Thursday, May 19, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Act III

There was only one week left of school before exams.  Jay never really studied, none of them did, not even Karl even though he was super serious about his grades.  He didn’t need to study.  Jay kind of did but he hadn’t put much effort into academics lately.  He was in all enriched classes but this year he wasn’t actually making the honour roll.  He was passing fine though and he figured good enough was good enough.  Still, final exams were important so he might actually have to crack open the books this weekend.  Not that Karl would let him get out of gaming.  Maybe Karl would lead them in a study session.  More likely he would just mock the rest of them for not being as smart as him.  Karl was really an ass sometimes.
“Hey, it’s your girlfriend,” said Willy, attempting to chide Karl when Sarah walked into student union with Cerise and the Greens.
“Yep, it is,” smiled Karl with satisfaction.
It was always funny when Willy got burned but it sucked that Karl suddenly had a girlfriend and the rest of them didn’t.  Jay had always thought he’d be the first one to get a girlfriend.  He’d always hoped it would be Karine but obviously he was delusional. 
“Man, you’re such a king,” sighed Vani with admiration.  “It’s just like when Tom and B’Elanna got together.  Only not even slightly like that at all.”
“Exactly,” nodded Willy.
Cerise and Sarah emerged from student union and pasted a poster on the wall advertising the Grad Car Wash that weekend.  Sarah had a sign up sheet and she asked them all to sign up.
“No thanks,” smiled Karl
“Come on, it’ll be fun,” encouraged Cerise.
“Nope,” said Karl.
“Come on, Karl,” said Sarah and the way she looked at him you just knew he’d say yes and sure enough he agreed.
“Excellent!  I’ll sign you all up!” declared Sarah.
So now Jay had to waste his weekend washing cars?  He wasn’t going to get any studying done.
“So now we have to wash cars?” asked Willy, echoing Jay’s thoughts.
“You are so whipped,” said Vani right in front of the girls.  “I’m so jealous,” he concluded and they all laughed.
“So listen,” began Karl.  “I was thinking of the possibility of more prankage and I think we should pull some end of year pranks.  You know, grad pranks baso.”
“Pranks against who?” asked Cerise suspiciously.
“The administration!  Back to our SOIF roots!”
“Karl, don’t get all overcompensaty just because you’re participating in a few school activities,” advised Sarah.
“Hey, what if we pranked Taffy?” suggested Vani.  “I mean he’s cool so we wouldn’t get in trouble and he’s cool so it’d be funny.”
“Hey yeah, that could be funny,” agreed Jay.
They brainstormed ideas and Cerise came up with the winning entry.  It was pretty basic but it involved everyone coming to school bright and early on Tuesday to set up Taffy’s class before homeroom.  Cerise wanted to recruit Terry to help since he had muscles but the boys insisted they could handle it themselves.
Taffy was appropriately stunned and amused on Tuesday morning when he came in to find all the desks had been stacked up on one another in a pyramid shape and on Taffy’s desk was a cardboard recreation of the scene, which Karl had made the night before in a classic Karl case of overpreparation. 
It had apparently taken the entire first period to take down the desks, so the class was well wasted. 
“Does Taffy suspect it’s us?” asked Willy after lunch once Cerise and Sarah joined the boys at the wall.
“Pretty liberal use the term ‘us’ there, Willy,” snarked Karl.  “All you did was stand around and wheeze at the incredible weight of a chair.”
“I don’t think anyone suspects it’s us,” said Cerise.  “Well, Terry guessed ‘cause I told him Sarah and I did the duct tape thing but he didn’t tell anyone.”
“So now we have to up the ante,” said Vani.
“I know,” agreed Karl.  “We need something even better for tomorrow.”
“I have an idea,” said Sarah.

The way Cerise was all giggly clued Terry in to the fact that there’d be another prank in homeroom that morning.  Sure enough when they got to class, it was clear of desks and in their place was a volleyball net.  The girls’ volleyball team was playing a game in full uniform like nothing was amiss.  It was pretty impressive how they adjusted their serves so the ball wouldn’t constantly hit the ceiling. 
