Sunday, January 2, 2011

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Act V

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Cerise.
“I know!” agreed Julie.
“Seriously,” nodded Simone.
The Laframboise girls were gathered on Cerise’s bed, discussing the traumatic events they’d experienced that evening.
“Trista’s perfect.  She’s in Fine Arts,” said Simone mockingly.
“Triscuit graduated from high school already.  She’s a freakin’ genius!” snarked Cerise.
“Triscuit’s a vegan.  She’s so morally superior.”
“No it’s more like,” Simone chuckled.  “Triscuit… is…. a…. vegan…..  she’s….. mo…ra….lly….. su…pe…ri…or….  kill…. me…. now!”
“I so wanted to stick my fork in my eye,” said Cerise in disgust.
“I’d rather stick the fork in his eye,” said Julie.

            Brittany had fallen asleep in Terry’s lap.  He gathered her into his arms and carried her to her room.  She woke up as he was putting her to bed. 
            “Sleepy time” he cooed, handing Britt her favourite stuffed toy.
            “Not tiwed,” she said, her eyelids heavy.
            “I know but it’s sleepy time.”
            “I hafta say ni-night ta momma an dadda.”
            “We already said night-night.  ‘Sides, why do you even wanna say goodnight to dad?  He’s such a jerk.  Can you believe he took that call during dinner?  Unbelievable.  What do you wanna bet they’ll be divorced within the year?  But don’t worry, I’ll take care of you when the shit hits the fan.  Maybe you won’t even realize what’s happening.  And maybe Vicky will find a nice guy to hook up with and you can have a real daddy.  She’s still hot so she shouldn’t have any trouble finding another dude.  A better one than dad.  God, what a dick.
            “Whatta dick,” said Britt groggily.
            “You bet he is.  So I was thinking of going to visit Karine tonight.  She’s all alone, prob’ly bored.  But I’m still kinda pissed at her for… whatever it is she told Cerise.  But maybe she just said all that crap because she was jealous.  I mean, Erica said… yeah I know.  Erica’s full of shit.”
            “Ewica fulla shit.”
            “Shhh,” Terry stroked his little sister’s hair.  “Still though, I dunno.  What do you think about Cerise.? Yeah, I know, I should just forget about her.  She gets so… worked up about everything.  But it’s… kinda cool you know?”
            Britt shifted and Terry tucked her into her blankets.
            “She really has, you know, opinions about stuff.  She’s pretty intense.  She’s really smart and she doesn’t take any bullshit.  She would never go for a guy like dad.  That’s why I need to get my shit together and then hopefully she’ll you know, throw me a freaking bone.  God knows I wanna throw her a bone.  Ok that was gross.  Sorry.”
            “Tow bone!”
            “How come you always repeat the bad stuff I say?  You never pick out the good words.  Like teddy bear and lollypop.”
            Terry kissed Britt’s forehead and left the room, turning off the light and leaving the door slightly ajar.  As he walked out into the hallway he saw Vicky standing there.
            “Oh hey.  She’s sleeping,” he said, wondering how much she’d overheard.
            “Thanks,” Vicky smiled.
            Terry went to the kitchen and inspected the leftover pie.

            Shauna gathered up the snow on her windowsill.  She enjoyed the numbness it created in her hand.  She took her cigarette out of her mouth and dug it into her wet palm.  Wincing in pain, she pulled the cigarette away, placing it back in her mouth.  She grabbed another handful of snow and squeezed. 

            “So what did you girls think of André?” asked Angela as she walked into Cerise’s room.
            “Not much,” said Julie while her sisters shrugged.
            “He was fine,” said Simone.
            “Seemed nice,” nodded Cerise.
            “He sure likes his daughter,” smirked Simone.
            “Trista’s a lovely girl.”
            “Sounds like it.”
            “I’m sure you’ll have an opportunity to meet her soon.”
            “Great.”  Julie rolled her eyes.
            “Maybe we can all go out to dinner sometime.”
            Simone and Cerise nodded in agreement.
            “Are you trying to make me vomit?” snarked Julie.
            Angela smiled sadly and turned to leave.  “Well, I’m glad you liked André.”
            “You are so deluded,” Julie muttered as their mother left.
            Simone slapped Julie’s arm.  “God, you’re such a bitch!”
            “I love how honesty is somehow bitchy,” said Julie as she left the room.
            Cerise and Simone shrugged at one another, acknowledging that their sister had a point.
            What a boring ass fucking day.  Jay lay in his sleeping bag, flanked by his stupid cousins and their stupid snoring trying to stupid sleep, which was pretty much impossible with all this snoring, not to mention the laughter of the adults downstairs.  Amy had elected to stay up with them but Jay knew that would be even more boring than just lying here in the dark.  Old people were seriously dull.  All they talked about were taxes and the Rick Mercer Report.  If only he were back home.  Vani and Karl were probably gaming right now.  Tomorrow he’d have to call them to make sure he wasn’t missing anything in the game.  Not that he’d be allowed to place a long distance call.  Ugh, Toronto sucked donkey balls!

            Karine had eaten an entire medium pizza all by herself.  She was pretty full and yet she still wanted desert.  She should have ordered cinnamon sticks.  As if on cue, the doorbell rang.  Maybe it was the cinnamon stick fairy.
            Looking at the clock on the TV, Karine saw that it was nearly midnight.  Who would come over so late on Christmas?  Seeing as how Steven was away there was only one possibility.  Sure enough, Terry stood on the porch, holding a Tupperware container.
            “I brought pie!” he announced.  “Nice pj’s.”  He smirked.
            Karine had been wearing her reindeer pajamas all day.  She smiled and grabbed the tupperware, then closed the door in Terry’s face.  A second later she reopened it and they laughed together. 
            Karine got two forks and they flopped down on the couch in front of the TV.  Terry stuffed his feet into the cow slippers and propped them up on the coffee table.
Karine cued up a movie she had PVRed and they dug into the pie.

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