Friday, December 30, 2011

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Prologue

            She knew it was a risk, but the risk was exactly what made it fun.  Shauna crept out of bed and pulled off her underwear while Stan still snored away.  Wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt she tiptoed over to Rod, who was asleep on the couch in the living room.  She straddled him and put her finger to his lips.  He opened his eyes and grinned, grabbing her hips.  He was already hard so she pulled his dick out of his jogging pants and tried to push it inside herself but she was too dry so she spit on her hand and rubbed it on his cock and then pushed again. This time he went in but it didn’t exactly feel good.  But that wasn’t the point. 
            They fucked quietly and at one point froze when they heard Stan make one of his disgusting smacking noises.  When he kept snoring like a lawnmower they kept fucking and finally Rod whispered for her to get off.  She pulled away just in time for him to come all over his stomach.  Usually they used condoms but today had been spontaneous.  Shauna really appreciated that Rod had enough foresight not to come inside her, although sometimes she felt like getting pregnant might be fun, just ‘cause it would be something different. 
            She handed him the Kleenex box and he cleaned up while Shauna went to the bathroom to pee.  As she sat on the toilet she noticed a scab on her knee and picked at it.  Then she scratched at a few other scabs.  She got into the bath and ran the water over her legs as she scratched away.  It felt so good to scratch and she loved the way the blood curved around the drain before going down.  At first she didn’t even know she was touching herself, not just on her legs but down there.  When she realized what she was doing she snatched her hand back and stared at the door.  Did they know what she was doing?  Did God?  God probably didn’t even exist.  Cerise didn’t believe in God, why should she?  She brought her hand back to her private area but the moment had passed and it didn’t feel good anymore.  She scratched her legs some more in an attempt to recapture the feeling but it was no use. 
            Oh well, at least she could take comfort in the knowledge that Stan was a fucking loser who would probably die alone all covered in maggots and shit because she’d for sure leave him pretty soon and then he’d have no one.  

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