Taffy was way cool about it and let the girls play all morning.  They divided the team and the class into two sides and everyone had to root for their respective sides.  They got pretty intense about it and created signs and made up cheers.  It got so loud that neighbouring classes came by to see what the fuss was about and soon the class was overflowing with spectators.  Jonah Cupryk complained that the packed room exceeded the fire safety limits and Steven gave him a wedgie for his troubles.  Good times. 
It was pretty disappointing when there was nothing weird on Thursday.  Taffy looked suspicious when he first walked in to class but he got on with business when it seemed like all was normal.  But Cerise had been giggly again that morning so Terry knew better.  About ten minutes in there was a knock at the door and Taffy opened it apprehensively.  The marching band came in, blaring their instruments at full blast.  They really sucked, but that just made it funnier.  They kept playing for the rest of the class so everyone had to suffer through it with their hands over their ears. 

Cerise came over to Terry’s house that afternoon after school and as had become their habit ever since they’d fooled around during her period, they bypassed the TV room entirely and went straight for his bedroom.  Now she always dumped her schoolbag in the front entrance, kicked off her shoes and marched down to his room.  He loved it when she was so direct. 
She seemed especially aggressive today and pushed him down onto the bed, straddling him and pulling off his shirt, then kissing him hungrily.  He held her and kissed back, sucking on her neck.  She pulled away.
“Don’t give me a hickey!” she cautioned.  “It’s getting embarrassing; I’m always all bruised up.”
“But I can’t help it,” he said, grabbing her and flipping her onto her back. 
He bit her neck and she laughed, pushing him away.  They play wrestled and he kept pinning her down.  She would squeeze loose and then climb onto his back, at which point he would flip her over as she erupted in a peel of giggles.  He loved her laugh. 
“Ok, seriously, no bruising,” she pleaded as he chewed on her neck.
“Aww,” he pouted.
“It’s no fair!  No matter how hard I try to bruise you, nothing happens.”
“Thick skin,” he grinned.
She made a cute noise of frustration and pounded her fists against his chest while he laughed.  She scratched him and bit him but nothing affected him.  Or rather, it affected him very much but only in the best way possible.  He sighed with pleasure as she dug her teeth into his flesh.
“I bet I could hurt you if I really tried,” she said with a sly grin.
He raised his brow.  “Oh, sounds like a challenge.  I bet you can’t.”
She bit her lip and sat on top of him, raking her nails over his chest as he smiled with satisfaction.  She scratched harder.  It did kind of hurt but he liked it and told her to try again.  She did and he winced but told her he hadn’t felt a thing.  She pressed her nails into his skin and quickly drew them down his chest.
He couldn’t help but emit a wounded yelp.  She’d scratched really hard.  Holy shit, she’d even drawn blood!  He looked up at her and she was clearly shocked.  Her hands flew up to cover her mouth and she stared at him, wide-eyed, apologetic. 
He looked down at his chest.  It was only a couple drops of blood, no big deal.  In fact, he kind of liked it.  The pain was wearing off and he sort of wanted more.
“Do it again,” he said.
She looked down at him in surprise. “Really?”
“Hurt me,” he demanded.
A smile spread across her lips and her eyes took on a little bit of that demon flare that was always in her, lurking beneath the surface.  He loved that look.  She slowly lowered her hands to his chest and licked her lips enticingly.  First she stroked his skin gently and then suddenly, without warning she racked her nails down his torso.  He groaned and smiled up at her.
“You bitch!” he hissed.
Just as he’d hoped, her face distorted into an angry scowl.  Her hand drew backwards and then slapped him across the face full force.
“Holy shit!” He said, cradling his cheek in his hand. 
“Too much?” she asked, her face falling into a concerned frown. 
“Not enough!” he said, laughing.  “Try harder!”
She laughed too and hit him again, on the other side of his face.  It really did hurt but for some reason he loved it.  The pain was more arousing than he ever would have anticipated.  Is this why he’d always played the enforcer in hockey?  Did he have a secret masochistic kink?  Well holy fucking shit.  He didn’t care what this said about his psychological state, he just wanted to keep going.  Cerise jokingly complained about the pain in her hands but then scratched and bit him with real force, not stopping until she left marks and bruises.  He couldn’t believe how turned on he was by the physical evidence of her assault.  When it got to be too much for him to bear, he threw her down and dug into her neck with more ferocity than he’d ever allowed himself to display before.
