Thursday, August 9, 2012

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Act I

            Shauna was cleaning up the bookstore for the night when she came across one of those free newspapers that customers were always leaving behind.  She’d taken to reading these papers on her bus ride home and today was no exception.  What was unusual however, was the information she found within. 
            Wasn’t Cerise’s band called Paris Squares or something?  ‘Cause a band called Parisses Squares was going to be playing in a pub downtown on Friday and the cover was only five dollars.
            As soon as she got home she turned on her computer and googled the bar.  Google maps told her the exact route to take to get there.  There was a way to get there with two busses and a metro or one bus and a switch of metro lines.  Either way was totally doable.  She wrote it all down on a piece of paper just in case her phone’s GPS failed her.  Now all she’d have to do was come up with a lie to get her out of the house on Friday night.

            Julie was super excited it was finally Friday!  She was going to meet Evan in NDG and they were going to babysit his little sister but once the kid was in bed the party would really start!  Julie had done some stuff with Evan before but they’d never gone all the way and that was totally the plan for this Friday.  Terry and Vicky would be gone all night so they’d totally have the place to themselves. In fact, they were gonna do it in Terry’s bed, ‘cause like, where else were they supposed to do it?
            It was gonna be so totally awesome, not just ‘cause Evan was way cute and sleeping with him would for sure make him her boyfriend like for realises but also ‘cause doing it in Terry’s bed would be way cool.  It occurred to her that Cerise had probably done stuff in that bed but Julie brushed the thought aside and concentrated on the awesomeness of the situation. 
            She was slightly disappointed when she arrived at Vicky’s apartment and found the little sister still awake but they played gamed with her for a while and it was ok.  Actually, she was one of the most bratty kids Julie had ever babysat and it took way longer to get her to bed than either Julie or Evan had anticipated.  When she was finally down they sat on the couch for a bit just recovering from the insanity.
            But tonight would still be totally way fun ‘cause Evan brought out some beers from the fridge.  So awesome!

            It was a massive risk but Shauna had to do it.  She told her mother she wasn’t feeling well and went straight to bed after dinner.  She didn’t know if her mother would check on her later since she tended to be inconsistent about that sort of thing but whatever, she’d risk it.  She placed a bunch of pillows under her blankets and then snuck out the window.  Now this would be the hard part.  In all the movies there was always a trellis or something for people to climb down but there was absolutely nothing at Shauna’s house to facilitate getting down from the second storey.  So she shuffled down the slanted roof and crawled over the edge, hanging over the side.  She knew no one inside would see her since no one ever hung out in the dining room unless they were eating.
            Before she could lose her nerve she let go and dropped down onto the grass, lifting her legs so she wouldn’t hurt her feet, knowing she’d need to do a lot of walking tonight. She landed on her ass and the impact shocked her system, pain reverberating up her spine.  God, falling was way less painful with a snow bank to cushion your fall.  Shauna rolled over and sat in the grass for a moment, catching her breath.  Then she got up and shuffled off to the bus stop, being careful not to the use the one closest to her house.

