Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Act V

            The last bell rang and Jay slung his backpack over his shoulder as he met up with the boys at their wall.  “So what’d you guys think of Cerise?”
            “She’s cool,” Karl nodded sagely.  “She’s totally right about McKay being awesome, Star Wars being fantasy, and Willy being a fat bastard with bitch tits.”
            “She never fucking said that!” protested Willy.  “She’s nice, I like her,” he added.
            “Yeah, she’s ok I guess,” shrugged Vani. 
            “She did the whole run without laughing at us,” Jay pointed out.
            “She was laughing,” Vani corrected.
            “Yeah but with us, not at us,” insisted Jay.
            “Well, maybe,” Vani considered this.  “But I dunno.  I mean she’s still a girl, which you know, means we can’t trust her.”
            “That’s probably true,” agreed Karl.
            “What do you mean we can’t trust her?”  Jay wondered.
            “Well come on, Jay,” Karl reasoned.  “Vani has a point.  Maybe she’s into cool stuff like sci-fi and stuff but that doesn’t mean she’d be into… everything.”
            “Yeah,” agreed Willy.  “I mean she’s pretty.  Like, she’s a pretty girl.  Like hot even.”
            “Seriously,” nodded Karl.  “People like that, I mean people with options, they can only reach a certain level of dorkitude.  And beyond that they’re just normal.”
            “Fact is, Jay-bird,” Vani patted Jay’s arm as though speaking to a child.  “She’d use it against us.”
            “She’d think we’re losers.” Willy said despondently. 
            Jay rolled his eyes.  “We are losers.”
            “She doesn’t need to know that!”  Willy protested.
            “I think she’s already caught on.”
            “There’s just no way, Jay-dog,” Vani insisted.  “I’m not gonna let her know about the game.”
            “Agreeage,” nodded Karl.  “She’d just think it’s stupid.”
            “I dunno,” Jay shrugged.  “Something tells me she might get it.”
            Vani sighed and led the boys out of the school.  “We can’t take that chance!  It’s our secret shame for a reason, Jayl-house-rocks!  It should stay a secret.”
            “Gimme a break,” Jay frowned.  “You’re just scared of girls.”
            “With good reason!” Vani huffed.  “Mark my words, Jay Jonah Jameson.  One day she will betray us.  It’s the nature of the female beast.”

            Christina joined Erica and Karine at their smoking wall for their last cigarette of the school day.
            “I think you guys might be right about Terry,” she exhaled with a sigh.
            “What tipped you off?” Erica smirked.
            “What should I do?”
            “Uh, get over it?” Erica suggested.
            “But I love him!” Christina declared.
            “Oh please!”  Erica scoffed.  “So do half the girls in this school!”
            Christina insisted she was serious and Karine smiled sympathetically, saying that she couldn’t really be in love since she was only sixteen. 
Christina looked confused.  “But aren’t you in love with Steven?”
“Well,”  Karine shrugged.  “I mean…”
“Gimme a break!” Erica scoffed.  “No one falls in love in high school!  That’s what college is for.”
            Jay and the boys emerged from the side entrance and started walking towards the backside of the school.  Jay slowed his pace a tad and looked towards the smoking corner.  Sure enough, there was Karine with her friends.  She looked so hot today.  Her jeans were super tight and her top was like a second skin.  He could totally see her bra straps.  Damn her boobs were nice, so big and round and… shit, he was starting to get excited.  He forced himself to turn away and catch up to the boys.
            “There is another possibility, you guys,” he said.
            “What do you mean?” asked Karl.
            “Well,” Jay steeled himself for ridicule.  “We don’t have to play the game. Not every day.”
            Maybe this would be the year they could start to be a bit normal.  And maybe hanging out with Cerise could help with that.  She was a girl and maybe hanging out with a girl could help them be less dorky.  And maybe then Karine would notice him.
            Vani practically screamed in horror.  “Of course we do!”
            “Where’s your dedication?” asked Karl in anger.
            “It’s bad enough that we couldn’t play today at lunch!” Vani whined.
            “Yeah,” agreed Karl.  “You haven’t been putting in enough hours as it is.  I mean even bitch tits over here has been logging more hours than you, and he has no frakking dedication!”