“Don’t hurt me!” she squealed in real trepidation.
He pulled away and gazed at her.  “I won’t.  I swear.”
They stared at one another for a moment, both breathing deeply.  He hoped she wasn’t freaked out by his sudden kink for pain.
“Tell me what you want,” he finally asked.
“You can be a bit rough,” she said.  “Just don’t bruise me anywhere that people will see.  Go lower.”
She pushed his head down and he grinned happily.  He knew exactly what she wanted and he was only too happy to oblige.
He tore off her jeans and panties and she spread her naked legs for him.  He started on her thighs, and she moaned and writhed as he sucked on her silky flesh.  There was seriously nothing in the world as soft and untarnished as Cerise’s skin and he revelled in marking it with his mouth.  Her scent was intoxicating and he moved to the mound between her legs, licking the juice that dripped from her slit.  Her hands grabbed his hair, pulling it forcefully and pushing his head down.
He ate her eagerly, teasing her gently with his tongue and then vigorously diving in.  Her body pressed up against his face as she arched her back.  He slipped his fingers inside her and pushed forcefully as he sucked on her clit.  Thank god no one else was home because her loud moans were practically shaking the house.  It wasn’t long before she climaxed and when she did she told him to keep going.  He obeyed and she violently scratched his shoulders as reward.  After her third orgasm she finally let him go and curled up onto her side, drawing her knees up to her face.  Damn her ass looked nice from this angle.
He crawled up to her and stroked her back.  She shivered.
“You ok?” he asked.
“Holy shit, you’re awesome,” she laughed, pulling his face to hers and kissing him. 
He settled in behind her and they spooned, stroking each another’s hands.  Terry had though that he’d reached the pinnacle of his sex scale when he’d first made Cerise orgasm but it turned out there was a whole other level of ecstasy he hadn’t even known existed.  Fuck, she was amazing.  He eagerly awaited the time when she would be ready to go all the way.  How awesome would that be?  And maybe she’d even be willing to tie him up or something, or let him tie her up.  He could feel himself getting aroused again and wondered if she’d be willing to go down on him.
“So can you be at school tomorrow at like 7am?” she asked suddenly.
“What?  Why?  You want me to go down on you before class?”
She laughed.  “No, we need to use your car for our next prank.”
“Oh, ok.  Sure.”  He would have agreed to anything and she probably knew it.
“Cool.  Thanks.”

Cerise slept extremely well that night.  How was it possible that in spite of her insecurities and misgivings she had somehow stumbled into the best relationship in the history of time?  Could Terry possibly be more awesome?  He’d made her come three times and hadn’t even wanted her to go down on him in return.  Or maybe he did but he didn’t ask for it.  He seemed completely satisfied just to have her slap him around.  Was it completely messed up that she’d enjoyed it so much?  It gave her a strangely arousing surge of power each time she’d hit him or scratched him enough to make him wince. 
Was she a sadist?  Should she invest in thigh-high leather boots and a riding crop?  The mental image of herself in dominatrix gear made her feel ridiculous.  She wasn’t exactly hot.  Could she pull off such an extreme look?  Is that what Terry wanted?  Did he want nipple clamps and whips and chains and stuff?  What if he did?  What if he wanted to get really hardcore?  Cerise wasn’t sure she wanted to get so crazy with it.  Maybe Terry wasn’t so great after all.  Maybe he was more than she could handle.  And maybe their S&M session meant that they were in an abusive relationship.  But it had been consensual, so it was ok, right?  Just because she’d enjoyed hurting him didn’t mean she was abusive, right?  Right? 
She obviously couldn’t talk to anyone about this.  It was one thing for people to know she was fooling around with her boyfriend, but if they knew she was some sort of perverted, sadistic freak then she’d never live it down.  At least Marla Fitzpatrick was just a generic slut.  Being an S&M slut would probably be much worse; everyone would start calling her Mistress Cherry or something.  Everyone would think she was totally messed up and maybe she was.  She’d need to do some serious googling to figure this all out. 
