Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Prologue

“Oh my god!”  Melanie’s squeal of delight reverberated through the halls.
“I know!”  Stephanie responded with equal zeal.
Karine strode up to the cast list posting on the wall and stood between the two Green Girls.  Before she could even get a chance to read the list, Mel and Steph announced that they would be her fairies.  She was Titania and they were Peaseblossom and Mustardseed.  It was all very cool.
            Karine scrolled through the list and frowned.  She turned away without another word and walked through the halls, considering the situation.  She’d auditioned for Titania, so she’d gotten what she wanted, but somehow she wasn’t happy.  She needed to talk to someone and without even realizing where she was going, she found herself at Terry’s locker, where he was gathering up his books for homeroom with typical laziness.
            “Have you read A Midsummer Night’s Dream?” she asked.
            Terry looked at her quizzically.  “No.”
            “But you remember it, right?”
            “Yes, I remember something I’ve never read.”
            “The movie!  Terry, we saw it together!”
            “Refresh me.”
            “It had Kevin Kline and Michelle Pfeiffer.”
            “Dude, those people are old.”
            “Do you remember?”
            “Michelle Pfeiffer was like a fairy and stuff.  And Kevin Kline was like a donkey.”
            “And it was all like olden times and shit?  Fuck that movie was boring.”
            “Ok well,” Karine sighed.  “What did you think was the best female role?”
            Terry just stared at her and shrugged with disinterest.  He was probably thinking about his stupid Cherry girlfriend and her stupid stupidity.
            “Like of all the chicks in the movie, which one do you think had the most to do?”
            “Christ, I don’t know.  I don’t remember.  We were like twelve when we saw that thing.”
            “Just think!  This is important!  Like which chick do you remember most?”
            “Well I guess Michelle Pfeiffer was in it a lot.”
            “Really?  You’re not just saying that ‘cause I already said she was in it?
            “I dunno,” he shrugged.
            “Well how ‘bout that crazy skinny chick from Brothers and Sisters?  She was in it right?”
            “I knew it!  You remember Helena most!”
            Helena!  Calista Flockhart played Helena.”
            “Michelle Pfeiffer played Titania.”
            “Awesome,” said Terry, clearly bored.
            “Hello!  Terry!  Are you paying attention?  The school play!  We’re doing A Midsummer Night’s Dream!  And the cast sheet just went up.  I’m Titania.”
            “So you’re Michelle Pfeiffer.  That’s good right?”
            “Yeah but you just said that Helena is a better part!  And what if you’re right?”
            “I didn’t even say that!”
            “So you think Titania is the female lead?”
            “I don’t know!”
            “Yes you do!  You think it’s Helena!”
            “So I don’t have the lead female role!”
            “So what?  Who does?”
            Karine glared at Terry.  As if he didn’t know.  “Cherry the Raspberry.”
            He tried to hide it but he was obviously pleased.  She could tell by the way he cocked his eyebrow ever so slightly. 

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