Monday, February 4, 2013

Season 3 – Episode 8 - Prologue

            Karine walked into the hotel room with Andrew.  She was wearing her prom dress though he was naked.
            “I thought you wanted Terry,” he smiled.
            “I want everyone,” she replied.
            “She’s greedy that way,” said Erica, sitting on the bed in Christina’s dress, eating cereal out of a bag.  “Want some?”  She offered Karine the bag.  “They’re magically delicious.”
            “Get out of the way, Erica!”  Karine pushed Erica aside and sat on the bed with Andrew.
            They kissed and soon enough he was inside her.
            “Are you sure about this?” he asked.
            “Of course,” she nodded.
            “Everyone knows she wants you,” said Erica, still eating her cereal.  “Everyone knows she’s a big slut.  Everyone knows, Karine.  Everyone knows.”
            Karine woke up with damp sheets.  She was sweating in her sleep?  How gross.  She checked the time on her phone.  3am. Great.  Now she was having nightmares about it?  Figured.

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