Cerise brightened when Terry showed up at school on Friday morning at 7am sharp, nursing a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee.  Cerise hopped in his car and was pleased to find he didn’t smell of smoke.  They kissed and she drew back.
“Blerch, you taste like coffee.”
“Man, I can’t smoke, I can’t drink coffee or beer.  Fuck, you’re a taskmaster.”
She was about to apologize but then saw that he was teasing.  She leaned over to him and slowly stroked his neck.
“That’s right and you’d better not make me angry or else you’ll have to be punished,” she whispered and bit his ear.
“Uh, you wanna go park somewhere?  Or you know, we could go to the locker rooms, they’re prob’ly empty this early.”
“No, we have to go to the yacht club.”
“The yacht club?”
            “BYC, you know where it is?”
            “Of course I do.  Karine lives right across from it.”
Terry drove them to Beaconsfield Yacht Club where they met up with the boys.  Karl and Jay were carrying a sailboat called the Blue Parrot Café.  Willy and Vani carried the mast and sail.  It was a laser sailboat, a single person craft and yet it looked enormous as they carried it up to Terry’s car.
“Are you serious?” asked Terry in awe.  “That thing’s huge!”
“That’s what she said,” smirked Willy.
“Yeah, you wish,” said Karl in disgust.
“What’s the plan here?” asked Terry.
“We’re gonna put the boat on top of your car and drive it to school.  It’s our next prank,” explained Vani.
“Yeah, I get that but you can’t put that thing on my car.  It’s massive!”
“It’s as small as sailboats get,” shrugged Karl.
“It’s a fucking… well, boat!  And you wanna put it on my car?  Can’t we hook it to the back with one of those things?”
“No time!” bellowed Karl.  “We’re already wasted enough time with our jibber-jabber.  Now let’s move, men, move!”
“Man, that Karl guy’s wired,” Terry said to Cerise.  “What’s he on?”
“I think he’s just high on his own sense of self-satisfaction,” she replied.
The boys lifted up the sailboat and placed it on top of Terry’s car.  He winced as they did so.
“Careful!  Don’t scratch the paint!”
“Yeah seriously,” agreed Karl.  “Careful with my boat.  Ok, where’s the rope?”
“What rope?” asked Vani.
Cerise wasn’t sure how Karl convinced Terry to go along with it but he agreed to drive without rope.  They would simply hold the boat in place with their hands.  But before they left, Terry went to get Karine.  Apparently it was unthinkable to come all the way to her house and not even give her a ride to school. 
Her face was neutral when she saw the boat on top of Terry’s car.  “I guess this is going in Taffy’s homeroom?”
“You guessed it,” nodded Karl.  “Ok troops, pile in.”
Karl sat in the passenger seat, his long arm sticking out of the window and wrapped around his boat.  Terry mimicked this pose, only he had his other hand on the steering wheel.  Good thing his car was an automatic.  Jay was in the back, behind Terry.  He sort of half leaned, half sat on the windowsill and clung to the boat with his arms.  Vani was deemed too short to be able to reach the roof so Willy had to hold the boat on the other side, though everyone was understandably reticent to have him perch on the windowsill.  He was instructed to sit on the seat on his knees, which took up a lot of room.  Vani was forced to lie on the floor while Cerise and Karine scrunched up in the middle of the backseat.
“Drive slowly,” instructed Karl.
“Duh,” snarked Terry as he pulled out onto Lakeshore.
“Woah!” squealed Jay, trying not to fall out of the car. 
“I’ve got you!” said Karine, grabbing on to his waist.
Jay’s legs stiffened and Cerise could only imagine that something between his legs was similarly stiff.  Karine was obviously aware of her effect on him and a couple of her fingers slipped up under his t-shirt.  Wow, she was being a total tease, what was her deal?  Vani peered up at the indecent scene with amazement.  Cerise caught his eye and they both arched their eyebrows in disbelief. 
