Monday, September 27, 2010

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Prologue

            Shauna opened her locker and several empty juice boxes rained down on her.  She had a tendency to throw the remains of her lunch up on the top shelf instead of going to the trouble of bringing her trash to a garbage can.  She picked up the boxes and stuffed them back in their place.  The girl with the locker next to her snickered while Shauna tried to get everything to fit.  
            Shauna wasn’t the most observant person in the world but she’d managed to pick up on the fact that the girl’s name was Wendy and she and her two friends, Ben and Mike were known as the Glue Sniffers.  Probably because they sniffed glue.  Wendy was tall and lanky and she had a tendency to wear sweat pants tucked into high tops.  She also had a penchant for scarves and her hair was cropped short and bleached almost white.  She had several piercings in her face and her ears were stretched.  Ben also had ear stretchings and while most of his head was shaved, the front was long and more or less covered his face.  He dressed like he was in Fall Out Boy but Mike looked like a Rastafarian, with dreads perpetually topped by a knit cap.  They weren’t allowed to wear hats in class so Shauna could only assume he had to remove it sometimes, but she’d never seen him without it.  His clothes were very baggy and long, so much so that his feet weren’t even visible under his oversized jeans.
            The two guys joined Wendy and she pulled a paper bag out of her locker with a flourish.  She opened the bag and the boys seemed very impressed by what was inside.  Shauna tried to sneak a peek but couldn’t manage it.
            “Where did you find it?” Mike wondered.
            “My neighbour’s yard.  It’s like a fucking pet cemetery.  I swear, he goes around killing all the cats in the neighbourhood and then he like, buries them in his yard.”
            “Maybe he like, eats them first,” mused Mike.
            “Gross!  I bet he does though.  He’s a total freak.”
            “Cool,” Ben drawled.
            Mike suggested Wendy bring it to the bio lab so they could compare it to the other animal skulls.  Ben thought this was a very cool idea and Wendy agreed.  The first morning bell rang and Ben and Mike walked off, promising to see Wendy at lunch. 
            “It’s a cat skull,” said Wendy, turning to Shauna.
            Shauna looked at Wendy.  The bag was hidden in her arms.
            “Wanna see it?”
            “Ok,” Shauna shrugged.
            “Cat attack!” Wendy yelled and shoved the skull into Shauna’s face. 
Shauna gasped and instinctively jerked backwards.  Laughing wildly, Wendy tucked the skull back into her locker and slammed it shut.
“Relax!  It’s just a cat skull.  It can’t hurt you!”  Wendy walked away backwards and waved her fingers at Shauna.  “Oooh!  Watch out for dead cats!” 
Shauna gathered her books and went to class.

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