Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Season 3 – Episode 6 – Act V

            “Not bad.  A little skinny maybe but I can work with that,” said Terry, realizing he was slurring his words a bit.  He didn’t think he was that drunk, but maybe he was.  “What you think?”
            “I think it’s time we called it a night,” replied Nick with a wry smile.
            “But we haven’t got laid yet!”
            “Well why don’t we just go home and lay each other?  That’ll take care of all our problems.”
            “Nevermind, let’s go.”
            They left the bar and walked outside.  Nick told Terry to put on his jacket even though he said he wasn’t cold.  But Nick was all like, you’re drunk and stuff and so you don’t know you’re cold and you’re gotta get hypothermia and shit.  So Terry put on his jacket and he was all hot and stuff but whatever it was totally snowing and it was so pretty.  Cerise loved snow.  “Cerise loves snow.”
            They got to Terry’s car and Nick took Terry’s keys out of his hand. 
            “She loves to play in the snow.  She’s like a little kid… all playing in the snow… we played in the snow before.  We’d do that… we’d go to parks and stuff.”
            “Sounds fun,” said Nick, pushing Terry into the passenger seat, and pulling on the seatbelt. 
            “I can do my own fucking buckle, dude!”  Terry pushed Nick away and closed the door. 
            Nick got in the car and put on his seatbelt and checked the mirrors and stuff.  He was so responsible and shit.  He wasn’t even drunk.  Had he even had anything to drink at all?  What the fuck?
            “She’s prolly all playing in the snow with fuckhead.  Fucking fuckhead.  Do you think it’d be bad if I beat him up?”
            “Yeah, I think it’d be bad,” said Nick as he pulled out of the parking lot and onto the snowy road all covered in pretty, pretty Cherry snow.
            “One time I beat up Andrew and he was my friend.”
            “Why’d you do that?”
            “’Cause he raped Karine.”
            The car swerved slightly as Nick looked over at Terry.  “Seriously?”
            “Shit!  I wasn’t supposed to say anything!  Don’t tell her I told you!”
            “Ok, I won’t.”
            “Shit.  That was close.  I almost told you a secret.  Shit.  Karine would’ve been so pissed.”  It was still snowing all pretty and stuff.  It was like all coming at the windshield all like little tiny arrows or whatever.  It was cool.
            “Well luckily you stopped yourself in time.”
            “Time for what?  Oh, Karine, yeah.  She doesn’t like people to know.”
            “I can understand that.”
            “Yeah, she doesn’t want people to like, I dunno, judge her or whatever.”  Pretty, pretty, snow, snow, snowy, snowy, snow, snow.
            “Yeah, I totally get that.”
            “So you have to keep it a secret.”
            “Don’t worry,” said Nick.  “I’m real good at keeping secrets.”