Terry was driving faster now and Karl and Willy were hollering with excitement.  Karine’s arms were wrapped tightly around Jay’s torso and her head was mere inches from his crotch.  It was with a mix of disgust and horror that Cerise realized she could see his erection through his jeans.  There was no way Karine hadn’t noticed.  Was she completely nuts?  Once again Cerise traded looks with Vani.  He was just as stunned as she was, so much so that for once in his life he was speechless. 
Thankfully they reached the school in five minutes and all the boys got to work hauling the boat off the car.  Jay seemed shell shocked and looked at nothing except the sail he cradled in his arms. 
Mel and Steph were standing at the side entrance, holding the doors open.  Terry and Karl carried the boat up to the second floor and into Taffy’s homeroom, where Sarah was standing watch.  The desks were all pushed up against the walls.  Sarah closed the door behind them and they set to work.
“Put it at an angle,” instructed Karl.  “The mast can go into that corner.  Hey, Willy, don’t scratch the daggerboard!”
“Tighten the outhaul and prop the boom on that desk,” said Sarah.
Karl looked at her in surprise.  “You sail?”
“Five years.  BDYC,” said Sarah with a smile.
“BYC.  Four years.”
“We’re running out of time you guys!” said Cerise, snapping them out of their reverie.
Karine, Terry and Cerise stood watch while Sarah and the boys rigged up the boat.  The door opened suddenly and they all froze but it was just Steven.  He stared at them for a moment and then laughed.
“Holy shit!  Karine, how come you never told me you were in on all these pranks?”
“This is the first one I helped with,” she smiled.
“Me too,” said Terry.  “It was all these guys: Cerise and Sarah and Hangman and Weber.”
Jay and Willy exchanged annoyed glances before hurrying out of the room.  Cerise, Karine, Terry and Steven did their best to replace the desks that still fit and took their places just before Taffy entered. 
“Oh my god,” he breathed.
By now everyone knew about the Taffy pranks so various teachers and students dropped by the room to take a look, including Sarah who took pictures for yearbook all the while claiming ignorance about the prank.  It was tough to get everyone to settle down but Taffy insisted they get some work done because final exams were coming up and the week so far had been a wash.  Everyone struggled to take notes as they crowded around the Blue Parrot Café.   

 Jay got out of Terry’s car without even thanking him for the lift so Cerise thanked Terry for both of them.  Terry just sort of smirked and kissed her. 
The sailboat had stayed in the room the entire day and once most kids had gone home, they took it down and brought it back to BYC.  Then Terry offered to drive Cerise home and since Jay lived right next door she invited him to come along.  The ride had been sort of awkward.
“You could have at least thanked him,” said Cerise once Terry had gone.
“For driving you home?”
“Oh,” Jay said dumbly.  “Yeah.  Sorry I guess.  I’m surprised he went along with it.”
“He wasn’t about to just not drive you.  I mean you live right next to me.”
“No I mean the whole prank.  Letting us use his car and stuff.”
“Oh yeah.  Well I’m not surprised.  Terry’s cool.”
“I guess,” shrugged Jay.  “Too bad he’s so damaged though.”
“He’s not damaged, you’re damaged!”
“You’re damaged!”
“You are!” said Cerise, pushing Jay forcefully.
He stumbled and retaliated, pushing Cerise so hard she almost fell over.
“Ow! Loser!” she said, jumping forward and pummelling Jay with her fists.
He laughed and deflected the blows, then ran off to his driveway.  She ran after him and literally kicked his butt when she reached him.
 “Hey!” he stumbled and did a roll on the ground.  Landing on the grass and then sitting up.  “You’re omega damaged!”
“Super mega triple damaged,” giggled Cerise, sitting next to him on the lawn between their houses.
“Anyway, it’s too bad you’re going to prom with him.”
“It’s too bad you’re going to prom with Terry Trebi…stupid guy.”
“Stop hating on him so much, god,” she said in exasperation, hugging her knees.
“I’m just saying it woulda been cool if we all went to prom together.”
“What do you mean?”
“You know, all of us.  I mean Karl is going with Sarah but I’m stuck with Willy and Vani. It woulda been cool if I could go with you.”
Cerise eyed Jay to attempt to discern his meaning.  “Yeah well, Terry’s my boyfriend so…”
“I know.  I just wish he wasn’t,” said Jay, shrugging and examining his shoes.