            Tom had suggested they get up super way crazo early but the rest of the band nixed the idea.  He’d wanted to get home early so they could unpack all their shit before heading out to their gig in Montreal but Cerise and the others wanted to wait until the tour was officially over before going home.  Why lose their momentum at the last second?
            The venue tonight was way small.  It was right on the cusp between downtown and the plateau and it was actually kind of a cool little place.  Around one corner there were these cool seats with plants all around and brick walls and stuff.  But the main area was basically a square with a bar, literally five tables and the tiniest stage in the history of ever.  It was a tight squeeze to get all their gear to fit and they’d all be squished in like sardines but such was life.
            When Cerise stepped onto the stage she saw that the place was packed so tight she was sure it was a fire hazard.  All the tables were taken up with strangers but the gang was all assembled, lined up against the walls.  They must have gotten here just in the nick of time, or else the people at the tables were serious keeners.  Cerise liked to imagine they were all there to see the band but she knew from experience that they were probably just randoms who’d stumbled into any old bar and figured they’d stay for the live band. 
            It was an intimate setting so rather than shout out something to the effect of “let’s rock” or whatever, Cerise addressed the audience like they were her friends, which of course, most of them were.  “Hey everyone.  I can guarantee we’re gonna have a good show tonight because it looks like everyone I have ever met came out for the occasion.  Hey guys.”
            The crowd hooted and hollered and Willy yelled out that Cerise looked hot, which elicited laughter from everyone.
            Cerise surveyed the crowd and realized that literally everyone was there, even Lee and Myles.  Terry’s teammate and Karine’s ex was there but not with Karine; with Janice.  Awkward.  Simone was there too, with one of her goth friends.  A lot of people from Theatre Workshop were there and there were many faces Cerise recognized as friends of Bernie, Lloyd and Jeff. 
            And there was Terry.  She was worried he wouldn’t be able to come because of Brittany or something but she never should have doubted him.  He looked so happy to see her, waving and smiling ear to ear.  She felt a burst of energy surge through her body and knew it was love and not just pre-show jitters. 
            Shauna was very careful not to be noticed.  She’d gotten to the bar way earlier than anyone else but she’d picked a table around a weird corner so she was sort of sitting in a hallway.  She couldn’t actually see the stage but it was better this way.  Once the show got started she got up and gave up her seat to someone who actually wanted to sit and stood at the edge of the brick hallway.  There was a post in her way but if she craned her neck she could just see Cerise.  Most of the time she just listened, content to hear the music and Cerise’s beautiful singing voice.  She ordered beer after beer but eventually switched to club soda because it was getting expensive and also she was getting drunk but she didn’t want to lose control and do something stupid like blow her cover.  She wore a baseball cap the whole time so no one would see her there.  She wasn’t really sure why she wanted to be incognito, it’s not like she’d get kicked out if she were discovered, but better safe than sorry. 
            The music was amazing.  Cerise was seriously the most talented person ever.  It was incredible how she was good at everything, like literally everything!  She was perfect. 

