Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Season 3 – Episode 10 – Prologue

            “I found a egg, I found a egg!  Tewwy, look, I found a egg!”
            “That’s great, Britt!” said Terry enthusiastically.  He’d hidden a dozen plastic eggs filled with chocolate and candy, for his little sister throughout the apartment.  She was finding them pretty easily; next year he’d have to be more clever with his hiding spots. 
            “Chocawet!” exclaimed Brittany, shoving a little bunny into her mouth and getting chocolate all over her face, hands and dress. 
            Vicky sighed deeply, perhaps trying to calm herself down; usually she got pretty annoyed when Brittany got her clothes dirty.  Terry took a deep breath too, preparing himself for the day.  Once Brittany was done with her egg hunt he was to take her to their dad’s house.  Vicky had said she’d take Britt, to spare Terry from having to see John, but Terry didn’t mind going.  It would be cool to see his brothers again, even though they were pains in the ass. 
            He was even thinking about going to see his mother.  She called him sometimes and he never answered.  He’d also ignored her Facebook friend request.  He should probably go see her, just to make sure she wasn’t in the throes of a nervous breakdown. 
            And what about his biological mother?  Every so often Terry would think about her, especially on holidays when one couldn’t avoid family crap.  He’d have to track her down one day and visit her.  One day.
            It was always such a pain in the ass to install Brittany’s car seat when he drove her around.  Recently it had gotten to the point where he always just left it in the back seat, even though that was embarrassing. A car with a baby seat in it wasn’t exactly a chick magnet, unless those chicks were like old and desperate for babies or whatever.  But it would ruin a date with a girl, or so Terry imagined.  It’s not like he’d been dating lately; just the occasional hook-ups at hockey parties. 
When he got to his dad’s house he rang the bell.  He thought about just walking in, but he didn’t live here anymore, and ringing the bell made that all the more clear.  His dad answered the door and greeted them with a smile.  Brittany squealed for her dad and he leaned in and kissed her but didn’t take her.  Just as well, Britt was better off with Terry.  He put her down and helped her take off her boots and coat and then she ran into the house.  He heard her little feet stomping through the house and then stop abruptly.
            Terry walked into the living room and saw a woman he’d never seen before.  Evan and Joey were sitting on the couch, each playing with their respective phones.  They didn’t even look up. 
The woman came forward and introduced herself as Monica, extending her hand.  “I’ve heard so much about you,” she smiled.
    Terry smiled back and shook her hand, as Brittany grabbed onto his leg and tugged on his jeans.  He picked her up and cradled her as she buried her face in his shoulder.
    “And this must be Brittany!  I’m so glad to finally meet you!”
    Brittany turned her face to Monica and uttered a guttural scream, then cowered back into Terry’s chest.  He made an apologetic face and Monica smiled.  She was pretty.  Very pretty and very young.  Younger even than Vicky.  Fuck, Terry’s dad was such a perv.

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