Cerise stared at Jay and he finally looked up and smiled.
“I mean, I’m not trying to be an ass,” he went on.  “It’s just, I know you say he’s cool and everything but do you guys really have anything in common?  I mean really?  He’s all into hockey and whatever but you’re into the same stuff as the rest of us.  The same stuff as me.”
“Yeah,” said Cerise, prompting him to go on.
“I dunno.  Just seems like you could find someone more suited to you to go to prom with.”
“Like you?”  The fluttering in Cerise’s chest was nearly overwhelming and she hoped he couldn’t hear her voice tremble.
“Nah, I mean I guess you wouldn’t wanna go with me even if you didn’t have a boyfriend,” he looked down.
“I would,” she said quietly. “I mean if I didn’t have a boyfriend.”
“Maybe you shouldn’t have a boyfriend then,” he suggested hopefully.
Was he serious?  Was he asking her out?  Was he asking her to dump Terry in favour of him?  And was she actually considering it?  What the hell was wrong with her?  Cerise had been slow to warm up to Terry but now that she was with him she was happy.  They had a great relationship, even if he was a smoker and was a bit kinky.  How dare Jay come along and mess with her now?  She’d pined over him for so long and she was finally over him and now he wanted her?  What a jerk!  What a totally awesome, adorable jerk!  Cerise wanted to tell him to piss off, to turn around and walk into her house but she remained on the grass, which was damp and beginning to wet the ass of her jeans. 
“Wouldn’t you rather go with Karine?” she asked, testing him.  “I mean I hear she’s into checking out your ass these days and she was getting pretty friendly with you in Terry’s car, when you were holding the boat.”
Jay blushed deeply.  “Ok, maybe I had a crush on Karine at one time but um, it’s not like me and her have anything in common either.  She belongs in that whole crowd, same as Terry.  You and me, we belong in our crowd.”
Cerise said nothing.  She simply looked at Jay and he returned her gaze.  She thought he might kiss her and hoped he would but he didn’t.  He just smiled and shrugged.
“Well, you know Terry and I aren’t actually that serious,” she began, horrified at her own words.
“Really?” he asked hopefully.
“Yeah I mean, we’re not super solid and like you say, we don’t have that much in common.”
“Yeah,” he nodded.
“So you maybe you and I should go together.”
“Really?  That’d be awesome!”
            “Yeah,” said Cerise.
            “Cool!” said Jay, hopping up.  “Shit, my ass is all wet.  I’d better go like, rent a tux or whatever.”
            Cerise entered her house, went up the stairs, went into her room and took off her wet jeans.  She sat on her bed wondering what the hell she had just done.

            On the weekend Terry met up with Morgan and Scheffer and they went to a tux place.  He admitted to the lameness of the situation but let them know that the girls were into the idea of bow ties matching their dresses. 
            “You mean like the same colour?” asked Morgan incredulously.  “That’s retarded.  I could get like coordinating but to be in the exact same colour is just tacky.  It’s like an Italian wedding or something.”
            “Look I’m just saying what they told me,” shrugged Terry in embarrassment.
            “Whatever dude, let’s just get black bow ties,” suggested Scheffer.
            “That’s even worse,” said Morgan.  “Then we look like waiters or something.  No, we need to get colour but maybe like complimentary colours.”
            “Um, what?” asked Terry.
            “You say my chick is gonna be in yellow, right?  So then I get a purple bow tie, ‘cause purple is the complimentary of yellow.”
            “But then wouldn’t you just look like Easter?”
            “Oh yeah,” admitted Morgan.  “Good point.”
            “’Cause the girls said they wanted all matchy matchy and I dunno if I wanna fuck with their deal.  You know they take this shit pretty seriously.”
            “What the fuck ever!” exclaimed Scheffer.  “Stop being such fags!  Let’s just get the cheapest fucking tuxes they have!”
            Scheffer got a black bowtie, Morgan got dark purple and with his help Terry identified the colour royal blue, which is what he chose for his bow tie.  Even though Morgan’s advice was good, he didn’t want to take a chance.  If Cerise wanted matchy that’s what he’d do. 

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