            They were only paid until midnight but the crowd was so enthusiastic they played ‘till one.  Finally Cerise couldn’t take it anymore and she announced last song.  Then she stepped off the stage and into Terry’s arms. 
            “Hey fun boys, get a room,” said Vani in a weird German accent. 
            “Oh my god, Cerise, you were so amazing!” Sarah gushed. 
            The others agreed, all offering their congratulations, patting Cerise on the back as she stayed curled up in Terry’s embrace.  They kissed as everyone else kept talking, congratulating the boys.
            “Awesome show!”
            “Hey Jeff, you were off on that one song with the Vulcan shit.”
            “Good job, guys!”
            “Shut the fuck up.”
            “Oh my god, you guys, they totally didn’t even card me!”
            “That was seriously fucking amazing!”
            “Meh, it was decent at best.”
            “It was the shittiest show I ever saw.”
            “You’re such a fucking loser!”
            “Like they didn’t even ask to see my I.D!”
            “Did you guys have a rockin’ good time out in the sticks?”
            “I can’t believe this place is so packed!”
            “It was pretty good.”
            “My favourite song is the one with all those samples in the background.”
            “I know, we’re like sardines in here.”
            “Totally fun!  We played some great venues.”
            “I’m pretty sure you have to pay royalties to use those samples. This whole thing is totally illegal.”
            “Some shitty ones too.”
            “But how come all the tall people are always in front.  I couldn’t see a thing!”
            “Especially ‘cause Paramount’s entire purpose in life is to suck everyone dry.”
            “Seriously, not carded once.  I totally had like, five shots!”
            “Hey, where’s my hug?”
            Finally Cerise and Terry broke their embrace and she took turns hugging everyone else. 
            The metros were closed so they took the night bus to Terry’s place.  About half way through the show he’d gotten pretty tired but now the prospect of sleeping with Cerise had him reenergized and he couldn’t wait to get home. 
             “Do you work tomorrow?” asked Cerise as they sat on the bus. 
            “Lee is gonna cover my shift so we’ve got the whole day.  We have to get up at the crack of dawn though to drop off Britt at daycare.  I mean you can sleep in, I’ll come back when I’m done with her.”
            “How come you have to drop her off?  Isn’t that Vicky’s job?”
            Terry sighed.  He was so tired of everyone always telling him he shouldn’t take care of his sister. 
            “I mean, I’m not saying you shouldn’t help out,” she said hastily, apparently sensing his irritation.  “It’s just you’re all like crazy responsibility-boy now, all taking care of Britt and working and everything.  And I was just like, out having the time of my life.”
            “You should be having the time of your life,” Terry smiled and wrapped his arm around her.  “That’s what being young is all about.”
            “You’re young too.”
            He squeezed her shoulder and drew her into his chest.  It was so comforting to be with her.  He closed his eyes and held her tight, breathing in her scent, feeling her warmth, stroking her soft skin.
            He must have fallen asleep or something because the next thing he knew Cerise was pulling on his arm and dragging him out of the bus as she simultaneously struggled with her luggage.  Terry quickly grabbed her bags and rushed off the bus.  After about a ten minute walk they were home and climbed the steps up to the apartment.  They were quiet when opening the door but when they got to his room Terry about flipped.  He’d completely forgotten that Evan was here but even if he’d remembered he didn’t figure his little brother would use his bed as a hooking up station.
            “Oh my god, seriously?” hissed Cerise.
            Evan and Jules were asleep in Terry’s bed and they were both naked and entwined in a sheet.  Cerise flipped on the light and kicked the mattress and they both stirred, looking groggy.
            “What the fuck?” Evan said angrily and loudly.
            “Shut the fuck up!” Terry hissed.  “You wanna wake Britt?”
            “Fuck,” Evan grumbled, fumbling around for his boxers.
            Jules just lay in bed staring up at Terry with a satisfied smile.  He was so not in the mood for her bullshit right now.
            “What the fuck are you even doing here?” Cerise asked her little sister.
            “Babysitting,” Jules smiled.
            “Yeah, looks like it.  Get the fuck out!” Cerise whispered.
            “Where the fuck are we supposed to go?” asked Jules, sitting up and allowing the sheet to fall, exposing her little teenaged breasts.  Terry so didn’t want to see those and yet he so did.
            “Put some fucking clothes on, ho-bag,” Cerise sighed. 
            “It’s fucking 2am, you want me to like walk home or some shit?  Fuck off,” Jules drawled.
            “Seriously,” said Evan.
            Terry huffed in disgust and pulled Cerise out of his bedroom, grabbing a blanket as he went.  They’d just sleep on the couch, that’s all.  He didn’t have the energy for this shit right now.  Cerise changed into pjs and Terry stripped down to boxers and a t-shirt.  They cuddled up on the couch, which was way small and way uncomfortable but as long as Cerise was resting on his chest he didn’t really care where he was.

