Saturday, February 12, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Act II

            Cerise walked into their room wearing flannel pajamas.  Apparently she’d changed in the bathroom.  She was wearing glasses.  Shauna remembered the sleepovers they used to have, when Cerise would take out her contacts and go to bed blind. 
            Cerise placed her bathroom kit on top of her backpack and crawled into bed.  She  took off her glasses and placed them inside a hard case, putting the case next to her pillow and then turning towards the wall.  Shauna turned off the light and got into her bunk.  It was cold and uncomfortable.  There weren’t any curtains on the window so a bit of light from the lampposts outside seeped into the room.  Shauna could still make out Cerise’s shape, hiding under the covers.  She should have chosen the top bunk; it would have given her a better view. 
            Muffled sounds of laughter came from the hallway, followed by Rosenbaum yelling for everyone to shut up and go to sleep.  Being as quiet as possible, Shauna crawled out of bed and climbed up to the top bunk.  Cerise turned her head and reached for her glasses’ case.  She put on her glasses and stared at Shauna.
            “Did you just switch beds?”
            “It’s cold down there.”
            “Like it’s any different up here.”
            Shauna wanted to suggest they share a bed to build up some body heat.  Instead she said nothing.  Cerise took off her glasses again.  Eventually her breathing became regular.  Shauna reached her arm out of her bed.  If Cerise were to reach out her arm, their hands would touch.  Shauna retracted her arm and closed her eyes, listening to Cerise breathe.

It was a mystery how he’d accomplished it but Karl managed to come to school on Wednesday in his mother’s car.  Even though he was against the skipping plan, Karl was the one who’d organized the entire escapade.  He’d forged documents for their parents to sign, explaining that they would be spending the day at an animal sanctuary in Ste-Anne’s and spending the night feeding the homeless downtown with Dans La Rue.  It probably would have been simpler just to say they were on the grad ski trip but when Karl got creative it was best just to let him do his thing. 
They all went to first period and were predictably sent to the library to study.  Instead of going upstairs though, they all snuck off to their lockers to get their coats.  Jay pretended he was a spy infiltrating a bad guy’s lair as he stealthily made his way to the side entrance.
He joined Vani and Willy at the door and they rushed outside, where Karl was waiting in his mother’s car.  They all jumped towards it and Jay pummelled Vani before he could get shotgun.  Once they were all inside Karl sped off silently.  When they were safely on the highway they all cheered triumphantly.  Vani was right; it was fun to be cool.
            “What’s it like rooming with Porta-potty chick?” asked Marla when Cerise joined her and the Green Girls for breakfast.
            “Yeah seriously,” nodded Mel.
            “Is it totally gross?” asked Steph.
            “It’s fine.  I mean it sucks that I got stuck with her but it’s not like she tried to attack me with formaldehyde or anything.”
            “God, who is even into Porta-potties?  I so don’t get it.  How is that even a thing?” wondered Mel.
            “I know, right?” agreed Steph.
            “It’s so nasty.”
            “Talk about ecological like non-awareness.”
            “I know, right?”
            “Where were you yesterday?” asked Sarah, mercifully changing the subject.  “I didn’t see you out there at all.”
            “Well I can’t really ski so I was on the bunny hill.”
            “Ooh, bunny hill,” smirked Mel.  “Cute.”
            “I know, right?  Adorable,” laughed Steph.
            “That sucks,” said Sarah sympathetically.  “I’ll go on an easy hill with you today if you want.”
            “Thanks,” Cerise smiled.
            “You’re on skis right?  Maybe you should try snowboarding.  It’s easier kind of.”
            “I’d probably suck at that too.  I’m not known for my abilities to do things that involve, you know, motor control.”
            “I don’t know about that.”
            They all turned to see Terry looming over their table, carrying his breakfast tray.  Mel and Steph stared up at him adoringly.
            “I could give you lessons,” he smiled at Cerise.
            “Lessons?” she asked dumbly.
            “In snowboarding.”
            “Oh.  Well I dunno…” she shrugged.
            “Well the offer stands,” he smiled.
            “I suck at snowboarding too!” yelped Mel.
            “Oh my god, me too!” agreed Steph.
            Terry grinned.  “See you guys later,” he said and sauntered off to join Karine.
            “Oh my god!” squealed Mel.
            “Oh my freaking holy god!” screeched Steph.
            “He said he was gonna see us later!”
            “Are you gonna start going out with him again?” asked Sarah with interest.
            “Oh my god, you’d be insane not to!” said Mel.
            “I know, totally,” nodded Steph.  “Can I be you?  Seriously, can I be you?  I would kill to be you right now.”
            “Whatever,” frowned Marla.  “Terry’s cute and all but him and those guys are total jerks.”
            “Oh my god, Marla,” scoffed Mel.  “You’re so delusional!”
            “Seriously, just get over Andrew Lester already,” agreed Steph.  “He doesn’t come close to Terry Trebichavsky anyway.”
            “I know, totally.”
            “He is pretty cute, Cerise,” smiled Sarah.
            “Yeah, I know,” Cerise smiled.

