Friday, August 3, 2012

Season 3 – Episode 2 - Prologue


            “So when’s that bitch coming home?” asked Janice.
            Terry sighed.  He was so tired of Janice.  He seriously wasn’t attracted to her and yet her constant flirting was driving him crazy.  It’d be so easy to hook up with her and he so desperately needed to get laid.  But fuck, he could hold out.  Cerise was coming home this Friday.  This Friday!  He told Janice as much and she shrugged with indifference.  Why’d she asked the question if she didn’t care for the answer?!
            Karl finally arrived and put his laptop down on the table as had become ritual.  Terry opened it and logged on, waiting for Cerise to do the same from her end.
            Sarah suggested they all go to Parisses Squares’ last show of their tour, which would be in downtown Montreal this Friday.
            “Of course we’re gonna go,” agreed Cassie.  “Right?”
            “Totally,” nodded Karine.
            Terry couldn’t wait to see Cerise!  He had to babysit Britt on Friday but he was already devising a plan to bribe Evan with the use of his car in exchange for babysitting services.  God, it was so bullshit how he babysat for free but Evan wouldn’t do it unless he got something out of it.  He was Britt’s brother just as much as Terry was; how come he was such an ass about it?
            Cerise appeared and they all crowded around the laptop to say hi to her.  She was in an internet café or something so there was tons of background noise, even more so than usual.  Still, it was awesome to be able to see her.
            “We’re gonna come to your show on Friday!” squealed Sarah, hovering over Terry’s shoulder.
            “Awesome!” laughed Cerise.
            “Oh my god, you shouldn’t have told,” Cassie chastised.  “It could have been a surprise.”
            “I’d be more surprised if you guys didn’t show up,” said Cerise.  “I mean, we’re gonna be in Montreal.  If you guys can’t go to the trouble of going downtown then you’re total losers!”
            “Don’t worry, we’ll all be there,” Karine snickered.  “Even those of us who are total losers.”  She pointed her thumb in the direction of pretty everyone but herself.
            “I’m totally in if we’re going downtown,” announced Janice.
            Cerise smiled politely and then shoved Jeff out of the way as he tried to encroach on her personal space.  What a tool.  Terry hoped she was handling him ok.
            “Where is it exactly?” asked Sarah.  “Will there be parking or are we better off taking the metro?”
            “I’m so not the one to ask,” shrugged Cerise.
            Jeff poked into view again.  “I’d suggest metro-ing it.  Or like, park in a lot, but then you have to pay.  ‘Cause yeah, parking on the street on a Friday?  Good luck.”
            Terry was going to take the metro anyway since it was convenient from NDG. 
            “So like, should I get a fake I.D.?” asked Furry Jenn.
            They all looked at her and rolled their eyes, perhaps forgetting that just a year earlier they’d all been using fake I.Ds.

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