Friday, November 12, 2010

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Prologue

Christina stood next to Andrew and waited for Terry to join them.  Karine and Steven shared a cigarette and Erica was busy judging various kids who were walking into the school. 
            “How’s it going, Terry?” Christina asked when he finally joined them.
            “Fine,” he replied morosely, placing a cigarette between his beautiful lips and lighting it.
“What you got planned for the weekend?” she asked.
“Hockey practice,” he replied.
“Me and Andy wanna go to the docks,” she said happily.
Everyone looked at Christina in amusement.
“Since when do we call you Andy?” Erica asked with a smirk.
“You don’t,” Andrew replied.
“I do,” said Christina.
“No you don’t,” he insited.
“Yeah sure, Andy,” Erica laughed.
Cherry and her spazzy mop-head friend walked by, going towards the side entrance.  Cherry was such a dork, wearing a retarded corduroy cap like she was a newsie or something.  Terry totally looked at her as she walked by, even though he tried to pretend like he wasn’t.  Christina could tell that Karine had noticed too.
“How’s Cherry?” she asked sweetly.
“How the hell should I know?” 
Terry sneered and flicked his cigarette at Karine.  It didn’t hit her or anything but it almost did and she looked super pissed about it.  Terry walked into the school while Erica kept calling Andrew Andy.

Cerise stood at The Wall with the boys, her books resting on her hip.  She was waiting for Sarah to show up so she could discuss her crappy Halloween when Terry walked by slowly.  He kept his eyes locked on hers the entire time, though he never smiled once.  She wasn’t sure what to make of it.
“People sure like stalking you, Cerise,” remarked Karl.
“What do you mean?” she asked awkwardly.
“Terry Trebichavsky was totally staring at you.”
“I thought Porta-potty chick was your stalker,” said Willy.
“It’s a competitive sport,” said Karl.
“Cool,” smiled Vani.  You’re moving up in the world. Terry Trebichavsky is a much higher grade of stalker than Porta-Potty chick.”
Jay looked annoyed, or maybe grossed out.  “He’s not stalking her.  Right?”
“Right,” Cerise confirmed.  “People like Terry don’t stalk.  They get stalked.”
“So you’re stalking him?” Karl asked in amusement.
“Nobody’s stalking anybody!”  Cerise said in exasperation.  “We don’t even like each other anymore!”

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