            “Hey Cherry, want snowboarding lessons?” smirked Karine as Terry sat across from her.
            He was about to say something but then the rest of the gang came along.  She kept smirking at him and he hissed at her to shut up.
            “Pass the jam,” said Andrew, a piece of toast dangling from his teeth.
            Karine grabbed the basket of jam packets and searched through it.  “What flavour?”
            “I don’t care,” replied Andrew.
            “How ‘bout raspberry?”
            “Terry, do you want some raspberry jam?  Or would you prefer cherry?” Karine smiled sweetly.
            “I don’t need any jam,” he said through his teeth, his eyes narrowed.
            “Yeah, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly,” nodded Karine, placing the jam basket back down on the table.
            They all laughed and Terry chuckled along with them to show he could take a joke.
Erica turned around in her seat.  “Oh my god, are you trying to get back with Cherry the Raspberry?  Gross!  She’s rooming with Porta-potty chick!  I bet they totally had shit stained lesbian sex last night.”
            “Aww sick!” laughed Andrew.  “Hey how ‘bout you guys?  Was there an orgy in the girls’ dorm?”  He nudged Christina and she giggled awkwardly.

            “Whoo!” yelled Vani as he rushed down the snow covered steps that led to Karl’s cabane, which sat at the bottom of a little hill.
            They all pushed each other into the huge snowbanks surrounding the house. 
            “Where are all the chicks?” demanded Willy.  “I was promised coolness and I think that involves hot, naked chicks.”
            “Don’t speak of your Superbad fantasies in my presence,” gagged Karl.
            “This will be an event of pure, male debauchery,” grinned Vani.
            “Is that code for pummelling you until you cry?” asked Jay as he slammed Vani onto the ground.
            “Let’s make a snow fort!” Vani yelled from under the snow job Jay was delivering.
            “Ahh yes, what debauchery,” snarked Karl.
            “I thought you were trying to be cool you wackotic waste of space,” laughed Jay.
            “It will be cool.  We’re gonna drink in the fort.”
            “Drink alcohol outside in winter? Alcohol lowers body temperature.  You’d get hypothermia,” said Karl.
            “God, McKay, you’re such a downer.  People drink outside in winter all the time.  The beer commercials say so.”
            Jay and Willy nodded in agreement.