            “Come on you guys!  I have to be home like now!” Jay screeched. 
            “What’s your rush?” asked Karine in irritation. 
            “I have to go to Toronto with my family today!  I promised I’d be home by morning!”
            “Well there’s no way you’re gonna make it,” said Karl with a smirk.
            “Well I gotta at least try!”
            “Well I’m not done packing!”
            “Well fuck!”
            Was it fun watching Jay and Karine argue or was it simply annoying?  Did it mean they had a passionate relationship or did it mean they were both whiny babies?  Cerise couldn’t decide but either way their yelling was giving her a headache.  “Why doesn’t Jay go on ahead with whoever is ready and then Karl can wait for Karine and whoever else isn’t ready,” she suggested.
            “Yeah, fine, whatever,” said Karine, sipping coffee and not even pretending to pack. 
            “’Cause I mean, I’m ready,” Cerise went on.
            Vani and Willy agreed they were set to go.
            “So I get stuck with all the girls?” asked Karl, eliciting a glare from Sarah.  “Which is perfect because I love being in close quarters with three chatty women,” he sighed.
            “Gee, I wonder why we ever broke up,” Sarah smirked.  “Not that I’m trying to dredge up the past or anything!”
            Karl glared at her.  “Don’t make me do the panties chant!”
            Willy was being pretty weird on the drive home.  When Jay thanked Cerise for getting them going, Willy made a big point of how he apparently abandoned Karine and chose to leave early with Cerise.  Jay kept telling him to shut up and Willy kept saying it was an “interesting” choice.  Vani simply chanted the panties song all the way home.  It was a pretty painful drive.
            Jay got an earful from his parents when he got home so late.  But his sister, Amy thanked him since she was in no rush to get to Toronto either.  Even though all his clothes from the cabane were wet or dirty he didn’t have time to pack anew so he just left his bag in the trunk and sat in the back while his parents bickered up front. 
            Willy was such an ass.  Not only for giving him a ridiculous ultimatum but for being so obvious about it in front of Cerise on the drive home.  She didn’t seem to suspect anything but still.  His plan was to ignore the ultimatum for now and hopefully by the time he got back from Toronto the guys would have forgotten about it. 
            When they got to his uncle’s house, his parents made a big point of blaming Jay for their being so late.  “He just had to spend a few days with his friends up north.  You know how teenagers are these days.”
            “Oh of course,” agreed his aunt.  “It’s all about their friends at this age.  Never family.  They don’t care a lick about family!”
            “We practically had to drag him here!”
            “That’s not even true,” muttered Jay under his breath.
            “Oh I know! Teenagers, they’re so ungrateful!”
“It’s shameful really.  We’re the ones putting a roof over their heads, keeping their bellies full.  You’d think they’d show some gratitude!”
“But nooo!  They just can’t stand to be around us!”
“You wouldn’t believe what Josie wanted to do for Christmas.  She wanted to go on a ski trip with her friends.  On Christmas day!  Christmas day!”
            “Yeah, so unbelievable,” cousin Josie smirked.
            Jay and Amy nodded sympathetically and they all walked down to the basement to watch boring holiday movies with their annoying little cousins.  How come Jay was the only one to had to put up with shit like this?  None of his friends had to go to bumfuck nowhere for x-mas break!  They all got to hang out and have fun but he was stuck with a bunch of kids and drunk old people!  It was so unfair!  There was probably no one in the world who had to endure anything worse!

            “I don’t see why you can’t do better.  It’s only Cegep.”  Shauna’s mother sighed.
            Shauna kept her head down and concentrated on her breakfast.   
            “If you’re doing this poorly now, just imagine how you’ll do in University!  It just gets harder from here on in, Shauna.  I don’t think you’ll even be able to get into McGill with grades like these.”
            “You need to put in more effort.”
            Though Shauna was pleased to have passed all her courses through the miracle of cheating, her parents didn’t think her grades were up to par.  “I’m doing better than Malcolm did!”
            Her brother glared at her, eyes brimming with fire.
            “We’re not talking about Malcolm right now.  Although you’re right that he needs to put in more effort as well.  You’re both lazy is all.”
            “Absolutely, unbelievably lazy,” agreed their father.  “But stupid too.  I don’t understand how I ended up with such underachievers.  What’s wrong with you two?” he grumbled, his voice rising.
            “Well, there won’t be anything wrong tonight, isn’t that right kids?” Shauna’s mother changed the subject, her voice high and nervous.  “We’re all going to be on our best behaviour for our guests, won’t we?”
            Shauna and her brother nodded.  The trick was just to take it one task at a time.  First she’d have to finish breakfast and then she’d have to get ready, do her hair, put on a stupid dress.  Then there was the party.  That would take several hours.  But she could get through it.  Maybe.  Probably not.  She should just go ahead and kill herself right now, with like the butter knife or something.  Better yet, she’d wait for the party and do it in front of the Christmas tree.  She’d jump off the railing at the top of the stairs and land right on the tree!  That probably wouldn’t kill her though.  So she’d slit her wrists first and then jump and the blood spray would be fantastic!
            If only she could bring Leanne to the party.  She hadn’t asked permission because she didn’t want her parents to smell the gayness on her friend but still, it would have been cool.  Or better yet, if Cerise could come.  No, not Cerise, that stupid cow!  Shauna didn’t even like Cerise!  She hated her!  She was just a stupid, spoiled princess with a perfect life!  A perfect face and a perfect body and a perfect family!  Fucking bitch!

