Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Act II

             “What is her purpose in life?” sneered Karine while she and Christina watched Terry play pool with that stupid Cherry bitch.
They had a good view from their perch atop the mezzanine.  Steven and Andrew were playing table hockey while Erica was flirting with random guys.
“Why did he bring her here?” asked Chrissy.  “I mean, does he actually like her?”
“How could he possibly?  She’s such a loser!  Maybe he’s just trying to prove something,” shrugged Karine.
“Like what?”
“I duno, like, I dunno.  Maybe he does really like her.”
“I dunno.  Maybe he doesn’t.”
“You don’t think so?”
“I dunno.  Maybe he does.”
“I don’t even have the energy to care anymore,” pouted Chrissy.  “I need a drink.”
Christina sauntered away from the dance floor and towards the bar.  Karine continued to watch Terry drool all over that fruity freak.  She descended the staircase and joined them.
“How ‘bout a game?” she said, looking at Terry.  “Do you mind?” she said to Cherry while pulling the pool cue out of her hand.
“No,” said Cherry.
“Hey, Karine, come on,” said Terry in annoyance.
“It’s ok,” said Cherry as she stepped aside. 
Terry shrugged and smiled at his stupid little girlfriend and racked up the balls. 

The boys lumbered up a driveway and Vani reached out for the doorbell.
“Trick or treat!” they all yelled when a woman answered.
“Oh, it’s the elephant!  Aren’t you boys getting a little old for Halloween?”
“Never!” shouted Vani and stuck out the candy bag.
The woman shook her head in amusement and tossed some lolly pops in the bag.  Vani thanked her and she closed the door. 
“Back up!”
It was difficult to navigate the stairs while going backwards, even when Karl pulled out a pocket flashlight to illuminate their way.
“Ok, right, right, right.  I said turn right!” yelled Vani as they stumbled down the driveway.
Willy lost his footing and fell down.  The others continued and quickened their pace.
“Wait for me!” shouted Willy as he ran after them.
“Hurry up!  He’s gaining!” said Jay as they all shoved each other in their effort to escape.
Willy ran up to them and grabbed the blanket, trying to pull himself inside.  Instead the blanket and sled were pulled down.  Vani fell into Karl, Karl fell into Jay and Jay fell into Willy. 
“Watch the head!” screeched Vani as he tried to protect their duct tape creation.
They scrambled to get back into costume as some neighbourhood kids watched in amusement.
“Hey, it’s the elephant!” shouted someone.
“We’ve been spotted!” said Vani.  “Zigga!”
They went on to the next house, going as fast as their awkward gait would allow.

The doorbell’s incessant ringing was starting to get irritating.  Shauna wished she was still young enough to trick or treat.  Two years ago she’d gone with Cerise.  They’d dressed as zombies.  Shauna turned on her computer and scrolled through her old photos.  There was Cerise, all covered in blood.  It was a good look for her.

“You suck!” laughed Karine as she finished kicking Terry’s ass at pool. 
Terry had only gotten in two shots.  “I admit defeat!  You’re just way better than me.” 
Terry put down his pool cue and was about to go hang with that Cherry skank but Karine challenged him to another game and he agreed.
Christina stumbled as she tried to get into her chair.  Hey, someone had finished her beer!  Andrew caught her arm before she fell down. 
“Someone’s been drinking,” he laughed.
“I’m allowed,” she said as she peered at the unfinished beer on the table.  It probably belonged to the Cherry bitch.  Christina would have claimed it, except she didn’t want to get Cherry cooties.
“No one said you weren’t,” laughed Andrew.
“My mom says I’m not allowed!” she stage whispered.
“Mommy’s not here!” Andrew used the same voice.
“Mommy’s a cow!  Mooo!” Christina laughed.
“You’re so out of it.”
“I wanna be out of it.”
“Ok then.”
“I’m tired of being in it.”
“Good for you.”
“Being in it just sucks because it’s like, what is… it?”
Andrew smirked.  “You got me.”
“I do?”
“Yeah,” he nodded and laughed.
“’Cause I want you!”
Christina laughed and jumped into Andrew’s lap.  He put his arms around her and grinned.  Christina was giving serious thought to making out with Andrew when Erica and her fat ass came along and ruined it by asking them what was up.
“Hey!” laughed Christina.  “Guess what?”
“What?” asked Erica with her stupid sneery, sneer voice.
“I got Andrew!”
“Oh really?” said Erica, sitting down next to them.
“I got you too!” squealed Christina as she jumped out of Andrew’s lap and onto Erica’s.
“Whoa!” Erica exclaimed, pushing Chrissy away.  “You’re heavier than you look you know.”
“You should talk!” said Christina and then covered her mouth in shock. 
Erica looked like she was about to stab someone with her devil stick.
“Oh my god!  I can’t believe I just said that!” laughed Christina.  “Erica, you are sooo funny!”
“You’re funny,” said Andrew, laughing his head off.
“Hey, Andrew,” said Christina, leaning backwards over him.
“Hey, Chrissy,” he answered, lowering his hand onto her stomach.
“Wanna make out?” she smiled.
“Sure.” He answered and grabbed her, turning her around so she was straddling him.
He planted his lips on hers and she kissed him eagerly.  He tasted like beer. Christina liked beer.  She pulled away from him and turned to Erica, who looked like she was about to order their execution.  God, what a sore loser. 
“Hey Erica, can you go get me another beer?” asked Christina.
“Fuck you, you fucking slut,” said Erica as she stood up and walked off in a huff.
“God, what’s her problem?” giggled Christina.
“Who cares?” said Andrew as he pulled Christina back to him and shoved his tongue down her throat.