            Day two of the great grad ski trip of boredom and humiliation hadn’t gone as badly as day one.  Cerise had hung out with Sarah who’d taught her a few skiing techniques but then they’d spent the rest of the day indoors drinking hot chocolate and gossiping about boys.  During dinner they’d discussed what kind of skit to do for the talent show and had cringed at the horror of watching Taffy and Rosenbaum doing karaoke. 
            As they were leaving the cafeteria, Terry came up to Cerise.  “Ready for your lesson?” he asked.
            Sarah shot her a smile and she and Marla and the other Green Girls scampered off.
            “My snowboarding lesson?”
            “Yeah,” he grinned.
            “Now?  It’s like night.”
            “Yeah, how ‘bout that?” he smiled.
            They walked outside and Cerise zipped up her coat and put on her hat and mitts.  Terry was wearing baggy grey snowboarding pants and a jacket in the same grey but covered in subtle white pinstripes.  He was wearing a blue knit cap but kept his gloves in his pockets and left his coat open. 
            “What’s up with the goth gear?” he asked, looking at her snow suit.
             She laughed.  “I don’t do sports, remember?  I borrowed all this stuff from my sister.  She’s goth.”
            “A goth girl who snowboards?  That’s awesome,” he chuckled.  “The hat’s cute.
            Simone’s hat had a little skull and crossbones symbol on it.  Cerise thanked him for the compliment.
“Ok, first lesson,” he said, standing near enough to the lodge that they could still see from its light.   
            “We don’t have a snowboard,” she pointed out.
            “That’s ok.  We don’t need one for the first lesson.”
            “Oh yeah, what’s the first lesson?”
            “How to fall.”
            “Yeah.  The first thing you need to know is how to fall on your ass.  ‘Cause it’s gonna happen a lot when you first start.  So you gotta get used to it.”
            Terry planted his feet into the snow and then raised his left leg, kicking out the back of his right knee and plunging himself to the ground.  Cerise laughed as he got up.
            “The trick is to always get back up,” he smiled, brushing the snow off his butt.
            “You know I don’t really wanna learn to snowboard,” she shrugged.
            “I bet you’d like it if you tried it.”
            He took her hand and fell backwards, pulling her down into the snow with him.  She laughed and sat up, turning towards him.  He leaned on his elbows and looked up at her.  His breath floated up in a white mist and mingled with hers.  She grabbed a handful of snow and packed it into a snowball, then tossed it aside.
            She smirked.  “I was just about to give you a snowjob but then I realized you’d probably say something creepy like, that’s not the kind of job I want.”
            “Yeah, sounds like something I’d say,” he chuckled.
            She shook her head and rolled her eyes, trying to look scornful.
            “I’m sorry I’m a retard sometimes,” he said, sitting up and facing her.  “And I’m sorry, you know, about everything.  I never meant to be such a jerk.  Sometimes I just say stupid stuff.  You have to filter out half the shit I say and just listen to the stuff where I’m not a jerk.”
            “Good advice,” Cerise laughed.
            “Wanna fall again?”
            “How many times are we gonna do this?”
            “As many times as it takes?”
            “I mean how many times are we gonna you know, start hanging out and then stop hanging out and then start again?”
            “As many times as it takes,” he grinned.  “But you know, maybe this time we could skip the whole stopping part.”
            “We’ll see,” she smirked.
            “You’re a pain in the ass you know?” he grinned.
            “Yeah but that’s why you like me so much.  You like it when I give you a hard time.”  She realized as she said it that it might be true.
            He smiled deviously.  “You know normally at this point I would say something skeevy like, yeah, you give me a hard time alright, but I’m not gonna go there this time.  See, I’m learning.”
            “I don’t think it counts as not going there if you say you’re not going there.”
            Terry shrugged and nodded, conceding the point.  “Can I kiss you, Cerise?” he asked.
            She felt her cheeks flush and giggled in embarrassment.  “Since when do you ask permission?”
            “It’s a new thing I’m trying.  Told you I was learning.”
            Cerise swallowed and then inched forward, holding her breath.  She placed her cold lips on Terry’s.  He put his hand on her neck and it was surprisingly warm.  His tongue was also warm as it flicked inside her mouth.  She playfully pushed him away and stood up, running through the snow.  He ran after her and caught her easily, lifting her up as she laughed and gently tossing her down into the snow.  She pulled him down on top of her and kissed him again.  His hands were now wet and icy when they touched her face and she squealed and pushed him away.  They rolled around in the snow until she protested that she was freezing.  They were still laughing as they entered the ski lodge and kissed for a few more minutes before going their separate ways.
            Cerise was smiling ear to ear as she climbed the stairs towards the girls’ wing.  As she stepped onto the landing, Sarah, Marla, Mel and Steph accosted her.
            “Oh my god!”
            “Oh my god, seriously!”
            “Cerise, get in here!”
            Sarah dragged Cerise into their room and quietly shut the door.  Cerise was pushed to the center of the room and the girls surrounded her.
            “Cerise!  You were frolicking!” giggled Sarah.
            “Oh my god, you and Terry!  Outside, frolicking in the snow!” squealed Mel.
            “Oh well, he was just whatever.  We weren’t really frolicking.”
            “Total frolick,” nodded Steph with authority.
            “Seriously, Cerise,” agreed Marla.  “There was some pretty serious frolicky action.”
            “You guys could see us?”
            “Yeah, you were right outside.  Anyone looking out their window could totally see.”
            “Oh my god,” said Cerise in embarrassment, but also somewhat pleased to know that everyone saw her hanging out with Terry Trebichavsky and simultaneously glad that Jay hadn’t come after all.

