Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Season 2 – Episode 11 – Act IV

            Wow, ok, so that had happened.  Karine definitely wasn’t high anymore and was kind of embarrassed about the way she’d acted with Terry.  She had two options, find him and act like nothing had ever happened, or find him and make sure they were still cool.  Or find Janice and get high again.
            “How often do you do this stuff?” she asked Janice, who was back in the kitchen doing another line.
            “Just on the weekends,” Janice shrugged.  “You want more?”
            Karine wondered if she was already addicted after just one hit.  She definitely wanted more because being on cocaine had made her feel better than she ever had in her entire life but she didn’t want to become like Janice, who didn’t seem capable of having a good time without the stuff.  Was she ever not high? 
            “No, I’m ok,” said Karine, walking off to find Terry.  She would limit herself to doing it at parties, and only if Terry would do it with her, and only if it was someone else’s stuff.  She wasn’t about to waste money on it and end up like one of those people on Dr. Drew’s rehab show. 
            “You’re coming down,” said Terry as she joined him outside.  He passed her his cigarette and she took a drag.
            “Yeah, sorry I was being all weird.”
            “It’s ok, it was funny.”
            “Sorry I said bitchy things about your one true love.”
            Terry laughed.  “It’s all good.”
            “But for real though, you can stay here.  I think it’ll be more convenient than staying at Cerise’s.”
            “You want me to?” he asked with so much pity that Karine wanted to slap him.
            “No!” she laughed.  “I mean I wouldn’t mind, but I’m not actually like crying in     my Corn-flakes every morning like all sad ‘cause I’m alone.  I like having my space.”
            “If you want me here you can say so Karine, you can be real with me.”
            “Oh my god, take out the tampon!  Don’t do me any favours, Terry, seriously.”
            He sighed and shook his head.  “Ok.”
            She was glad it was dark out so he couldn’t see how embarrassed she was.  “No, like, if you need a place to crash I’m happy to help but this isn’t about me.  I mean like, what do you actually want?”
            “Honestly, I think I like staying at Cerise’s.  I mean in a way it’s torture.”
            “’Cause you wanna bone her so bad?” Karine snorted and wiped her nose, instantly wondering if this was a side-effect of the cocaine.
            “Yeah,” Terry laughed.  “Also ‘cause her little sister is constantly around, always up in my shit.  I mean she’s a cute kid but it’s like living with Christina in her obsesso days.”
            “Yeah, I can see how that would be annoying as fuck,” chuckled Karine.
            “But yeah, I like being there.  They’re like a real family,” Terry shrugged.  “They all eat breakfast together.  Well, I mean sorta.  They all have different schedules so it’s not like they all sit there together for an hour but they all seem to get along.  No one yells at anyone.”
            “I never found your family to be particularly yelly.”
            “Yeah, I guess not.  I guess I just want a different family, that’s all.”
            “Are you gonna look for your real mom?”
            “Well I googled the name Bridget Thompson and there’s like a million of them.”
            “Well we could start with the ones in Quebec.”
            “Yeah, I guess.”
            “You don’t have to.”
            “Yeah, whatever.  I don’t wanna think about this shit tonight.  My plan is to get thoroughly wasted and then… I dunno, that’s pretty much my whole plan.”
            “Let’s get you some beer then,” Karine laughed, leading him back to the house.
            “Oh my god, that guy is seriously hot,” said Laura, who stood on the front porch with that chick who’d been the playing card who wasn’t allowed to sing.
            “Is he single?” asked the playing card.
            “No,” replied Karine, entering the house.

            Terry wasn’t sure what to make of all that.  He’d totally just heard Karine telling some chick that he wasn’t single.  Was Karine into him?  It sort of seemed like it sometimes.  Was he into her?  He could be.  He wanted Cerise but if she didn’t work out, it’s not like Karine would be a bad consolation prize.  She was hotter than most movie-stars and was fun to hang out with.  She could be mean though, especially to her boyfriends.  She always treated them like lap-dogs, which was hilarious but Terry seriously didn’t want to become her bitch. 
            He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a couple beers from the fridge, turning around to see Nick Morgan.
            “Hey man, what you doing here?”
            “I know the dude who played the King of Hearts.”
            “Cool.”  He handed his second beer to Nick and then went back into the fridge for another, which he gave to Karine.  “You know Karine.”
