Monday, December 3, 2012

Season 3 – Episode 6 – Prologue


           “You sure you wanna be here?” asked Sarah
            Cerise and Sarah took their seats in the stands at the West Island arena, joining Vani to watch one of Terry’s hockey games.
            “Yeah,” nodded Cerise.  “I still wanna support him even though, you know.”
            What Cerise didn’t know about hockey certainly outweighed what she did but she knew enough to realize it wasn’t necessary for Terry to be playing so aggressively.  He was slamming everyone into the boards.  Were you even allowed to do that in Juvenile hockey?  Suddenly a fight broke out and Terry and some other guy threw off their gloves.  Before anything could happen a ref broke things up and Terry was promptly thrown into the penalty box.  He took off his helmet and doused himself with water and then sat there glowering.  Eventually he was let out but he didn’t learn his lesson.  By the time the game was over he’d been in the box three times.  It was insane.  Why did his coach let him get away with it?  If he wasn’t careful he’d get thrown off the team.  He probably didn’t even care.  He was so defiant and stubborn. 
Cerise had seen enough of Terry’s games to know he was always a bit rough but never this out of control.  It had been a month since they’d broken up and she’d gotten together with Jay.  Shouldn’t he have calmed down by now?  Not that he was necessarily this wigged out because of her.  Maybe things were really stressful at home with Britt and everything.  Cerise wanted to be able to offer him help but knew he wouldn’t take it.  They were like strangers lately.  She missed him so much.  Missed him not just as a boyfriend, but as a friend.  Poor Terry. 

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