Thursday, February 3, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Prologue

Cerise had nothing appropriate to bring on a ski trip so she borrowed all of Simone’s gear.  She felt weird in an all black snow suit but it was a better choice than Julie’s pink outfit.  She even had to use Simone’s accessories because her own hat and mitts were orange and wearing orange with black would make her look all Halloweeny.
The only thing she didn’t borrow from Simone was her snowboard.  She’d tried snowboarding once as a kid and it had been such a dismal failure that she’d sworn off all outdoor sports forever.  She felt skiing was slightly easier and so she decided to take her mother’s skis on the trip.  She’d need to wear three pairs of socks to fit into the boots but it was better than renting equipment.  Only losers rented, or so she assumed.
Angela dropped her off at school but Cerise insisted on carrying all the equipment to the bus herself, lest anyone see her with her mommy.  It was an awkward business; she wasn’t used to carrying around all this stupid sports stuff.
She stepped onto the bus and instantly regretted signing up for this stupid trip even more than she was already regretting it.  She couldn’t ski!  What was she thinking?  Damn Jay for screwing up her entire life!  There was nowhere to sit.  Mel and Steph were together and Sarah was with Marla Fitzpatrick.
Terry was in the back, next to Andrew Lester.  He smiled at her as she stood dumbly in the aisle.  Karine and her boyfriend were making out in the bench across from Terry.  The only person sitting alone was Shauna, who sat in the second seat to the front, right in back of the teachers.  Taffy greeted Cerise and checked her name off on a clipboard. 
“Uh, excuse you, Cherry,” said Erica Mackey as she pushed past Cerise, forcing her to sit down next to Shauna.
“Her name is Cerise, bitch!” Terry’s voice rang out through the bus.
“Fuck you, Terry,” snorted Erica.
“In your dreams,” he scoffed.
“Slut!” Erica coughed into her hand and Cerise turned around to see she’d said it to Marla, who looked upset.
Sarah comforted Marla but everyone else snickered.  Cerise turned to look at Shauna but she was staring out the window sullenly.  Hopefully they’d be able to get through this entire trip without interacting.

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