Friday, February 3, 2012

Season 2 – Episode 9 – Prologue

            “That’s so retarded!  You can’t fix everything with the deflector shield!”
            Sarah didn’t respond but she moved closer to Jay on the couch, snuggling up with him under his Transformers blanket.  She sort of nuzzled his neck, which was better than watching Voyager anyway.  They started kissing but it was too much for Jay to take and he just had to say something.
            “This is so stupid!  Seriously, nowhere in the technical manual does it say anything about the deflector shield being used in this way.  It’s just so irritating.  I hate this show!”
            “Well maybe we should stop watching it then,” suggested Sarah.
            “But I’ve never seen this episode. I mean not since it first aired so I was just a kid and I don’t remember how it ends.”
            “Seriously?” Sarah huffed, seemingly annoyed. 
            “Yeah well I know it plays all the time but I just never got around to it.  Karl owns all the DVDs but I mean who watches DVDs anymore, right?”
            Sarah looked at him like he was from Mars and then sighed dramatically.  She scooted away from him, pulling the blanket with her and reached for her book bag.  She pulled out a nail file and started doing her nails.  Jay took this as a sign that he should keep watching the show. 

            Cerise liked winter but this was ridiculous.  It was always around February when she finally got sick of it.  Snow was nice but now it was just slush.  Lately it was even too cold to snow so there was no fresh powder to cover up the grey mush that kept turning to ice.  She had to cross the overpass to get to the 211 stop and climbing that staircase was like reaching into hell.  It was freezing up there, made worse by the wind; the kind of wind that rips through your coat and makes you dream about summer and the kind of heat where you can see literal heat waves rippling in the distance.
            Waiting for the bus was almost worse than crossing the overpass.  At least when she was walking she was moving and building up some heat.  The bus shelter was overcrowded so she had to stand outside and hop around to try to stay warm.
            When she finally got to school she removed her one million layers and threw them in her locker.  She kept her boots on but left them in the green room along with everyone else in TW.  It was the new thing to go to class in socked feet.  Hugh and Fred hated it when they dragged slush inside but everyone was apparently too lazy to bring in extra shoes.  This didn’t really make sense ‘cause everyone probably had a pair of sneakers available for their gym classes and indeed Cerise had a couple pairs of shoes in her locker but if socks were the thing then who was she to disagree?
            “What’s up with Tom?” asked Karine when Cerise entered the theatre.
            Cerise looked around and spotted Tom reading a book, looking sullen and sitting in a seat well apart from everyone else.
            “We broke up,” shrugged Cerise.  She might have assumed he simply wanted to read his book if Karine hadn’t said anything but maybe he was deliberately setting himself apart because he was sad.
            “I knew it,” sighed Karine, as though she gave a shit.
            Cerise shrugged.
            “What happened?” Karine pressed on.
            “Oh, just the usual.  I’m in love with somebody else.” Cerise smiled, trying to be light-hearted.
            “Oh Cerise,” said Karine, shaking her head sternly.
            What was that supposed to mean?  Like it was any of Karine’s business anyway.

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