Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Season 3 – Episode 3 - Prologue

            They all stared at Willy in disbelief.  Did he just say that Jenn was pregnant?  No wonder she’d been flipping out and trying to get Willy to talk to her.  And here he was, acting like it was no big deal, like she was crazy to be upset about such a thing. 
This wasn’t the first time Cerise was disgusted with Willy’s behaviour but now she finally understood why he always inspired such vitriol in Karl.  He truly was a gigantic piece of shit.  And here they’d all been, bitching out Jenn and accusing her of being a loser when it was Willy who should have been the target of their wrath.
“Whoa les moteurs!  Whoa les fucking moteurs!” Vani squealed as he ran around the bakery.
“You never told us she got pregnant!” Karl exclaimed in a rare display of emotion.
“Did you dump her before or after you found out?” asked Cerise, trying not to hate him until she had all the facts.
Willy shrugged and acted squirrely, confirming her suspicions.  They all jumped on him, accusing him of being a supreme asshole, regretting their harsh words towards Jenn, realizing why she’d been crying and yelling.
“Oh god, you guys,” said Cerise.  “She was all like, asking us to take her side.  She probably thought we all knew about the pregnancy and that we just didn’t give a shit!”
“I feel so gross right now,” said Sarah, clutching her stomach.
“I may be a bitch but I’ve never done anything this shitty,” Karine said to Terry.
“Like it’s that bad?” asked Willy in anger.  “You’re all a bunch of hypocrites.  Just two seconds ago you were saying how much you hate Jenn and now that she’s pregnant you’re her best friend?”
“Seriously, Willy, do you seriously not get this?” Terry exploded  “Yeah, Jenn is annoying but you were her boyfriend so presumably you liked her.  If you dumped her because your friends don’t like her that just makes you an asshole.”  He briefly looked at Karine as he said this, making Cerise wonder what that was about.  “If you dumped her because you don’t like her, fine but you still have a responsibility towards her if she’s gonna have a kid.  God, please tell me she’s having an abortion.”
“Yeah, of course!” insisted Willy. “I even gave her money for it.”
“Oh my god, we don’t live in the States!” Terry almost laughed.  “Abortions are free!  You probably made her feel like a whore.”
“She is a whore,” grumbled Willy.
“Only because she had sex with you,” snarked Jay.
“Willy, she’s fifteen, she can’t go through this shit alone,” Terry went on, his voice rising.  “Has she gotten the abortion yet?  If not, you need to take her, like support her or whatever.  God, you’re so stupid.  Did you even use a condom with her?”
Willy only shrugged in response and Terry scolded him again.  He was getting pretty intense and part of Cerise was proud to have such a ferociously responsible boyfriend but the ferocity was intimidating, even to her.  She almost felt bad for Willy.
Vani didn’t seem perturbed though, as he lamented the loss of little Willy.  “There’s a little baby Willy out there and it’s gonna get flushed down the toilet, how sad.”
“I wouldn’t call that sad,” said Karl.
“Let’s have a funeral for little Willy!”  Vani clapped his hands.  “It’ll be hilarious!”
“Dude, chill,” said Terry with a look of disgust.
“Seriously, Vani, this is no time for jokes!” exclaimed Sarah.  “God, what is wrong with you people?!  I can’t believe I was just sitting here, participating in this fucking hate fest.  You guys are so cruel.”
“We didn’t know she was on the abortion train!” said Vani and then “choo choo” under his breath.
Sarah sighed loudly.  “It doesn’t matter.  Jenn was asking for our help and we turned her away.  We fucking picked Willy over her.”

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