Friday, November 5, 2010

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Act III

Kissing Andrew wasn’t nearly as fun as kissing Terry, but it was still pretty fun. 
“You wanna go somewhere else?” he asked.
“What? Already?” asked Christina.  “It’s still like, totally early.”
“Who the fuck cares what time it is?” he asked in irritation.
“But like, we’re still having fun here.”
“Ok well, you let me know when you’re ready,” he said, standing up and pushing her away.
Christina stumbled and stood up, watching Andrew walk over to the pool tables.  She walked over to the bar and ordered another beer and then walked back to the table and watched Andrew begin a game of pool with Terry.  Steven had joined Karine and they were playing their own game.  The Cherry girl looked totally bored.  She walked over to the table and sat down.
“How come you’re not wearing a costume?” asked Christina.
“It’s Halloween!  I’m the only one wearing a costume.”
“You’re in costume?” Cherry sounded surprised.
“Yeah!  Guess who I am!”
“Uh.  Dark Angel?”
“An angel?  No,” Christina looked at Cherry in confusion.
“Dark Angel, it was a show starring Jessica Alba.”
“You think I look like Jessica Alba?  Oh my god, that’s so nice!”
Cherry shrugged.
“No, I’m Sandy from Grease, you know when she becomes cool at the end.  I don’t own anything leather though so I wore black leggings and a black tank top and this pink hoodie, see like a Pink Lady?  I wanted everyone to dress as Pink Ladies and Greasers but they all thought it was stupid.”
Cherry nodded.
“Yeah, I wanted Terry to dress as John Travolta but he didn’t want to.”
“Imagine that,” said Cherry.
“I used to go out with Terry, you know.”
“Oh yeah?” Cherry sort of smiled, but not really.
“Yeah, my mom didn’t like me going out with him ‘cause he’s like baaaad.  But I did anyway.  ‘Cause he’s really cute you know?”
“Yeah, I know.”
“Yeah, he has nice hair.  Way nicer than John Travolta, even before he got all old and gross and gay.”
“My mom’s a cow anyway.  Moooo!  Fucking cow.  Not you, my mom.  Although, I dunno, maybe you’re a cow too, I don’t know you that well.” Christina finished off her beer.
Cherry looked at her all weirded out.
“She’s a total bitch.  My mom.  She wants me to be the perfect Italian daughter, like live at home ‘til I’m married.  My uncle Dominic is totally like thirty years old and he still lives at home.  His mom still does his laundry and my nona is totally losing her shit ‘cause my parents got divorced.  She says my mom was a bad wife ‘cause my dad left.  I miss my dad.  Terry’s parents are divorced too.  But he gets to live with both of them, like he trades off.  His dad’s kind of an asshole though.”
“Oh, that’s too bad,” said Cherry, looking over at Terry.
“He’s hot eh?”
“Terry’s dad?”
“No, Terry.”
“Oh.  Yeah.  Yeah, he is.”
“I know.  Andrew’s less hot but he’s cute too.”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Yeah I know he’s not as hot as Terry but what do you want from me?”
“I’m doing everything I can!”
Cherry stared at her like she was a complete freak even though it was totally Cherry who was the freak.  Stupid Cherry.

Shauna held an apple in her hands and was attempting to stuff it with razor blades but it wasn’t nearly as easy as she’d thought it would be.  She tossed the apple out the window and watched it bounce and roll away. 
She walked downstairs and slipped her docs on, going outside before her mother could notice.  She sped down the block and lit a cigarette, watching kids walk around in crappy costumes. 
She had automatically started walking in the direction of Beaconsfield but she considered turning around and walking all the way downtown.  What if she ran away and went to live on the streets?  Not that she had any idea what it would be like to be homeless, though she could only assume it involved hunger and dirtiness and being cold at night, especially in winter.  So cold she might actually freeze to death.  This was looking to be a pretty good plan.
She stopped walking to light up another cigarette when suddenly a group of teenagers sped past in a car and threw eggs at her.  The impact was much more painful that she would have guessed.  Her cigarette was knocked out of her mouth and her hair and coat were splattered with greasy egg yolk.  It was starting to drip into her eyes and she rubbed it away with her sleeve.  Had those kids even known who she was?  Was it a random attack or were they deliberately trying to target the porta-potty chick?  Either way she was unsurprised by this turn of events.  She had to face the fact that only bad things ever happened to her and that would most likely remain the case for the rest of her life.  She couldn’t help laughing at the absurdity of it all.
She lit yet another cigarette and walked down to the lake.  If she wasn’t so afraid of water she would have jumped in and drowned herself.