            Cerise wondered if her mom’s boyfriend, André was a permanent fixture in their lives now.  He was so annoying.  And his daughter, Trista wasn’t much better; in fact, she was worse.  Cerise and her sisters got a bunch of dorky new age stuff for Trista’s Christmas present and when she opened the gift, she seemed non-plussed.  As annoying as she was, she wasn’t stupid and probably realized it was a sarcastic gift. 
She thanked them profusely, a little too profusely and went on and on about how great crystals were.  “I just find that they’re so good for cleansing spaces of negative energies.  ‘Cause for some reason I just always feel so many negative energies lately.”
“Maybe you’re feeling your karma,” suggested Julie, eliciting snickers from Cerise and Simone.
Angela interrupted before Trista could respond, and distributed more gifts.  This was seriously the most awkward Christmas ever.  Cerise supposed it would always be like this now.  There would always be a certain weirdness with her parents’ new significant others, unless they stuck around so long that they all got used to each other, which didn’t seem like a pleasant alternative.  Cerise wondered how Terry dealt with it; having so many different families to contend with. 

“This is your captain speaking, we’re experiencing some turbulence.  Please remain seated with your seatbelts securely fastened.”
Brittany squealed as Terry threw her up in the air and caught her without effort.  She laughed and screamed as he did it again and again, twirling her around until she begged him to stop.  “Again, again!” she insisted as soon as he put her down.
Vicky laughed as well, as she cleaned up all the torn wrapping paper from Christmas morning.  For once Britt was pleased with all her gifts and Vicky seemed pleased too.  Terry had to admit it was a pretty good Christmas so far.  This afternoon Vicky was going to visit her mother and Terry would be relieved of Britt duty for a while.  Then he could go visit his parents if he wanted.  But if he didn’t want to, he didn’t have to, he supposed.  Which made this pretty much the best Christmas ever.  Except that he was lonely as fuck.  Which is probably how Karine always felt. 

“Oh hey,” said Karine, letting Brady inside.
She hadn’t been expecting him and she supposed it was meant to be a nice, Christmas surprise but she wished he would have texted first.  As it was she looked like shit, all swaddled up in flannel pajamas, with bedhead and no makeup.  Brady didn’t seem to mind, immediately wrapping her up in an embrace.  She giggled and pushed him away playfully and soon enough they were on the couch in the den, making out. 
He had her clothes off in an instant and was inside her before she even realized what was going on.  She let him continue and thought about Terry.  He flipped her around and she thought he was going to take her from behind like usual but then she felt his penis pressing up against her anus.  Seriously?  Was he seriously trying to do anal without warning, without lube, without any kind of discussion?!
She pulled away and whirled around.  “Are you fucking serious?”
“God, don’t be such a prude,” he smiled.  “It’ll be fun.”
“You can’t just fucking do something like that without even like asking first!”
He sighed heavily.  “Ok, can I fuck your ass?”
“Fine, we’ll do it boring style.”
“Fuck off!”  She scrambled to get her pajamas back on. 
“Oh for Christ sake!  I really didn’t think you of all people would be such a fucking baby about this!”
“Are you being fucking serious right now?  You think this is me being a baby?  You think it’s fucking normal to just like try to stick your dick in my ass without even asking?”
“I’ve done it lots of times before and no one’s ever freaked out.”
“If that’s true, then those people were either roofied or so low on self-esteem that they thought you were a valid human being.  Get the fuck out of my house!”
She gathered up Brady’s clothes and shoved them at him, then walked to the front door.  He followed, carrying his things and yelling.  “Gimme a fucking break, Karine.  Are you for real?  Just calm the fuck down!”
“Get out of my house right now, before I call the fucking cops!”  She opened the front door and pushed him outside, naked, throwing his boots in his face and slamming the door shut, locking it tightly.  He yelled and screamed and she watched him through the window as he dressed in the snow.  It would have been funny if it wasn’t so depressing. 
“Fucking prude!” he shouted before walking away. 
She wouldn’t cry.  She wouldn’t let herself.  He wasn’t worth it.  No one was.  

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