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Season 2 - Episode 2 - Act I

            Only a second after Karine got home from work, Terry was at her doorstep.  She was surprised to see him considering he was back together with precious little Cherry angel.  He explained that Cerise went to bed early because she was working in the  morning.
            “Of course, I’m always your second choice,” she said with a forced smile and maybe just a hint of bitterness. to me
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Cerise Laframboise <> on 08/14/2011 10:36:11 PM

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Subject: Re: get yo' ass over here, ya damn spaz!

Ok fine, I'll come over but just for a bit.  And there better really be Doritos 'cause if that's just a ruse then I will tell Willy to fart in your face.  Or you know, more so than usual.

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Stop being a loser. You never game anymore. Karl is always NPCing you. Is that what you want out of life? To be constantly NPCed? Live your life, Cerise. Grab it by the reins. Also, Willy brought Doritos.

Cerise Laframboise <> on 08/14/2011 10:28:43 PM

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Subject: Re: get yo' ass over here, ya damn spaz!

No deal.  I have to get up early tomorrow.  Work.  Not something you'd know about since you're a shiftless layabout.

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Come on over. We're gaming

            I can’t believe we have to go back to school next week.  I’m so not ready for summer to be over,” lamented Terry as he grabbed a box of cookies out of the cupboard. 
            “I dunno,” shrugged Karine while reaching for the cookies. “I’m kinda looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.  Everyone says cegep is totally fun.  It’s not like high school.  Besides, I’m done working at the fucking yacht club.”
            “Yeah good point.  I’m pretty sick of the city.  Next year I’m gonna get a different job for sure.  But you’ve gotta admit this summer has been pretty fun.”  Terry opened the freezer and took out a tub of ice-cream.
            “Yeah, it’s been decent,” Karine agreed while getting a couple of spoons.
            “It’s been wicked since Cerise came back.”
            “Well it is true that the sun and the moon revolve around Cherry angel so I can’t disagree with you there.”
            Terry fake laughed and dug his spoon into the ice-cream.
            “You have such a one-track mind,” Karine sighed.
            “But it’s been cool, right?  Hanging out with her?  I mean you like her now, right?”
            “Yeah, yeah, she’s fine.”  Karine picked up the cookies and walked off to the den with Terry following.
            They plopped down on the couch and Karine noted that she was surprised by Cerise’s friends.  They’d actually turned out to be pretty entertaining.
            “Yeah, agree-age,” nodded Terry.  “Especially Vani.  He’s hilarious.”
            “Jay’s pretty funny too.”
            “I guess,” said Terry tightly.
            “You don’t like him, eh?” asked Karine with a smirk.
            “I dunno. Whatever.”
            “I can’t believe you’re still not over it.  You just don’t like him because Cerise does.”
            “You think Cerise is into him?” asked Terry with more than a hint of panic.
            “I eject my escape pod and then I press the charge.”
            “Vani!” Cerise yelled in protest.
            “Everyone’s gonna die!”
            “So?” Vani shrugged.  “It’s funny when people die who aren’t me.”
            Jay agreed with Cerise, which was new.  Even though he’d insisted she come over to game, Jay didn’t really think she was the most competent player ever.  She was only ever half interested.  But still, it was pretty low of Vani to try to kill her.  Jay’s character was also in the ship but he had MD so he wouldn’t die.  Cerise didn’t have MD though.  She was screwed. 
            Karl agreed that indeed, it was too late.  In two point five seconds Cerise’s character would be dead.
            “You guys!” she whined and kicked Willy in the shin but only because he was the nearest body available, not because he was at fault.  Knowing Willy he’d probably gotten off on the physical contact.
            Jay took pity on Cerise and said that she could share his MD.  “I’ll meld with Cerise so she can share my symbiont.”
            They all nodded, perhaps impressed that Jay had thought of something so clever.
            “You sure,” asked Karl.  “’Cause it’ll drain you.”
            “Yes he’s sure!” Cerise spazzed.
            “Yeah, it’s cool,” smiled Jay.  It was true that he’d be drained but it was kind of cool to play the white knight to a damsel in distress.  If only real life afforded these kinds of opportunities. 
            Karl said that he’d have to roll to see if it worked and Jay got an 18!  So awesome.
            “Ok, so you connect with Cerise and your symbiont goes into her.  And it’s all like, slurp… and you can feel it slithering into you…”
            “Gross!” squealed Cerise while Jay stuck out his tongue and waved his fingers in her face, making slurping noises.