            “Yeah!”  agreed Willy.  “I mean shut up, asswipe!”  He tried to hit Karl but Karl dodged and Willy ended up stumbling and almost falling. 
            They all laughed as Willy regained his footing and looked around for witnesses.

            Terry peered into his empty locker.  Well, so much for the first day of school.  Sucked that he’d have to do it all over again tomorrow and for the rest of the year.  Cool though, that this was his last year in this stupid place.  He checked his cell phone for any missed calls and was surprised to find Chrissy hadn’t made any.  Shutting his phone and shoving it into his pocket, he slammed his locker closed and slung his nearly empty messenger bag over his shoulder.
            Andrew and Steven joined him as he walked towards the exit.  They all agreed that school was bullshit and it sucked that they still had a whole year to go.
            “So Terry,” Andrew asked with a grin.  “You done with Chrissy yet?”
            “So done,” Terry nodded.
            “Cool.  My turn.”
            “Be careful,” Terry warned.  “She gets attached.  She thinks we’re still going out.”
            “I don’t care what she thinks as long as she’s got her head in the right place.”  Andrew smirked as he pointed his thumbs towards his crotch.
            Terry and Steven chuckled dutifully but Terry went on to say that he wished he’d never hooked up with Chrissy in the first place.  Andrew was surprised to discover that she hadn’t been any good.
            “No, she was good,” Terry clarified.  “Fucking sweet.  Just annoying as all hell.”           
            “She’s nice,” Steven defended her.
            “Nice is boring,” scoffed Terry as he pushed open the doors to the school and squinted as the sun beat down on them.  “Fuck it’s hot today.”
            Steven shrugged.  “Sometimes I wish Karine would be a little nicer.”
            Andrew laughed and accused Steven of being seriously pussy-whipped, which was true but Terry had to admit to himself, if not to the guys, that being pussy-whipped by a girl like Karine might not be such a bad deal.
            “You’re so out of it,” said Terry.  “Karine is fine the way she is.”
            “Sooo fine,” said Andrew suggestively.
            Steven shoved Andrew and said that Chrissy was fine too. 
“Yeah, she is,” agreed Terry.  “But she’s annoying, and boring.  And too short for me.”
            “She’s so hot though,” said Andrew appreciatively.    
            “But that’s all she is,” Terry whined.
            “What the fuck else do you need?” wondered Andrew with a smirk.
            Terry shook his head and lit a cigarette.  “I don’t know, man.  Maybe someone who will like, shut up once in a while.  Or maybe the opposite.  Maybe someone who’ll talk but who’ll say something worth listening to.”
            Andrew laughed.  “Dude, a chick’s mouth is only good for one thing and talking ain’t it.”
            “Hey Terry, you’re not getting all deep on us now are you?” asked Steven with a chuckle.
            “You just need to get laid,” smirked Andrew.
            “Yeah, prob’ly,” Terry nodded.  “I guess I’ll keep Chrissy around for a little while longer.  Just ‘till I find someone better.”
            The guys laughed and joined the girls at the smoking wall.  The only person in this stupid school who was any better than Christina Penna was Karine Cavalière.  No one was as hot as her and of all the decent pussy in the school, she was the only girl he hadn’t been with.  Well no, that wasn’t true.  There were some other prospects.  Marla Fitzpatrick was ok, maybe he’d give her a try.  Or maybe Sarah Wong .  He’d never been with an Asian girl before, might be worth a try.  But no, Sarah Wong was way too happy-scrappy, too hyper and into school spirit and shit.  She was definitely the type of girl who would want him to be her boyfriend.  She was probably a virgin and would get super attached and he’d never have any peace.  Still, she was cute.  Might be worth looking into.  Or maybe one of her Green Girls.  Maybe both at once.  If anyone was gonna go for a threesome it would be Mel and Steph, they were always together.
            Terry sighed as he finished his cigarette.  He knew he didn’t want Mel or Steph or Sarah or Marla or anyone.  He examined Karine as she shared a cigarette with Steven, that lucky bastard.  How the fuck had he ever managed to hook up with a chick like Karine anyway?  Terry should have taken his chance back in Sec 1, when they’d first met.  But he hadn’t realized how awesome she was yet.  And then when her dad had died when she was thirteen, and she’d been all sad and shit, Steven had swooped in and comforted her and they’d been together ever since.  Now it was too late.  Now she was the only girl worth hooking up with and it was too late.  Not that all he wanted was to hook up.  Karine was the type of girl he could actually see himself dating, like for real.  He could actually have conversations with her and give a shit about what she was saying.  Her opinion actually mattered. 