            Steven walked out of the bathroom and looked around.  There was no one around except Erica, who was standing around looking pissed as usual.  Steven walked up to her and asked where everyone was.
            “Shut up!” she commanded and stomped away.
            Man, she was such a bitch.  Steven went to the bar and ordered another beer.

            “Karl, trade places with me,” said Jay.
            “’Cause Willy has b.o.”
            “So what else is new?” asked Karl.
            “Screw you, Smallville!”
            “Let’s pick up the pace you guys,” said Vani.  “We’re almost at the Wong’s.  They always give chocolate bars!”
            “Maybe we shouldn’t go to the Wong’s this year,” said Karl.
            “I’m talking full sized choco bars,” yelled Vani.  “Full size!”
            “Karl doesn’t want Sarah to see the elephant,” chuckled Jay.
            “Where’s your dedication?” asked Vani, shouting through the elephant mask.
            “It’ll just be pain,” complained Karl.
            “Pain is the whole point of this exercise!” said Vani.  “Pain and chocolate.  Now shut up and grow some dedication.”
            Karl sighed in response and they waddled up to Sarah Wong’s house.  Just like way too many of the houses in Beaconsfield, the front door was preceded by a row of treacherous steps.  The boys managed to position themselves on the steps and held on to the sled as Vani rang the doorbell.  Sarah answered.
            “Trick or treat!” they all yelled, even Karl.
            Sarah smirked as she examined their costume.  “Well if it isn’t the elephant.”
            “Hey Sarah,” said Vani.  “How come you’re not wearing your cat ears?  They were cool, made you look like Eartha Kitt.”
            Sarah cocked her head to the side.  “I’m impressed you know who Eartha Kitt is.”
            “I’m impressed you do,” said Karl.
            Sarah stepped onto the stairs and tried to lift the blanket but Karl’s hand shot out and swatted her away.  She laughed in response.
            “Give us some candy, sucka!” yelled Vani.
            “I will not!” said Sarah.  “You guys are too old to be trick or treating!”
            “Give us the loot or suffer the consequences!” said Vani.
            “Oh yeah?  And what would the consequences be?  You’ll rip down all my student council posters?  You do that anyway!”
            “It’s true, we do,” said Vani.  “Um, what else we got?” he asked.
            “Uhh, we promise not to rip down any more posters if we get some candy,” said Karl.
            “Yeah right, like I’m gonna fall for that,” sneered Sarah.
            “Ok, ok, I got it!” said Vani.  “We’ll dance for our dinner!  Will you give us a treat if we sing you a song?”
            “You’ll sing and dance?”
            “Ok, check it out!” said Vani and then he turned his head in an attempt to talk to Jay.  “Jay-bird, put it to the Full Monty song!”
            “What?  No way!” said Jay.
            “Dedication!” yelled Vani.
            “Dedicate this!” said Karl and Vani lunged forward from a blow to his back.
            “Come on you guys!” he whined.  “It’ll be mega mega ziggy stardust!”
            “Fine,” said Jay and he scanned his ipod list. 
With the help of Vani’s instructions, they descended the steps and positioned themselves on the driveway.  Sarah stepped outside to get a good view.  Hot Chocolate’s Sexy Thing began playing and the boys sang along.
“I believe in miracles, where you from, you sexy thing…”
The blanket swayed back and forth as the boys moved from side to side.  Taking their cues from Vani, the boys moved up and down and to the left and right.
“I believe in miracles, since you came along, you sexy thing…”
Sarah burst out laughing as she watched the elephant bob up and down.  Several kids and their parents approached to watch the show.  Sarah snapped her fingers to the beat as she kept laughing.  When the song was over the elephant walked towards Sarah.
“I think that was deserving of four full sized chocolate bars,” said Vani.
“You guys are hilarious!” laughed Sarah as she dropped the candy into Vani’s bag.
“Much obliged, ma’am,” said Vani.
Karl called out to Sarah as the elephant walked away.  “Remember, you said no deal to the posters!”
“Screw you, Karl!” she yelled, but couldn’t help laughing.

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