Monday, May 2, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Prologue

            “How ‘bout this?” asked Simone, holding up a lacy, black dress.
            Cerise gave her a look and she snickered, putting back the goth gear.  It was pretty tough to find a decent prom dress.  All the nice dresses were way too expensive and all the cheap dresses were, well, cheap.  They’d decided to bypass the mall altogether and went downtown.  Now that they’d reached
Mont-Royal street
things were starting to get more interesting.  There was one shop with really cool vintage stuff and Cerise really liked one of the Mad Men type dresses but it was crazy expensive so that dream had to die.
            Simone kept suggesting black dresses and Cerise finally had to threaten murder for her to understand that she didn’t want to wear black.
            “God, black just makes me look pale!  And unlike some people that’s not the look I’m going for.”
            “Ok fine,” Simone conceded.  “But if you’re gonna wear colour make sure it pops.  If you even look at a fucking pastel I will stab you in the face!”
            “As if I would ever wear pastel, Simone.”  Cerise rolled her eyes.

            “Oh, you look so good, Karine!” gushed Christina when Karine came out of the dressing room in a sleek, pink gown.
            “You look like Malibu fucking Barbie,” snarked Erica.
            Karine didn’t care what Erica said.  The dress was strapless and full length and it hugged her curves perfectly.  She looked hot. 
            Both Erica and Christina were wearing green dresses.  Erica’s had a plunging neckline and her boobs were pretty much ready to take over the world.  You had to hand it to the girl; at least she knew what her assets were. 
            “You can’t wear that dress, Chrissy,” she said snottily.
            “Why not?” asked Chrissy, looking down at herself.
            “We can’t both wear the same colour, loser!  And I’m getting this so find something else.”
            Karine helped Chrissy find a nice little red dress that showed off her legs.  Chrissy had excellent calves.  They bought their dresses and then went for iced coffees at the food court before hitting the shoe stores.

            “Ok, well how ‘bout this?” asked Simone.
            Cerise turned to look at the dress and smirked in amusement.  “Yes, because I’m mom and I enjoy granola.” 
            Simone giggled and put back the hippy dress.  “I know, en prime!”
            They’d exhausted all of Mont-Royal and were walking down St-Laurent when Simone ducked into a Chinese shop to get some incense.  Turned out they had dresses too.  Cerise and Simone smiled at one another, sharing an epiphany. 
            “Totally!” said Simone as Cerise took a blue cheongsam off the rack. 
            “You think?” asked Cerise.  “You don’t think it’s like cultural appropriation to wear a Chinese dress?”
            “No way!  It’s cool.”
            “But my friend Sarah is Chinese.  What if she thinks it’s like I’m trying to be cool but I’m really just a poseur?”
            “Oh get over it.  The colour is great for you!”
            “Well it won’t hurt to try it on,” Cerise smiled.
            She looked fantastic.  The dress was knee length and slit up to mid thigh on both sides.  It was royal blue with a silver flower pattern snaking up the front.  And the high collar would be quite practical for hiding all the love-bites Terry was constantly inflicting on her neck.
            “Sexy,” said Simone.
            “You think?”
            “You actually look like you have a body in that thing,” Simone smirked.
            “Shut up,” Cerise blushed.
            “No seriously, look at yourself.  You have hips, Cerise.  You even have boobs.  And look how good your ass looks.  And it’ll look even better when you’ve got heels on.”
            “Oh god, I have to wear heels?”
            “Well duh.  So get the dress and let’s go shoe shopping!”
            Cerise looked at the price tag.  It was reasonable.  More than she’d ever spent on any item of clothing before but it was worth it.  And Simone was right; she totally had a body in this thing.  Terry would love it!   

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