Thursday, December 1, 2011

Season 2 – Episode 7 - Prologue

          A light snowfall descended on Terry as he walked away from his parked car and towards school.  He slowed his pace to make the moment last longer.  This was perfect weather.  It wasn’t oppressively hot like in summer but it wasn’t crazy cold yet like it would be in about a month.  December was awesome.  Until Christmas of course.  But there were still final exams to take before that whole hellish ordeal would need to be endured.  Would he confront his father about the pictures or just let it slide until after the holidays?  Terry honestly didn’t know if he even wanted to confront his dad.  Maybe some secrets were better left buried.  And maybe his dad wasn’t the most gigantic douche in the history of ever, but probably not.
            Great.  He shouldn’t even have entered the school.  There was Cerise hanging out in front of the Munch Box with that stupid guy in that stupid band and his stupid stupidity and what the hell?!  They were totally kissing!  That guy was practically trying to chart her internal topography with his tongue.  Well at least she didn’t seem to be enjoying it much.  She kept pulling away from him and looking down.  Was this guy a total retard that he couldn’t read her body language?  She looked hyper awkward.  Poor Cerise.  Not poor Cerise!  She was already making out with some loser even though they’d only broken up like, a month ago?!  Had it been that long?  Life sucked.
            Terry found Karine at her locker and demanded to know what Cerise’s status was with this dorky Munch Box guy.
            “Tom?  Yeah, they’re going out,” Karine confirmed.
            “When did this happen?  Has it been going on for a long time?  Were you even gonna tell me?”
            “Which question should I answer?” she asked wryly.
            Terry glared at Karine and she shrugged dramatically, revealing that they’d hooked up at the cast party on Saturday.  Terry sighed and started to walk away so Karine followed him, asking if he was ok.
            “Yeah.  What the fuck do I care, right?”
            “It’ll be ok,” she rubbed his back soothingly.
            “Fuck you know?  I was gonna like, go talk to her and shit.  I was gonna be all, let’s work it out or whatever.  But fuck you know?  Now she’s all… she’s all with that little shit loser.”
            “I mean what the fuck?  Him?  He’s a loser!  Does she think it’s cool that he has that stupid band?  They suck!  She prob’ly thinks it’s real cool ‘cause it’s all about Star Trek or whatever.  They prob’ly sit around and talk about all that fucking sci-fi crap!  They prob’ly have tons of shit in common, eh?  Don’t they?  Don’t they, Karine?”
            “I dunno,” Karine said, backing away from Terry.
            He stopped yelling and looked around to make sure no one in the crowded hallway had been listening.  “Fuck. I can’t believe this shit.  It’s fucking bullshit.  She doesn’t even like him.  You can totally tell.”
            “You can?” she asked in surprise.
            “Yeah, can’t you?  It’s totally obvious.”
            “She should though.  I mean they do have lots of shit in common,” Karine said, more to herself than to Terry.
            “So the fuck what?  So that means they’re a better match than me and her?  Yeah, I guess you’re right.  She prob’ly really does like him.  And why shouldn’t she? I mean, yeah.  Why shouldn’t she move on you know?  She was never fully into me.  She always held back.”
            “Yeah I mean, yeah.  I dunno.  Sometimes I thought so.  Sometimes I thought everything was great.  I dunno, fuck.  Maybe we’re just too different.  And now she’s found some fucking nerd who’s all into the same shit as she is.  So great.  Good for her.  Why should I be pissed, right?  I mean it’s her life.  She can do whatever the hell she wants.”
            “Yeah, she kinda can,” Karine nodded.
            “So do you think it’s serious?  I mean she’s not really into him, is she?  I mean she totally isn’t.”
            “Well I guess she’s pretty serious considering she had sex with him at the cast party.”
            Terry stopped walking and turned to Karine, his hands balled into fists and his eyes bugging out of his head.  She looked instantly regretful and stammered something incomprehensible.
            “She had sex with him?”
            “Well… yeah,” Karine nodded.
            “How long have they been going out?”
            “Saturday was their first date.”
            All his anger crumbled into sadness.  “I don’t get it.”
            “Terry,” Karine put her hand on his shoulder tentatively.
            “I’m such a fucking loser.”

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