“You want another beer?” asked Christina.
“No,” replied Cerise.
“I do.”
“Go for it,” shrugged Cerise.
Christina hobbled off to the bar and returned with a beer, guzzling it down immediately.  For a small girl she certainly could pack them away. 
“Ahh tasty!” she smiled.  “So what were we talking about?”
Cerise shrugged.  “I dunno.”
“Do you have any friends?”
“Yes,” said Cerise in annoyance.
“Do you like them?”
Cerise was about to answer but Christina went on. 
“Sometimes I don’t even like them.  Do you know what I mean?”
Once again, Cerise had no chance to respond.
“Sometimes it’s hard to just like, keep up you know?  Like keep up with the way… it goes.  You know?”
“’Cause like sometimes I’m not even sure what’s going on.”
“Yeah, I don’t really know what’s going on right now either.”
“Oh my god, you totally get it!”
Cerise nodded in bemusement.
“Are my parents divorced?  I mean, are your parents divorced?”
“Yeah,” Cerise nodded.
“Sucks eh?”
“Actually, I don’t think it’s so bad.  I like it better now that my dad’s gone.  I mean not that I don’t like him or anything but it’s like we actually talk now that he’s not around.  Like he calls once a week.  I didn’t use to talk to him once a week.  We used to just ignore each other  Not that we have in depth conversations now or anything, but still.”
“You’re lucky.  My dad doesn’t call.  But I still like him better than my mom.  I think Terry likes his mom better.  But he doesn’t like his stepbrother and sister.  They’re French.”
“Ok,” said Cerise.
“Yeah, Terry has about a million brothers and sisters.  He has two brothers who are like, from his mom and dad. And then two step brothers, I mean one brother and sister who are steps.  ‘Cause… can you be a step?  If you’re a step… sister?  Um, and also he has a little half baby sister.  She’s a half sister, not a half baby.  She’s a full baby.”
Cerise couldn’t help giggling. 
“Yeah so that’s like, one, two, three, a lot of kids.”
“Six including Terry,” smiled Cerise.
“Wow!  You’re good at math.”
“I guess,” Cerise chuckled.
“I’m not.  But I’m ok at everything else.  ‘Cept Economics.  I hate Economics.  Terry’s the oldest.  Can you imagine?  Having so many…”
“He has a lot of siblings.”
“Yeah!  He’s hot eh?”
Cerise nodded in amusement.  “Yeah.”
“Yeah, we went out in the summer.  Karine says it was like in that movie Grease.  You know that movie?”
“Yeah, you’re Sandy.”
“Yeah!  Exactly!  Oh my god, you totally get my costume!  That’s awesome!”
“Yeah,” Cerise nodded kindly.

“We should dance for Sarah all the time,” suggested Vani as they walked down the street. 
There weren’t any kids out anymore and at some houses they got turned away with claims of having run out of candy.
“Instead of ripping down her posters, we should just dance in her face.”
“Yeah.  We should crotch dance.  Uh, uh, take it,” said Willy as he thrust himself into Jay.
“Gross!  Get away!”  Jay struck his fist out in back of him.
Willy stumbled backwards and fell out of the costume again. 
“Run!” commanded Jay.
Karl wrapped his arms around Vani’s waist and picked him up, carrying him as he ran forward.  It was up to Jay to hold the sled and blanket all on his own.  He quickly passed Karl and ran blindly down the street with the blanket flapping behind him, Night Fever blaring from the speaker around his waist.  Vani held his legs up while Karl struggled to keep up.  Willy ran behind them, yelling that they were all assholes. 