            Terry felt a vibration from inside his coat.  He reached into the inside pocket and pulled out his phone, flipping it open. 
                                                CONGRATS STUD
It was a text from Karine.  Terry grinned and texted back his thanks.  He was genuinely grateful to Karine, not just because she was giving him her blessing but because she’d convinced him to come on this ski trip in the first place.  Talk about being worth it.  It couldn’t possibly be going any better.  Now he just needed to keep being humble and non-smarmy with Cerise and everything would be perfect. 

            “So are you guys going out?” asked Sarah.
            “Please, it’s Terry Trebichavsky,” scoffed Marla.  “He doesn’t go out with girls.  He just uses them and tosses them aside.”
            “Terry’s not like that with Cerise,” said Sarah.  “I mean this is like the third time he’s tried to get with her.  Right?”
            “Um, yeah,” Cerise nodded.
            “He’s totally into you, like for real!”
            “Oh my god, totally!” agreed Steph.
            “You guys are totally going out!” giggled Mel.
            “Well, I don’t know if we’re totally going out.  We may just be partially going out,” Cerise smirked.
            Sarah chuckled.
            “What do you mean?” asked Mel.
            “I just mean that we don’t have a mega commitment or anything.”
            “’Cause he’s a player!” said Marla.
            “But he was all over you!  I mean you guys were like playing in the snow like a real couple!”
            Cerise shrugged.  “We were just flirting.  But we didn’t like discuss the nature of our relationship.”
            “Yeah ‘cause you were too busy making out!” laughed Sarah.
            “Ok, you have to tell us everything he said to you,” instructed Sarah.  “’Cause it looked like you guys were in a pretty deep conversation before all the kissing.”
            “Seriously, we need the total play by play.”
            “Ok, well…”
            “Wait, you have to get your stuff!  You have to bunk here with us.”
            “Seriously.  You need to ditch Porta-potty!”
            “Seriously, you can’t go out with Terry if you’re bunking with Sargeant Spaz!”

            What the hell did Cerise see in that ass-wipe?  Sure, he was tall and good looking and popular or whatever but wasn’t Cerise above all that stuff?  She wasn’t like all those stupid bitches getting all stupid over boys, why the hell was she wrestling in the snow with that complete douche-nozzle? 
            The door flew open and Cerise ran in followed by Sarah Wong and three other chicks.  The black chick told them to hold their breath and the Indian chick said they’d catch Porta-potty disease if they inhaled.  They grabbed Cerise’s backpack and all her stuff and even took the mattress off of her bunk.  Then they rushed out the door as quickly as they’d come in.
            Fucking bitch-shit, skank-ass hos.  Fuck Cerise and her stupid popular boyfriend and her stupid bitchy friends and their stupid hyena cackling.  They could all go choke on their fucking laughter.  She should probably just go outside right now.  Just open the window and jump outside in her bare feet.  Then she’d freeze to death and they’d all be sorry.  Cerise would be sorry for abandoning her and being such a bitch and she’d go to her stupid boyfriend for comfort and she’d suck his dick and choke on it and die and they could be in heaven together.  Or hell.  They’d probably end up in hell.  Cerise for being a bitch and Shauna for being a spaz.  She was such a complete fucking loser.  It was no wonder everyone hated her.

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