            “Yeah, hey, this your house, eh?”
            “Yeah,” Karine nodded, taking the beer Terry offered.
            They all went into the living room and joined the gang.  Terry deliberately chose not to stand next to Cerise, because he didn’t want to be too obvious about it but he smiled at her and she totally smiled back.  They were all watching Jay and his stupid hair dance with Cassie and her extreme shortness.  Was it Terry’s imagination or were they about two seconds from getting down?
            “Oh my god, Cassie and Jay look like they’re two seconds from heading upstairs,” remarked Karine.
            “Isn’t she with that Jojo guy?” asked Terry.
            “Well they’re just dancing,” said Cerise.
            “Yeah right,” said Sarah angrily.  “He sure doesn’t waste any time.”
            “Are you still into him?” asked Karine.
            Sarah simply mumbled something about needing a drink and walked away.
            “I guess she’s still into him,” confirmed Cerise.  “It’s too bad they had to break up.”
            “I guess,” said Karine.  “So it doesn’t bother you, Cerise?  Seeing Jay all making time with Cassie?”
            “Why would it bother me?”  Her eyes darted towards Terry, who pretended like he didn’t care about the answer.
            “No reason,” Karine shrugged.
            Karine waited for Terry and Nick to start talking about boring hockey shit and then she subtly pulled Cerise aside.  “So come on, it seriously doesn’t bother you?  They’re practically humping each other.” She indicated Jay and Cassie, who were seriously getting a bit gross.
            “Well yeah, I guess,” Cerise spoke so quietly Karine had to hunch over to hear her.  “But that’s Jay.  He’s always… going after girls who aren’t me.  But I mean, I can’t let that get to me.  I can’t live my whole life hoping Jay will never get a girlfriend.  I mean, he has to have a life too.”
            “But you still like him, right?”
            “Whatever.  I mean I have a crush on Ryan Gosling too but I’m not gonna freak out if he starts dating someone.”
            “You’re acting like Jay is unattainable, which he totally isn’t.”
            “I don’t give a shit about Jay!” Cerise protested too much.  “I’m into Terry.”
            “So you admit you wanna get back with Terry?”
            “Hello?  You know I do.  I mean it’s Terry.  He’s awesome.  And he’s being so good about my sister, who’s like totally being a freak, all hanging all over him and shit.  But he’s so nice. So not the jerky guy I thought he was in high school.”
            Cerise looked over at him with a disgustingly dreamy expression on her face and kept babbling.  “It’s so weird.  I see it more clearly now that we’re not together.  I really regret not fully giving myself to him.”
            “You mean not giving him your cerise?” Karine snarked.
            “No,” Cerise said in annoyance.  “Giving myself.  Being completely open with him.  Back when it was his birthday I was freaking out because I didn’t know what to get him.  I thought we had nothing in common and that we had no real connection but that wasn’t true at all.  I just wasn’t looking right.  I wasn’t seeing what was right there.”
            Karine really wanted to go find Janice and her coke ‘cause this conversation was totally depressing.  Cerise and Terry obviously belonged together and she had the power to make that happen.  She knew that they’d broken up because Terry wouldn’t stop hanging out with the Asshole and Cerise had stupidly made that some sort of ultimatum.  It really pissed her off, how she was somehow in the middle of their nauseating Bella and Edward romance.
            “So why don’t you just get back with him then?” Karine asked with a touch of bitterness.
            “Cerise shrugged and averted her eyes.  “I dunno.  I guess there’s still an issue that stands in the way.”
            “And what is that issue, Cerise?”  Karine asked with gritted teeth.
            “Um, it’s personal,” she replied vaguely.
            God damn her!  Karine felt unreasonably angry and she wasn’t even sure why.  Was it because she was jealous?  Because she knew she’d never get what she wanted?  Because she’d been unable to manipulate Cerise into hooking-up with Jay?  Because Jay was such a fucking retard as to go for every chick in the vicinity besides Cerise?  Because Terry kept choosing Cerise over her?  Because she was lonely and couldn’t connect to anyone besides Terry?  Because she wasn’t even sure if she really did connect with Terry?  Because she worried she’d never be able to connect with anyone ever again?  Because she thought maybe she’d never connected with anyone even before the Asshole incident?  Because the Asshole incident had happened? 