“Yeah, so me and Terry went out for a bit, but it didn’t last too long.  So if you think he’s gonna be your boyfriend you’re wrong.”
Christina probably had a point.  After their game of pool, Terry had pretty much ignored her all night.  Cerise looked over at him as he played with his stupid friends.
“He’s not like that,” Christina went on.  “He doesn’t stay with chicks.”
“Ok,” sighed Cerise.
“He just wants to hook up.  All guys ever want is friends with benefits.”
Cerise nodded sadly.
“That’s all he wanted with me.  But it’s not so bad ‘cause it was worth it.  He was really sweet when we were together.  Best I ever had.”
“Actually, he was my first and well, only.  But don’t tell Erica.  I told her I did it a long time ago.  ‘Cause she was all saying I was frigid and stuff.  We go clubbing all the time and she always picks up.  And I pretend to too but I don’t really.  I just pick up the guys and then leave them hanging.  Which is you know, pretty fun actually,” Christina laughed.
Cerise looked at her watch.   
“I mean I’ve gone out with guys, and gone down on them and stuff but before Terry I was afraid to go all the way.  Isn’t that retarded?  It’s like why does it even matter?  But it so does!  I guess you’re prolly a virgin eh?  You look like it. That’s prolly why he wants you.  He prolly just wants to fuck you.  But that’s not such a bad deal.  He’s worth it.”
Cerise wasn’t sure she liked where this conversation was going but her curiosity got the better of her.  “Really?” she asked.
“Yeah, he’s not like other guys.  He doesn’t just want you to go down on him.  He goes down on you!  I mean he really likes eating… you know…” she whispered, “pussy!  And it totally feels good!  And even fucking’s not so bad.  It didn’t even hurt that much and it was just like, you know?”
“I guess.”
“It’s like, you know how it is.  Always giving blowjobs and doing stuff with guys when you don’t even like it.  You know?”
“Yeah,” Cerise lied.
“But with Terry I actually liked it!  Well, mostly anyway.  I mean sometimes you just wanna cuddle you know?  I mean, but he’ll do that too!  He’s like, if he’s like being your boyfriend, he’s like a really good boyfriend.  But like even if he’s just fucking you well it’s still pretty good, you know?  I think he’s good ‘cause he’s gotten lots of practice.  He’s gone out with like, a million chicks.”
“Yeah.  I guess I’m not the only one who’s noticed how hot he is.”
“Yeah,” Cerise nodded awkwardly.
Christina leaned towards Cerise and spoke conspiratorially.  “He does this thing with his tongue that’s like, so good.  I mean most guys just do what they see in porn or they don’t really do anything at all, like they just lie there you know and they expect you to do all the work, fuck, I hate guys.  But yeah, like Terry actually does stuff.  You wouldn’t think a high school guy would know what he’s doing but Terry totally does.  I bet it’s ‘cause he’s older.  He’s seventeen you know.”
“Wow,” Cerise said dumbly.
Both girls looked over at Terry.
“Karine and Terry are real good friends,” said Christina.
“Yeah.  Karine’s pretty, eh?  She’s always been pretty.  Erica’s all jealous about it but it’s like, good for her I think.  I mean, if you can have a successful career of being pretty that’s like, cool.  I mean, good work if you can get it.  I’m not jealous.  I’m not the jealous type.  I mean, if people have stuff then that’s like, their own… goodness.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t try to get stuff too, ok?”  Christina narrowed her eyes at Cerise.
“Um, ok,” Cerise smiled uncomfortably.
Christina lit a cigarette.
“I don’t think you can smoke in here,” said Cerise.
“Do you smoke?”
“Me neither.  I’m just a social smoker.  I’m being social!” She burst out laughing and continued to suck on her cigarette, blowing her disgusting smoke in Cerise’s face.

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