Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Season 2 – Episode 4 – Prologue

            As usual a whole bunch of them had gone to Cunningham’s after rehearsal and as usual Janice was always last to leave, unless she was first to leave, but she never left alone.  Karine had been hanging out with Janice a lot lately, which was just like old times except even more extreme.  Janice seemed to be one of those people who could knock back an incredible amount of alcohol and yet never get drunk.  Or rather it was hard to tell the difference between drunken Janice and sober Janice as they were both rather loud and adventurous and… well, slutty.  Not that Karine was judgemental about it, she honestly didn’t care who hooked up with whom and how often and where and when and in what position and everything but Janice certainly seemed to be treating sex like it was a competitive sport or something. 
            That crisp October night was no different and Janice was set to take some guy home and as she sometimes did, she invited Karine to join them.  It was pretty well known that Janice was bi and she liked threesomes but no matter how many times Karine let her down she was always invited again, just in case.  Tonight Janice had two guys with her so Karine started thinking about it.  Karine had never been with a girl and she didn’t really have any interest in going that route but with two guys in the picture it might be more her speed.  She could maybe take the cute one and they could be alone.  Or hell, maybe she should just go ahead and have a full on orgy.  She hadn’t had sex in like, well, since the incident and it was maybe time to get back on the horse.
            She didn’t really feel like it but maybe that’s exactly why she had to go for it.  She couldn’t live the rest of her life being some frigid loser like Cherry the Raspberry.  In fact, Cerise was probably hooking up with Terry right now and the idea that Cerise had a more successful love life than Karine was pretty horrifying and couldn’t be allowed to go on. 
            She actually made it all the way to Janice’s apartment, which was in a dilapidated house she shared with a whole bunch of other JAC students.  It was pretty shitty but kind of cool that she was on her own.  Of course, Karine was also on her own, at least for all intents and purposes, what with her mom never being around but still to actually live in a place where you have to pay rent and stuff, pretty crazy. 
            Janice wasted no time in stripping off most of her clothes and madly making out with one of the guys.  The other guy tried to move in on Karine and she backed away instinctively.  She was actually having a physical reaction and hoped to hell no one could tell that she was shaking.  She made a totally lame excuse about having early classes or whatever and then tried to walk out of there as nonchalantly as possible.  It was completely humiliating and she could only hope that Janice wouldn’t start spreading rumours about her being all frigid or something.  Janice wouldn’t do that, would she?  She was cool, she was a true friend.  Right? 
            Oh god, Karine seriously needed to get over her stupid sex damage.  It was really getting in the way of her social life. 

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