            Everytime Terry thought about Karine he sort of felt lonely, like he’d never find someone to really be with.  He shoved those thoughts aside and thought about what might help.  If he felt lonely, he probably just needed to get laid, as Andrew had suggested.  He just needed a little company this afternoon and Chrissy sure would be convenient for that.  She was right there, staring up at him with her big eyes, covered in way too much makeup.  Why the fuck did she always insist on emptying the entire bottle of eye goop on her lashes?  Her lashes were already dark, what was the point?  And why the crazy red lips?  Whenever he kissed her he always got red shit all over his face.  It was gross.  Still, the lips on her face weren’t really the lips he was interested in. 
            Chrissy was a 3 on Terry’s sex scale.  When he’d become friends with Andrew in Sec 1, they’d developed a bit of an unspoken competition to see who could lose their virginity faster.  Andrew won but Terry wasn’t far behind and he’d first scored at age thirteen.  Then their competition had evolved into who could score the most pussy.  Andrew was always ahead but Terry didn’t mind because while Andrew definitely valued quantity above all else, Terry searched for quality.  But it wasn’t about how good the girl was; it was about how good he could be. 
He had done a lot of research on the internet and tried to figure out what girls wanted.  Sure, he watched porn, but the sites that really interested him were the instruction manuals.  The ones written by feminists and lesbians with diagrams showing where the clit was and how to stimulate it properly.  But he needed to put theory into practice and he needed girls to practice with.  He soon found out that it was pretty easy to get girls to hook up with him.  All he had to do was smile and compliment them and pay attention when they talked.  Then he could get down to business.  The ultimate challenge was in attempting to make girls orgasm.  It was always super easy to get off himself.  A quick blowjob and he was satisfied.  But making girls come wasn’t always so easy.  Girls were nervous with their clothes off, always thinking they were fat or something, even if they were totally hot.  He always made sure to tell them how attractive they were and that eased the process along. 
The best way to get girls to orgasm was to go down on them.  All the websites said so and his personal experiments confirmed these findings.  Some girls didn’t let him do that though, which was weird, but hey, he could try with his fingers too.  That didn’t work quite as well, but it worked better than trying to use his dick.  P in V fucking was fun and all but sometimes he got the impression that it was kinda painful for the girls. 
Terry was proud of his big dick.  He knew it was big since he’d measured it many times and the internet statistics said it was larger than average, but that wasn’t always so great for girls, especially if they were virgins, which was one of the reasons Terry preferred girls with a bit of experience.  But it wasn’t about going all the way.  Unlike Andrew, Terry didn’t care if he didn’t get his rocks off.  His main goal, the mission Andrew didn’t need to know about, was the mission to get the girls off.  And their score on his sex scale depended on how well he pleased them. 
It was a scale from 0 to 5 and it rated orgasm.  The websites said that climax wasn’t necessarily the ultimate goal of sex, that it was about mutual pleasure and trust and emotional connection and whatever but that was bullshit.  Terry wanted to make girls come and he worked hard to achieve this.
0 meant the chick hadn’t liked it at all and had maybe even been freaked out and stuff.  There had been some 0s back when he’d been young and didn’t really know what he was doing.  But now he could read the signs if a girl wasn’t ready and he avoided those chicks.  There were never any 0s anymore.
1 meant the chick was ok with what had occurred but wasn’t super into it.  He could always try again with those girls, if they were willing, which they usually were.
To get a 2, the girl had to be turned on but hadn’t achieved orgasm.  Maybe she was still a bit self-conscious or something and didn’t totally let go.  For sure these chicks got another try.
3 was that grey area where he was pretty sure she’d come but wasn’t 100% sure.    She’d gone through the motions but maybe she was faking it.  Sometimes he’d ask but you couldn’t always trust a girl to tell the truth.  A lot of the time she’d just tell him what she thought he wanted to hear.  He hated that.  If they didn’t tell him what he’d done wrong then how was he supposed to improve his technique? 