            Jay was super glad he’d taken the day off.  He’d gotten home super late the night before and it totally wasn’t worth it ‘cause Parisses Squares wasn’t even that good.
            “It was way fun!” Vani enthused.  “We should party in bars until the wee hours every night!  It’s such a cool person thing to do!”
            Jay wondered why he’d chosen to spend his day off at the bakery when he could have sat at home playing video games.  It wasn’t really fun to hang out here during the day.  Somehow the bakery magic only took effect at night.  Still, it was cool to be here when Terry Trebidouchsky wasn’t.
            “It was lame,” said Lee.  “Everyone in that place was a hipster of epic proportions.”
            “Shut the fuck up Lee, you know you’re a hipster too, right?” asked Jay.
            “Would a hipster do this?” Lee asked, raising his fist and pushing it in Jay’s face, stopping just short of hitting him.
            Jay didn’t even flinch he was so used to this shit.  Well, maybe he flinched a bit, but not much.  Lee was such a hypocrite.
            “Yeah I think it was pretty fun,” agreed Willy, who’d also taken the day off.  “Jenn was totally into it.  She slept at my place and we totally fucked all night.”
            “This sucks!  How can I be the only member left in the virgin club?” asked Vani.  “Well, unless you count Mylo.  Great, that means me and him have to become best friends.”
            “Hey Mylo!” shouted Lee.  “You have to become Vani’s new best friend.”
            Myles emerged from the kitchen and asked if he’d still be able to eat Minigos.  They confirmed he could except not on weekends, when he might have to switch to Yop. 
            “Ooh, I dunno guys, I dunno,” Myles shook his head.  “I mean, me wanna Yop ‘till the morning sun but you can’t beat a Minigo.”
            “Fine!  Forsake me!” Vani whimpered as Furry Jenn walked into the bakery and sat on Willy’s lap.
            Vani visibly shuddered and asked her what she saw in Willy.
            “I dunno,” she giggled stupidly.
            “You guys are fucking?”
            They all turned to see Brown standing behind the counter.  How long had he been lurking there?  That guy was totally creepy.  But also cool ‘cause he owned his own business and had his own car.
            “Good job, man,” Brown walked up to Willy and extended his hand, which Willy shook proudly.  “One less member of the virgin club.  Now if only we could get Myles and Vani deflowered.  Whataya say, Jenny?  Up for a gang-bang?”
            Jenn giggled and shrugged.
            “Come on,” Brown went on.  “They’ll line up, all you have to do is spread your legs.  I hear you’re good at that.  We can do it in the kitchen, I’ll just have to recharge my phone so I can film it.”
            Lee guffawed but Vani and Myles were squirming.  Jenn giggled uncertainly but Jay couldn’t tell how Willy was reacting.  He just stared up at Brown with a neutral face.
            “Won’t hurt a bit,” Brown grinned.  “Just ask Myles.  It didn’t hurt when we sodomized you last night, did it?”
            Myles shrugged his shoulders and Vani’s jaw dropped.  “So what, I am alone in the virgin club now?”

            Gross, thought Cerise as she surveyed Terry’s unkempt bed.  Julie and Evan had taken off and Terry was driving Britt to daycare so Cerise figured she might as well take care of this mess.  So nasty, she thought as she stripped the sheets off the bed.  She dragged them over to the washing machine in the front hall and stuffed them all inside.  Then she emptied all her dirty clothes in there as well.  For a moment she hesitated, wondering if it was gross to wash her stuff with her sister’s sex juices but whatever, she didn’t want to have to do two loads.
            When Terry got home they finally made love on his sheetless bed.  At first there was almost an awkwardness to it, like they’d forgotten each other’s bodies even though it had only been a month.  But they found their groove easily enough and spent the rest of the morning napping as they waited for the laundry to be done.  Eventually they rubbed the sleep out of their eyes and made the bed and folded her laundry.  It was almost like they were a married couple, being all domestic and stuff. 
            After lunch they headed out to the West Island and visited her mom at the bookstore.  Cerise had actually forgotten that Shauna worked there now so she was momentarily surprised to see her there.
            “Hi,” said Cerise as Terry put his arm around her protectively.
            “Hi,” Shauna replied.  She looked so different, wearing a pink v-neck shirt and a breezy skirt.  Cerise actually found herself missing Shauna’s goth/punk gear.  There was something so inauthentic about her present garb.
            Cerise’s mom must have sensed her daughter’s presence through some sort of mom specific psychic power cause she rushed out of the back room and hugged Cerise.  “Have you read 50 Shades of Grey?”

