Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Act V

           Shauna stood in her backyard, under her bedroom window.  She picked up the razor bladed apple she had discarded earlier that night and bit into it.  Her lip grazed the razor blade and it hurt so much that she dropped the apple.  So much for a Halloween suicide.  It would have been so cool to have a Halloween themed funeral.  Everyone could have come as vampires.  Cerise would be the head vampire and she would wear the outfit Selene wears in Underworld.

            It was a pretty chilly night.  Relatively warm for late October; a perfect night for Halloween, but in her short skirt and leggings, Cerise was feeling the cold.  Normally the walk from the 211 stop to her house wasn’t that bad, just an extra five minutes from her usual walk to school, but at night it seemed longer. 
            As she crossed through her neighbours’ yards, she heard yelling.  It sounded like the boys.  She crept into Jay’s backyard and saw them all sitting on their sled, sharing the grey blanket for warmth.  The elephant head looked a little worse for wear and it sat at their feet.  Their candy bag was open in front of them and they were all eating chocolate bars. 
            Being as quiet as possible, Cerise snuck over to them and yelled at the top of her lungs once she was about a metre away.  They all jumped in surprise.  Cerise collapsed in a fit of giggles.
            “Well played, Raspberry coulis, well played,” admitted Vani as he settled down.
            “Elephant attack!” Jay shouted, picking up the mask and throwing it at Cerise.
            She caught it and ran off with it, which led to all the boys pursuing her.  Jay caught her and wrestled her to the ground and the elephant head was completely shredded in the process.
            “Oh no, it’s broken,” said Cerise sadly.
            Jay sat up and let her do the same.  “Don’t worry, it’s part of the tradition.”
            “We always destroy the costume when we’re done,” smiled Vani.
            “That’s why we have to make a new one each year,” said Karl.
            “Stands to reason,” said Cerise as she crawled over to the candy bag and fished through it.  “Oooh! Licorice!”  She unwrapped some Twizzlers.
            They all took turns rifling through the bag and fought over the chips and chocolate bars.  Cerise claimed all the licorice, and the boys were more than happy to let her have the black licorice.
            “So did you guys have fun tonight?” she asked.
            “Yeah, it was hilarious!” said Vani.  “We went to Sarah Wong’s house and we danced and sang the song from the Full Monty!”
            “Seriously?  Did you strip too?” Cerise chuckled.
            “She wishes,” said Willy through a mouthful of caramels.
            “Nobody wishes for that, trust me,” said Cerise and the other boys adamantly agreed.
            “Still though, it was pretty funny,” said Jay.  “You should’a been there.”
            “Yeah,” Cerise nodded.
            “Did you have fun?”
            “Not really.”
            “No?”  Jay stuck a lolly pop in his mouth.
            “I guess Terry and them are just too cool for me.”
            “Hey, I could’a told you that,” drawled Jay.
            “Shut up,” Cerise smirked.
            Jay dug through the candy bag and found a packet of Nibs, which he tossed into Cerise’s lap.  She broke it open and chewed on two at a time.
            Vani put the shattered remains of the elephant mask on his head and started singing.  “One elephant went out to play, upon a spider’s web one day…”
            The rest of the boys joined in.  “He had such enormous fun that he called for another elephant to come.”

            Andrew held Christina’s hand as he led her through the parking lot.  They got to Erica’s car and peered inside.  It was already occupied with Erica, who was going down on some dude in a Wolfman mask.  Andrew sighed impatiently and dragged Christina to the back of the building.  They stood next to a dumpster and he pushed her up against the back wall of the bar, which was cold and rough.  He kissed her but drew away instantly.
            “Did you puke?”
            “I dunno,” she shrugged.
            He pushed her face to the side.  “Just breathe away from me.”
            He pulled on the elastic band of her leggings and she gasped as he dug his hand down into her panties and stuck his fingers up inside her.  He withdrew his fingers, spat on them and then stuck them inside her again.  His hands were cold.  Withdrawing again, he pulled a condom out of his pocket and unzipped his jeans.  He put on the condom and then pulled her leggings and underwear down, removing them entirely from only one leg.  He grabbed her ass, lifting her up and she wrapped her legs around him and held onto his neck with her cold fingers.  She wasn’t very wet and it hurt a bit when he entered her.  She closed her eyes and tried not to gag from the smell of the dumpster.  Fortunately the ordeal didn’t last very long.  After only a few pumps, Andrew was done and he put her down.  She almost fell down when she struggled to get her leggings back up and tried to grab Andrew for support but he ignored her as he tossed the used condom onto the ground.  Erica was riding the Werewolf guy when they passed by her car on the way back to the bar.

“Ten elephants went out to play, upon a spider’s web one day…”
Cerise and the boys had all linked arms and were circling the sled as they chanted.

Shauna wasn’t sure she really believed in god, but just in case, she made a bargain.  If she promised to stop talking to people, to stop interacting with anybody in any way, to even stop thinking of people, especially Cerise, if she were to stop doing anything besides going to school and minding her own business, he would stop punishing her. 
And just in case that plan didn’t work out, she slipped a razorblade under her pillow to be used for emergencies only.

“Eleven elephants went out to play…”
“Ok, ok, enough elephants!”
“Indeed.  I imagine the structural integrity of the spider’s web could only support so many elephants.”

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