Monday, April 2, 2012

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Prologue

Terry drove around Kirkland and ended up in a park in Beaconsfield.  It was that park where he and Cerise had had their first date.  It was where he’d first kissed her… oh no wait, he’d kissed her at school first.  Or had he?  He wasn’t sure but either way it’d been awesome.  That whole first date had been great, playing in the park, going to dinner, having a huge argument.  Ok, so it wasn’t all great.  God, he and Cerise always fought, didn’t they?  How come they couldn’t just be normal?  Not that other couples were normal.  Look at Karine and Peter.  She was totally not into him at all and he just took it like a total dufus.  Although he wasn’t nearly as bad as Steven had always been.  Man, what a fucking doormat!
Was anyone in a happy, healthy relationship?  Not Terry’s parents, not the parents of any of his friends, none of his friends.  Everyone was so fucked up.  Which is why he and Cerise were so awesome, ‘cause even thought they had major blowouts sometimes they still got along most of the time, even when they weren’t dating.  They were totally friends now even though they weren’t together.  Better friends than he was with almost anyone else.  Next to Karine it was safe to say that Cerise was his best friend.  And honestly, she was better than Karine at cheering him up when he was feeling like shit.
He sat in his car outside her house and looked inside.  The lights were on, everyone was probably watching TV or maybe they were braiding each other’s hair or something.  Just sitting here was pathetic.  He was just like Porta-potty chick, all watching Cerise from a distance.  But if he went inside then he wasn’t a stalker, he was a friend asking for help.  All he had to do was go ring the doorbell.  Goddammit, why couldn’t Cerise just buy a stupid phone already!?

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