            “Hey, how’s my girls?” asked Terry, putting an arm around each of them.
            “Your girls?!” Karine snapped.  “You make it sound like we’re your concubines!”
            Terry stepped away and looked shocked.  “You ok?”
            Karine took a deep breath to calm herself down.  “Yeah I guess I’m still coming down.” 
            She wanted to say so much more.  She wanted to tell them both off for being such idiots.  That if they wanted to be together they should just be together and spare the rest of them the idiotic drama.  She wanted to tell them to just forget about each other because it was making the rest of them sick and she wanted to yell at the entire world for being boring and stupid and whatever.  Fuck!
            Instead she walked away and found Sarah sulking at the kitchen table.  “You look like I feel.”
            “You saw him!”
            “Jay!” whined Sarah.  “We broke up like, two seconds ago and already he’s flirting with someone else who meanwhile already has a boyfriend so I don’t know what he’s thinking anyway!”
            “You guys broke up ages ago,” said Karine, trying not to sound bitchy about it, but seriously, why did Sarah even care?
            “Well, not really.”
            “You’re gonna think I’m a total bitch.”  Sarah lowered her voice.
            “Why, what?” Karine leaned towards her.
            “We didn’t actually um, break up back in February.”
            “What?” This could be juicy!
            “Well we did but then we got back together but in secret.  We kept going out for like, another month.  But in secret.”
            Drama!  “Sarah, you little shit!  And I didn’t even suspect!”
            “Good.  I hope Cerise and Karl didn’t suspect either.”
            “I doubt it.”
            “You know, ironically it’s actually because of Cerise that we got back together.”
            “Why, what’d she do?” asked Karine with great interest.
            “Well, according to Jay, when he told her we broke up she like, encouraged him to like, follow his heart.  Apparently she was all like, screw what everybody thinks, just do what makes you happy.  I mean, isn’t that hilarious?  She totally has a thing for him but she cared enough to put her own feelings aside for his benefit.  I mean, that’s real love.  That’s real affection.  To like, not be selfish.  And I went ahead and kept going out with him in secret ‘cause I am selfish.  I wish I could be more like her.”
            “Oh gross.  She just didn’t want Jay ‘cause she wants Terry more.”
            “Yeah, we all want Terry more, but still,” insisted Sarah.  “I mean you saw her out there.  Like you could see it in her eyes when she was watching Jay groping Cassie.  Like she was totally hurt but she didn’t say anything.  She just accepted it.  It’s like… noble.”
            “Oh please!” Karine scoffed. 
            “Well anyway, whatever,” Sarah shrugged.  “I guess I’m just feeling sorry for myself ‘cause I want a boyfriend.  You wouldn’t know what it’s like.”
            “Why wouldn’t I know what it’s like?” Karine asked in confusion.
            “’Cause you have guys falling all over you all the time!  You know how many times guys have come on to me?  Try none.  I’ve always had to make the first move.  It’s exhausting!”
            “It’s not like the guys who are into me are quality guys.”
            “Yeah well, who is a quality guy?” asked Sarah bitterly.
            “Yeah, I always thought you guys would get together,” said Sarah, leaning her head on her hands.
            “But he only has eyes for Cerise.”
            “They’re so cute together,” Sarah smiled.
            “I guess.”
            “You don’t think so?  I mean they both seem so happy when they’re together.  I totally don’t get why they keep breaking up.”
            “Yeah,” Karine nodded.  “So let’s say you liked a guy but knew he liked someone else and you knew the someone else liked him back.  And you knew you could get them together by just sort of revealing something.  Would you get them together or would you try to get the guy for yourself?”
            “Well that’s just it, eh?” said Sarah.  “If I liked the guy I’d want to see him happy, right?  ‘Cause only a selfish bitch would try to get the guy for herself, right?”
            “Right,” Karine nodded sadly.
            “Yeah, so I’d totally try to get the guy for myself.”
            “Yeah, me too,” chuckled Karine.
            “I mean I should be happy for Jay that Cassie is apparently into him.  But I’m pissed.  I broke up with him and yet here I am thinking about how to get him back, and screw Cassie and screw Cerise!”
            “Yeah, seriously,” Karine sighed.  “We’re bitches.”
            “Yeah,” Sarah nodded sadly.
            Karine got them each a beer from the fridge and they clinked their bottles together, toasting to bitchitude.

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