            “Huh?  What?  No,” said Cerise, totally weirded out by her mom’s question.
            Ms. Simon was totally obsessed with that book.  Shauna had never read it but she was curious to just because Angela hated it so much.
            “Good, it’s terrible,” said Ms. Simon.  “Even worse than Twilight.  At first I refused to stock it but every single person who comes in here requests it so I had no choice but to order it.  It’s shameful, the taste in literature today.”
            “Yeah, so different from back in your day,” Cerise rolled her eyes.  “When everyone was a genius with a Phd and no one read trashy novels.  You know a lot more people are educated today, which is why…”
            “Yes, yes, I know,” Ms. Simon sighed.  “Will you be home for dinner tonight?  I’ll make a nice lasagna!”
            “Actually I’m gonna hang with the gang tonight,” Cerise replied.
            “Oh well, then tomorrow night.”
            “Ok,” Cerise shrugged.
            So weird.  Shauna wished she could talk to her mother that way but she knew she’d end up getting a smack across the face if she said no to dinner or no to anything or implied she’d rather spend time with other people, not that anyone would ever want to spend time with her.
            The phone rang and Angela answered it and then started lecturing whoever it was on the other end about how 50 Shades of Grey was total trash.
            “Ok well, later,” Cerise said as she turned to leave.
            “I saw your show last night,” Shauna blurted out.  Dammit!  She hadn’t wanted to say that but it just came out.  She wanted Cerise to stay and talk but couldn’t think of anything else to say to keep her around.
            “Oh, that’s cool,” said Cerise with a shy smile while her big boyfriend guy got all frowny faced.  “Did you enjoy it?”
            “Yeah, it was cool.  You’re super good.”
            They stood there for a moment and then the boyfriend guy steered Cerise outside.  Well, that had been brief.  Shauna hoped they’d do another show soon so she could sneak out again.  Much to her surprise she hadn’t gotten caught and it was pretty fun to outwit her parents that way.  She couldn’t wait to do it again.

            “Oh, it doesn’t mean anything, Terry,” said Cerise as she and Terry Trebigorillasky walked into the bakery.
            “Total stalker.”
            “By that logic, everyone who was at the show is stalking me.”
            Vani shook his head.  “For shame, Cerise.  You’re so greedy with all the stalkers.  Can’t there be any leftover for the rest of us?”
            Cerise sneered as Terry Trebithehoundsky pushed Vani into the counter.  God, he was so violent.
            “So I guess you guys are talking about Porta-potty chick?” asked Jay.
            “Totally stalking Cerise,” said Terry Trebimutantferretsky.
            “No, she isn’t.”  Cerise insisted.
            “She was at the show last night!”
            “So was everyone else!”
            “Whoa,” said Vani.  “She was prob’ly following you during the entire tour!”
            “Well except that she was right across the street the whole time,” Terry Trebidingosky laughed. 
            “Total stalkation,” Vani nodded.  “I mean, how’d she even find out about the show?”
            “It was adverstised,” Cerise said matter-of-factly.
            “Like that girl knows how to use the internet,” chuckled Vani as Terry Trebiyuckycaterpillarsky nodded.
            “Oh my god, you have a stalker?” asked Furry Jenn.  “I had a stalker once.  But I just like told him that like I wasn’t interested.  I mean he still calls me all the time but I just tell him I have a new boyfriend now.”
            “Yeah, and then Willy threatens to beat him up?” laughed Jay.
            “I totally could,” Willy insisted.  “Except you don’t have a stalker.”
            “I totally do,” insisted Jenn.  “How would you even know?  It’s not like you’re with me all the time.”
            “I’m with you enough,” said Willy with a roll of his eyes.
            “We’re like, never together!  You never wanna do anything!”
            “We do stuff all the time!”
            “We never do!”
            “We’re doing stuff right now!”
            “You hate me!”  Furry Jenn exclaimed and then ran outside crying.
            “Well that was decidedly bizarre,” remarked Vani.

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