4 was a definite orgasm.  Over time Terry learned to identify the signs.  The girl’s pupils would dilate, her skin would flush, her toes would curl and her pussy would contract.  Maybe she’d even spasm or something.  That was fucking cool. 
And 5 was pretty much impossible to achieve.  5 meant that not only did the chick come, not only was there no doubt in his mind that he’d pleasured her more than she’d ever been pleasured before, but he’d also gotten off.  Obviously he always got off, nothing was a bigger turn-on than a chick enjoying herself, but if he could get to the point where he really felt something, felt something for the girl, and not just felt her body, well then that would be a 5.
Terry was pretty serious about this sex scale and he even had an excel spreadsheet to catalogue his results.  It was written in code obviously, he didn’t want his parents or step-parents or brothers, or step-siblings to find it and discover that he was a total perv.  Not that anyone should be using his laptop, which he kept password protected, but still. 
He assigned each chick the name of a ski hill on the pretence that it was a scale to rate snowboarding runs.  When the list got so long that he couldn’t remember which hill was which girl, he made a separate document with a legend and kept that file saved on his usb flash drive, which he kept in his hockey bag.  This was a safe place to keep it because no one went near his hockey stuff, since it all smelled like disgusting boy sweat, as his step-sister liked to say.
Terry scrutinized Chrissy as they stood at the smoking wall.  Sure, she was annoying and wore too much makeup but she was fun in bed.  He wasn’t actually sure if he’d ever made her come but she said he did.  He didn’t quite believe her because he could tell she didn’t really want sex as much as cuddling and stuff but still, she was a good time.  He really didn’t mind the cuddling stuff.  Sometimes it was nice just to hold a girl. 
“Aw’right, I’m taking off,” Terry declared to the group and started walking away.  Then he turned his head over his shoulder and grinned at Chrissy as though it were an afterthought.  “Hey Chrissy, wanna come?”
The smile on her face was like she’d just discovered Santa was real.  God, it was so easy to make her happy.  And maybe that was enough.  Maybe he should just be content to make someone else happy.  Maybe that’s all he was good for, and maybe he should just be ok with that.

Cerise had gone to the boys’ wall but they weren’t there.  So she left the school from the side doors only to find Karine Cavalière and all her stupid friends smoking right under a no-smoking sign.  What a bunch of assholes. 
Terry Trebichavsky was getting into a car with Christina Penna.  Wow, he had a car?  That was kinda cool.  Not that Cerise cared about cars but still, not having to rely on parents for lifts must be pretty sweet.
She walked around the school and finding no sign of the boys, she made her way to the overpass, where lo and behold there they were, punching one another and arguing about something.
“Hey guys!” she said as she joined them.
“Hey,” said Jay as the other boys froze like frightened roadkill.
“What are you guys doing this aft’?” she asked. 
While her plan was still to make friends with Sarah Wong or some other girls, right now her best bet was Jay and the boys so she had to be aggressive in her friendliness. 
“We’re going to Jay’s house,” announced Willy, which got him promptly kicked in the shins and punched in the arm.
Cerise nodded and smiled, trying to make it clear that she wanted an invitation.  But obviously these guys were either mentally deficient or they hated her because Jay awkwardly said that they’d see her later and then they all ran away at the speed of light.
So much for the popularity plan.  She had no idea what she’d done wrong.  But here was a pretty good clue.  Shauna Darren was approaching and while Cerise tried to escape up the overpass, Shauna was right behind, asking how she’d liked BHS.
“It was fine,” Cerise said with disinterest.
“Yeah,” Shauna agreed.
            “Anyway, I gotta go.”  She inched further up the overpass.
            “Hey uh, I was thinking maybe you could show me your new house.”
            Cerise tried not to let the panic show in her face.  She had to stay calm, and stay strong.  “Sorry but we’re still unpacking.  It’s just a mess, I don’t think my mom would want me to bring anyone over.”
            The disappointment in her voice was palpable.  God!  Why couldn’t Shauna just leave her alone?  It almost looked as though she might cry but Cerise turned away quickly and rushed off.  She listened to make sure Shauna wasn’t following and when she reached the top of the overpass Cerise glanced back quickly.  Shauna was nowhere to be seen, thank god.  Maybe she’d finally gotten the hint.  But based on her track record, probably not.  Cerise sighed heavily as she made her way home.  What a crappy first day.  Why did her life always turn to suck?

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