            Karine never thought she’d see the day when Terry was jealous of Jason Harris and she said as much.  Terry insisted that he wasn’t jealous of that twerp but Karine only giggled in response, knowing he was full of it.  He glared and mumbled something incoherent but she assured him that Cerise was way into him.
            “Yeah?” he asked.  God, he was so pathetic when it came to that girl.
            “She thinks you’re dreamy, just like every other girl,” Karine indulged him. 
            “Has she like… said anything… about… you know… me?”
            “Wouldn’t you like to know?” she smirked.
            Terry glared in response and she giggled again.  Even though it was kinda annoying to see Terry so far gone on such a stupid girl, it was sort of amusing at the same time. 
            “Well Cerise and I aren’t exactly bosom buddies so I don’t know what kinda stuff she writes about in her secret diary but I get the impression she’s pretty into you.  I mean she’s going out with you, isn’t she?”
            “Yeah,” Terry shrugged without conviction. 
            “Well, ok, there was this one conversation where we went shopping with Sarah.  We went to this new place and I don’t even remember what it was called. It actually wasn’t that great but there were a few things.  Nothing really in my style but there was this one top…”
            “Um, are you just gonna tell me about a shopping trip?” asked Terry.
            “It’s relevant!” she insisted.  “Ok well, I guess it isn’t really, completely.  Whatever, the point is that there was this cute top that we all liked and Sarah and I told Cerise to try it on but she didn’t want to because it was too revealing but Sarah and I insisted and so she tried it on and it was totally cute on her, like it was like tied in such a way that like most of her back is exposed and it has this pattern on it that’s totally weird, which is totally Cerise, like she wondered why we didn’t try it but both Sarah and I are more into solids, you know?  I mean pattern is more a Cerise thing.  But she was like, all nervous ‘cause she thought it was too sexy but Sarah was all saying how Cerise should show off her body more…”
            “Couldn’t agree more,” mused Terry.
            “Yeah so anyway Cerise was all like nervous about it and stuff and she’s like, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination and we’re like, it fuels the imagination.  We’re like, the guys’ll go nuts when they see you in this and she was all, but like why would I want the guys to go nuts?  She was like, the guys only think of me as one of them and they’d make fun of me for wearing this and we were like, um no, the guys totally think of you in that way.  I mean, probably, right?  I mean she’s a girl, they’re guys, it’s like, come on.  I was like, I bet you a million bucks each and every one of them has fantasized about having sex with you and she was like, eww, totally grossed out and Sarah was all saying how Willy especially was into her and she was like, gross!  And we were like, I know, so gross!  It was hilarious!
            “I’m gonna give that kid such a beating,” interrupted Terry.
            “Who, Willy?  Why?”  Karine asked.  “Hey, unintentional alliteration!”
            “’Cause he’s a fucking spaz.  You said yourself he fantasizes about her.”
            “So?  You can’t be pissed at him for having like, his own private thoughts.”
            “The hell I can’t,” Terry grumbled.
            “Oh my god, Terry.  Don’t be such a wife-beater.”
            “I’m just saying, if any of them tries anything.”
            “You mean if Jay tries anything.”  Karine rolled her eyes.
            “You think I should be worried?”

            “I pass out?” asked Jay, incredulous.
            Karl confirmed that indeed, Jay passed out.
            “Why?  What happened?”
            “You don’t know. You’re passed out.”
            “Ok well I go to him and I check his pulse,” said Cerise.
            “Ok, you wake up,” said Karl.
            “So now I’m awake?  Just like that?” asked Jay.
            “Yep,” nodded Karl.
            “Uh-oh! Puh-po!”  Vani squealed and bounded around.  “I see what’s happening here!”           
At least someone did.

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