined coolness of every character on Heroes, though that wasn’t very difficult to accomplish considering what a trainwreck that show had become before being mercifully cancelled just like every other good show out there.
            He wondered where she’d gone to.  Walking out of the living room he ran into Christina and Karine as they left the kitchen.  He said hi but they completely ignored him.  Typical.  He was such a loser.

            Karine followed Christina as she went in search of a guy to hook up with.  She had to act as interference, making sure Chrissy didn’t choose someone beneath her.  They saw Terry waiting outside the bathroom door and Chrissy froze, back to sulk mode.  Karine placed a hand on her shoulder, trying to steer her back to the kitchen.  She really needed to get some food into her before she got too drunk.  Maybe she should make some coffee. 

            Cerise steeled herself and placed her hand on the door handle.  All she needed to do was keep her head down and find Jay and get the hell out of here.  She took a deep breath and opened the door only to ram into a big chest covered in a forest green, long sleeved Henley tee.  She looked up and saw Terry Trebichavsky staring down at her.  Shit on a stick!
            “Sorry,” he said with a shrug.  His eyebrows lifted and his lips turned up gently.
            Holy crap!  Either he was an excellent actor and this was stage one in a serious fake-out or he really was apologizing.
            “It’s ok,” she said, looking around for his accomplices. 
            “I mean, you know, for earlier.”  He stepped aside and she walked away from the bathroom.  “’Cause I was just, you know, kidding.”
            Salvation.  He apologized.  All she had to do now was keep her temper under control and she could make it out of here alive.
            “Yeah, it’s ok.  I mean it’s not your fault my name is fruity.”
            He smiled appreciately and let out a small chuckle.  “Yeah.  It’s actually a pretty cool name.”
            “Thanks,” she said semi-sarcastically, making sure he knew that she was the dork and not him.
            “Seriously though, I didn’t mean to be such an ass before.”
            “No, it’s cool,” she smiled.  “Sometimes I kinda blow things out of proportion.”
            “Is that all you blow?”
            Shit!  She knew it was all an act!  He was just a perverted asshole and…
            “No, I didn’t mean that!”  He put up his hands defensively. “I’m sorry.  I have to stop making everything a sexual innuendo.  I’m really not a complete shit,” he insisted.
            Cerise raised an eyebrow and glared at him, unconvinced.
            “No seriously.  I mean ‘cause I actually think it’s pretty cool how you uh, totally pwned me back there.  And pwned that chick too.  It was pretty intense.  You’re uh… yeah you know.  Pretty intense.”  He seemed sincere.
            “Thanks I guess.” 
            “Yeah so uh, so anyway.  What classes do we have together?”
            She couldn’t act like she knew.  She had to be cool.  “Like, I dunno.  I barely know my own schedule.  I’m supposed to know yours now too?”  Oh crap. Now she sounded rude.
            Terry laughed.  “Yeah, no shit!”

Christina was about to jump across the room and attack Cherry the Raspberry with her bare hands.  Karine had to physically restrain her from spazzing out.  Terry asked the Cherry bitch to go sit down and they walked off together. 
Christina looked like she might cry.
“What is she doing here?” Karine asked, more to herself than to Chrissy. 
“Why is he talking to her?”  Chrissy was enraged.
“I can’t believe she’s in my house!”
“I can’t believe he’s talking to her!”
“What a bitch!”

Andrew was sitting at the kitchen table talking to those stupid Sarah Wong clones.  He was probably trying to work out a threesome with them.  Erica opened the fridge to see if there was anything interesting to eat.  Here was the proof that Karine was a total bulimic whore, ‘cause the fridge was full of junk food.  Erica considered all the options but finally settled on another beer.  If she was going to fill up on empty calories, might as well make them count. 
            Karine and Chrissy walked in all pissed about something.  They’d probably failed to purge. 
            “Why are we pissed?”  Erica asked, joining them as they huddled near the pantry.  Oh check it, graham crackers.
            “He’s talking to a girl,” Chrissy whined, her anger turning to sadness.  What a weakling. 
            “Well duh, what girl?”
            “The fruity girl,” said Karine in annoyance.
            “You know, that Cherry girl,” said Christina.
            “Cherry the Rasbperry!  We have gym with her.”
            Erica rolled her eyes.  “Oh her?  Yeah, big threat there.  She’s a fucking poseur.  How is she even here?”
            “She probably came with that Jason Harris guy,” Karine explained.  “They’re friends.”
            “Well Terry seems pretty interested in her,” Chistina sulked.
            “Yeah I’m sure,” Erica scoffed.  “Cherry the fuckin’ Raspberry?  As if.  She hangs out with those fucking nerds.  She’s a loser.”
            “Well he was totally talking to her,” Chrissy practically cried.  “Like she was you know, a real person.
            Erica thought about it.  Could Terry actually be interested in some complete loser geek?  No way.  “Terry may be like, majorly out of it but as far as I know he doesn’t smoke crack so I really don’t think so.  He’s probably just using her to make you jealous.  Which is what you should be doing.”
            “Yeah, I guess.”
            Christina looked in Andrew’s direction and cocked her head.  Yeah right, like Erica would ever let that happen.
            “Andrew?” she scoffed.  “Yeah right.”
            “What?  Why not Andrew?”
            “Aiming a little high there aren’t we?”
            Christina pouted.  “Well what?  I got Terry.”
            “And we all know how well that worked out.”
            Christina looked crushed.
            “Um, way harsh, Erica,” Karine chastised. 
            Erica sighed.  “Don’t get pissed at me because I have the guts to speak the truth.”
            Chrissy and Karine couldn’t disagree with that.  Erica was always right and the sooner all these bitches acknowledged that, the better off they’d all be.

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